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David Tennant - BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season

David Tennant - BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season

During April 2012 BBC Radio Three will be broadcasting a Shakespeare Season as part of The Cultural Olympiad.

Part of this season is a project where a company of actors perform two different plays - Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night.

David Tennant will be playing Prince Escalus in Romeo and Juliet and Malvolio in Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Night was broadcast on Sunday 22nd April and Romeo and Juliet will be on Sunday 29th April. Both transmissions are at 8.30pm on BBC Radio Three.

Romeo and Juliet was recorded during the week commencing Monday 13th February and Twelfth Night the following week.

This link has further information about David Tennant and the BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season on Blogger.

MP3 links for the plays

Twelfth Night

Romeo and Juliet

BBC Radio Three production of Twelfth Night is released on CD in the UK today. Updated 16/7

BBC Radio Three version of Romeo and Juliet is released on CD today. David Tennant plays the role of Prince Escalus. Updated 29/1

The release of the BBC Radio Three version of Romeo and Juliet on CD has been delayed by two weeks to Thursday 29th January. Updated 11/1

BBC Radio Three production of Twelfth Night (starring David Tennant) will be released on CD in July 2015. Updated 27/12

BBC Radio Three version of Romeo and Juliet to be released on CD in January. Updated 27/10

BBC Radio Three is repeating Twelfth Night from its 2012 Shakespeare Season today at 8.30pm. Updated 6/1

Review of Romeo and Juliet by RadioDramaReviews.com. Updated 30/4

An MP3 of Pick Of The Week in which David Tennant featured heavily in the section on Twelfth Night. Updated 29/4

The MP3 of David Tennant in Romeo and Juliet from BBC Radio Three tonight. Updated 29/4

The Radio Times has posted a preview of Romeo and Juliet (including a photo of David Tennant). Updated 29/4

David Tennant as Malvolio in Twelfth Night is part of Pick Of The Week on BBC Radio Four tonight at 6.15pm. Updated 29/4

The premiere broadcast of Romeo and Juliet is on BBC Radio Three at 8.30pm tonight. This is the second play as part of BBC Radio Three's Shakespeare Season and David Tennant plays Prince Escalus. Updated 29/4

The Guardian have posted another Twelfth Night review. This review includes the phrase "David Tennant's Malvolio was a particular delight in a version of the play that eschewed all gimmickry and instead simply showcased the brilliant language." Updated 26/4

The Stage reviews Twelfth Night and uses the phrase "The playís humour resides in the sub-plot which was here beefed up by David Tennantís extraordinary performance as Malvolio. Updated 26/4

The Telegraph has reviewed the BBC Radio Three production of Twelfth Night and writes that David Tennant is "astonishingly good." Updated 24/4

RadioDramaReviews.com has posted a review of Twelfth Night which includes the phrase "Malvolio as portrayed by David Tennant (in a stand-out performance)." Updated 23/4

MP3 of David Tennant in Twelfth Night. Updated 22/4

Tonight at 8.30pm is the premiere transmission of Twelfth Night which is part of BBC Radio Three's Shakespeare Season. David Tennant plays Malvolio in this 2 hour long production which will be available to hear worldwide, plus we will add a MP3 after transmission too. Updated 22/4

The BBC have posted a Blog about the recording of the plays for the BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season. Updated 21/4

Scans of David Tennant's interview about BBC Radio Three's Shakespeare Season in this weeks Radio Times. Updated 17/4

The Stage has an article about the Shakespeare Season on BBC radio which says "The cast is incredibly strong." Updated 16/4

The BBC Radio Three website have added some new photos from the recording of Twelfth Night. Updated 12/4

The Radio Times Extras magazine (for subscribers only) has a photo of David Tennant on a one page article about the forthcoming BBC Radio Shakespeare season. The article also promises a future, larger article too. Click here to view a scan of the article. Updated 4/4

As part of it's Shakespeare Season the BBC have announced that Twelfth Night (with David Tennant as Malvolio) will broadcast on Sunday 22 April at 8.30pm and Romeo and Juliet (with David as Prince Escalus) will have its first transmission on Sunday 29th April also at 8.30pm. Both plays will be broadcast on BBC Radio Three. Also there are some great new pages for all the BBC Shakespeare programmes in the upcoming months including a new photo of David Tennant recording the radio plays. Updated 1/4

David Tennant Tidbits for Tuesday 28th February - includes BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season, Tree Fu Tom, The Decoy Bride, Twenty Twelve, United, Out and About and Filming. Updated 28/2

According to the Twitter account Studio60A David Tennant must be recording Twelfth Night today as they mention his character Malvolio in their tweet. Updated 24/2

Recording on Twelth Night for the BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season ends today. David Tennant is playing Malvolio and we know he has already recorded at least some of his lines. Updated 24/2

Studio 60A (where the play is being recorded) today tweeted that David Tennant will play Malvolio in the BBC Radio Three version of Twelfth Night. Updated 21/2

Recording takes place this week for Radio 3's production of Twelfth Night which will be broadcast in April as part of BBC Radio Three's Shakespeare Season. It is still not currently known which character David Tennant will play. Updated 20/2

There are some more tweets from the studio where David Tennant's production of Romeo and Juliet is being recorded today. So far they have not indicated whether or not David Tennant has recorded his lines (he is only in three scenes). It's NOT confirmed but there was a tweet earlier today which hinted that David Tennant was involved in interviewing people today for the role of Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Updated 16/2

Today somebody from BBC Studio 60A made some tweets about the recording of Romeo and Juliet. Updated 15/2

Recording of Romeo and Juliet continues today for BBC Radio Three's Shakespeare Season. Today among the scenes they are recording is the balcony scene (which is appropiate for Valentine's Day). It is not known when David Tennant will record his role but, as he is only in three senes, it is quite likely that they will all be recorded in one day. Updated 14/2

Studio60A tweeted this morning that Romeo and Juliet was being recorded in their studio at the BBC. Updated 13/2

David Tennant is believed to be recording Romeo and Juliet for Radio Three's Shakespeare Season this week. However the BBC Radio Drama newsletter said that the play is already in production and David only has a small part in it so it's possible that he has already recorded his lines. David is playing Prince Escalus who is the mediator of the feuding families. Escalus is the voice of authority in Verona. He appears only three times to administer justice following major events in the feud between the Capulet and Montague families. However keep listening until the end of the play as the final speech of Romeo and Juliet is by the Prince and it ends "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo." Updated 13/2

Today's BBC Radio Drama newsletter confirms that David Tennant will be Prince Escalus in the BBC Radio Three production of Romeo and Juliet. They also confirm that David Tennant is in two Shakespeare plays for BBC Radio Three Shakespeare Season which will be broadcast in April. The cast are recording Romeo and Juliet this coming week (the balcony scene is appropriately being recorded on Valentine's Day) and Twelfth Night will be recorded the following week. Updated 10/2

David Tennant is RUMOURED to be recording one or two new Shakespeare productions (Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night) for BBC radio. Updated 7/2

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