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David Tennant - Marvel's Jessica Jones Marvel's Jessica Jones
From February until July 2015 David Tennant filmed his role as the main villain in the Netflix series Marvel's Jessica Jones. David plays Kilgrave (who is also known as The Purple Man).
In the Marvel comics Kilgrave can produce pheromones which give him the power to control people’s minds as long as he’s physically nearby. He also can recover from severe injuries very quickly and is, quite literally, purple although this is not continued in the television series.
Marvel's Jessica Jones is a 13 episode series which premiered on Netflix worldwide on Friday 20th November 2015.
Jessica Jones is played by Krysten Ritter and Mike Coulter plays the character Luke Cage. The series was filmed in New York and all the episodes were released together.

David Tennant - Richard II Richard II
David Tennant starred in Richard II for the Royal Shakespeare Company from Thursday 10th October 2013 until Saturday 25th January 2014 in both in Stratford-upon-Avon and The Barbican Centre in London. David played 85 performances in total. The performance on 13th November was screened in various cinemas around the world and was released on DVD.
In March 2015 it was announced that David Tennant will reprise his role as Richard II for The Royal Shakespeare Company during January 2016. This is to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The event is called King And Country: Shakespeare’s Great Cycle Of Kings which is a 4-play season cycle of four productions in repertoire. As well as David Tennant in Richard II, the other productions are Henry IV Parts I and II and Henry V. The event will run between Saturday 7th November 2015 until Sunday 24th January 2016 but unfortunately there will only be nine performances of Richard II. These performances will start on Thursday 7th January.
In April 2015 it was announced that the King And Country cycle of plays (including David Tennant in Richard II) will transfer to the US. The performances will be between Thursday 24th March and Sunday 1st May 2016 at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music (BAM) Harvey Theater.

David Tennant - Metanoia Metanoia
David Tennant will star in a biopic of renowned Scottish psychiatrist R.D.Laing - the ‘Acid-Marxist.’ The movie is called Metanoia and is a UK / Germany co-production which will feature the story of Laing and his unique community at Kingsley Hall in East London during the 1960’s. It will also star Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss.
Shooting will take starting in January 2016 at MMC’s studios in Cologne and on location in London.
In the 1960’s and 70’s R.D. Laing’s books regularly topped the student best-seller lists in the US. He shared the same stage as bands like the Grateful Dead and was never far away from controversy. The psychiatric establishment regularly tried to close his community at Kingsley Hall, seeing his occasional therapeutic use of LSD and his belief in metanoia (self-healing) as irresponsible and unscientific.

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David Tennant's Diary Dates
This section looks at the upcoming David Tennant related events in the near future:
Sat 28 Nov - David Tennant is a judge at the charity event Strictly Charity. All proceeds are for the Children's Air Ambulance Charity.
Sat 28 Nov - Broadchurch Season One marathon in Germany on 13th Street.
Mon 30 Nov - RTS Craft Awards announced. David Tennant narrated Pets Wild At Heart has been nominated for 3 Awards.
Mon 30 Nov - Tickets go on sale to BAM members for single performances of Richard II in Brooklyn.
Mon 30 Nov - Broadchurch Season Two premieres in Germany on pay-television station 13th Street at 9.50pm. Two episodes are broadcast tonight.
Tues 1 Dec - Doctor Who: New Adventures With The Tenth Doctor Vol. 3 (titled The Fountains Of Forever) is published.
Tues 1 Dec - Avalanche Studio's Just Cause 3 video game is released. David Tennant voices the propaganda minister.
Tues 1 Dec - Episodes three and four of Broadchurch Season Two premieres in Germany on pay-television station 13th Street.
Fri 4 Dec - David Tennant will attend Comic Con Brazil for a Jessica Jones panel.
Thurs 10 Dec - Doctor Who novel Judgement Of The Judoon is republished in the UK.
Thurs 3 Dec - Dixon Of Dock Green radio drama (staring David Tennant) to be released on CD in the UK.
Mon 7 Dec - Tickets go on sale to the public for single performances of Richard II in Brooklyn.
Mon 7 Dec - Episodes five and six of Broadchurch Season Two premieres in Germany on pay-television station 13th Street.

Each day we also tweet all of David's appearances on television (including repeats) in both the UK and the US.

Latest David Tennant News
This section lists all the recent news about David Tennant, as well as whenever he is mentioned on the internet and in the media.

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Wednesday 25th November 2015
ABC Television has posted a new David Tennant video interview about Jessica Jones, Doctor Who and, at the end, David sings!

David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

Video of David Tennant asking YouTuber Andrés Navy questions about the Marvel universe and Jessica Jones in particular.

David Tennant voiced cartoon Einstein 100 posted online.

The Telegraph reports that ITV has isued a complaint that the BBC targeted Broadchurch (and other dramas) in an attempt to reduce its ratings.

David Tennant Daily News Digest for Tuesday 24th November 2015 (6 items).

Tuesday 24th November 2015

David Tennant on Late Night With Seth Meyers

NBC has posted a video of David Tennant on Late Night With Seth Meyers about Doctor Who (it plays worldwide).

David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

Doctor Who: Christmas Specials boxset is released in the US on DVD and Blu-Ray today.

A video of part of the David Tennant interview Late Night With Seth Meyers about Jessica Jones has been posted to YouTube.

Photos of David Tennant on Late Night With Seth Meyers have been posted to Tumblr.

David Tennant Daily News Digest for Monday 23rd November 2015 (4 items).

Monday 23rd November 2015
David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

David Tennant is a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers on NBC tonight.

It was two years ago today that David Tennant starred in the Doctor Who episode The Day Of The Doctor!

David Tennant Daily News Digest for Sunday 22nd November 2015 (4 items).

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