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David Tennant in the Virgin Media Collection adverts

David Tennant - Virgin Media Collection

David Tennant has been involved in campaigns to promote the Virgin Media Collection.

The various multimillion-pound promotions feature the Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson alongside a celebrity and marks the launch of a new range of media bundles. However their marketing agency have said that David's ads were the most successful use of a personality that they'd seen!

The first televised ad was aired during Britain's Got Talent on ITV1 on Saturday 31st March 2012 and opened with David Tennant in front of the television "time travelling" through his own back catalogue using the service. Subsequent ads showed David and Richard in a "meditative" scene reassuring customers that they will never miss their favourite shows, with Sir Richard performing a calming whale song.

The campaign was also been screened online and in cinemas.

In January 2013 a new series of adverts featuring David Tennant were launched. As well as appearing with Sir Richard Branson, David appeared in adverts with Usain Bolt and some body doubles. The first of these adverts premiered during Take Me Out on ITV1 on Saturday 12th January.

In May 2014 David again appeared in more Virgin adverts.

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David Tennant - Virgin Media Collection

The Guardian reports that one of David Tennant's ads for Virgin Media has been banned following a complaint by Sky Sports. Updated 15/10

Brand Republic says that David Tennant's advert for Virgin Media is this week's Most Recalled Advert. Updated 27/6

Virgin Media has a new David Tennant video for their competition. Updated 8/6

David Tennant's second video for Virgin Media's Big Bundles has been posted to YouTube. Updated 1/6

David Tennant's advert for Virgin Media has been flipped as it was filmed in Canada! Updated 30/5

TelecomPaper has an article about David Tennant's latest campaign for Virgin Media. Updated 30/5

A new David Tennant television advert for Virgin Media will be shown on ITV tonight. This is a different one to the new four videos on their website. Updated 29/5

The Virgin website is showing four new David Tennant videos, this time advertising their 'Big Bundles.' Updated 29/5

David Tennant and Usain Bolt - Virgin Media Collection

Virgin Media website plays a video of David Tennant helping people choose a package. Updated 3/11

David Tennant's new advert for Virgin Media premieres on Channel Four sometime between 8pm and 9pm tonight. Updated 2/11

Another new Virgin Media video with David Tennant has been posted to YouTube. This one is about 'scary movies!' A screencap of this is here. Updated 1/11

Video of David Tennant's Virgin Media advert (with cats) has been posted to Beam TV and a screencap is here. Updated 1/11

The Dum reports that David Tennant has returned to Virgin Media adverts.
The first one airs tomorrow. Updated 1/11

Marketing Magazine reports that the BT complaint about Virgin Media's TV advert starring David Tennant has been thrown out by the ASA. Updated 28/8

Art Director Andy Thirsk tweeted a photo (below) of David Tennant filming another Virgin Media advert.
James Hills indicated that David Tennant had filmed the advert over 3 days and that it included cats! Updated 1/6

David Tennant filming Virgin Media advert on 31st May 2013

ScreenDaily reports that David Tennant will help judge the Virgin Media Shorts Competition. Updated 18/4

Virgin have added a new advert to YouTube.com. As well as David Tennant, this advert includes Usain Bolt and Richard Branson. Updated 25/1

One of David Tennant's adverts for Virgin is listed in Which? Top Five Banned Tech Ads according to MacWorld. Updated 22/1

One of our followers told us that David Tennant's voice can be heard giving the options if you ring Virgin Mobile. However be warned that you have to ring the correct one of their contact numbers. Updated 20/1

Fans are reporting that there are currently large cardboard cut outs of David Tennant in Virgin Media stores. Updated 18/1

Virgin have added the second of David Tennant's 2013 Virgin Media collection videos online. In this one there are three 'David Tennants' fighting plus the real David Tennant talking to the camera. Updated 18/1

Some of the satellite channels such as Virgin Media and Sky 2 are already showing David Tennant's 'Undelete' video for Virgin Media. Updated 12/1

David Tennant's first 2013 advert for Virgin Media premieres tonight during Take Me Out on ITV which starts at 8.30pm. Updated 12/1

The worldwide link to watch a video of all of David Tennant's interactive section of the Virgin Media website has been posted to Tumblr. Updated 11/1

A report about Spies Of Warsaw on Polish television tonight. Updated 11/1

David Tennant's body double on the set of the Virgin Media adverts, Richard Ashton, has tweeted a photo of himself and David Tennant. Updated 11/1

CampaignLive have the first of David Tennant's 2013 video adverts (Undelete) for Virgin. Updated 11/1

Marketing website The Drum has the news that David Tennant, Usain Bolt and Sir Richard Branson return for a multi-million pound Virgin Media advertising campaign. Updated 11/1

The Virgin Media website has a new David Tennant video with at least four different endings! Keep on the page to see the first ending and then replay the video to watch them all. Updated 11/1

David Tennant's first 2013 advert for Virgin should be revealed today. Updated 11/1

As we indicated at New Year, David Tennant is involved in some more advertising for Virgin Media. Their teaser trailer has been added to YouTube.com. Updated 8/1

October 2012
Express and Star have an article which states that Virgin Media have reported a 3% rise in revenues in the third quarter to £1 billion in part due to David Tennant adverts. Updated 23/10

Neowin.net report that there is more controversy about the adverts David Tennant filmed for Virgin Media as the Advertising Standards Authority upheld complaints over the "no buffering" advert. Updated 3/10

July 2012
MSN Money has reported that Virgin Media has signed its one millionth customer thanks in part to David Tennant's adverts. Updated 24/7

From the number of tweets just posted (at 8.40pm), it seems that the Stephen Fry Virgin advert has just aired and lots of people wish it was still David Tennant's version! Updated 14/7

After the news was announced today that Stephen Fry will be fronting some adverts for the Virgin Media Collection, the Virgin Media Twitter account tweeted that David Tennant's adverts will still be screened. They also have added David's 'buffering' advert to YouTube (see below): Updated 13/7

Hamsterfur has kindly uploaded the "3 David Tennants" or "buffering" Virgin video which is currently being shown on commercial television within the UK. Updated 9/7

The "buffering" David Tennant advert for the Virgin Media Collection which was originally intended for only the internet, has started being shown on UK television and is proving to be very popular judging by the number of tweets each time it is shown! Updated 2/7

May 2012
BrandRepublic.com have an article about David Tennant's campaign for Virgin with their chief marketing officer Nigel Gilbert saying "We knew he'd be good but we didn't know quite how good. Millward Brown tell us it's the most successful use of a personality that they've seen. We didnít specifically choose [him] because of women, but we wanted someone who was really engaging and who wasnít commonly used in advertising. He's only ever done ads once before and that was 10-years ago before he became famous. It was an opportunity to choose someone who has quite broad appeal but who was able to deliver and be believable in delivering these kinds of stories." Updated 23/5

Scans of an interview with David Tennant in the latest issue of the Virgin Media magazine which is available to subscribers. Updated 12/5

April 2012
Virgin have posted another David Tennant advert for the Virgin Media Collection onto YouTube.com. Updated 26/4

The Evening Standard report that Virgin have announced a large increase in the number of their subscribers which is in part due to David Tennant's adverts. Updated 25/4

Another David Tennant advert for the Virgin Media Collection has been posted online. This one is about buffering and is for the internet only. Updated 21/4

Article in The Guardian saying that Virgin have now pulled their first advert with David Tennant. Updated 17/4

The Virgin Media Collection have revised their first David Tennant advertisement video. Updated 12/4

Virgin have posted online their third television advert featuring David Tennant (although his four actual advert). It will premiere on television tomorrow evening. Updated 11/4

Article in Mail On Sunday says the BBC are "furious" at the mention of Doctor Who and use of its logo in David Tennant's first Virgin television advertisement. Updated 8/4

David Tennant's second Virgin advert (the whale sound one) had it's premiere broadcast on Channel 5 at lunchtime today. Updated 7/4

Virgin have posted another Virgin Media Collection video onto YouTube.com. This one shows Sir Richard Branson making a whale noise while David is sitting cross-legged on a sofa. Updated 5/4

Virgin have added a video of Behind The Scenes footage of the recording of David Tennant's advert for them. Updated 5/4

A new photo of David Tennant filming the Virgin Media Collection advert has been posted online. Updated 2/4

Virgin Media Collection have added an extra advert for online only. Updated 1/4

March 2012
The first David Tennant advert for Virgin Media Collection advertising campaign will be on ITV during Britain's Got Talent between 8pm and 9.05pm tonight. Updated 31/3

David Tennant's first advert for Virgin Media Collection has been posted to YouTube.com. Updated 30/3

TheDrum.co.uk has more details about David Tennant's adverts for Virgin Media Collection. Updated 30/3

David Tennant joins Virgin Media Collection advertising campaign. Updated 30/3

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