David Tennant recording Kafka The Musical
David Tennant in Kafka The Musical

From 18th until 21st January 2011 David Tennant recorded Kafka The Musical at Broadcasting House in London.
This musical by Murray Gold first aired on Sunday 24th April 2011 at 8pm on BBC Radio Three.
Kafka The Musical will be repeated at 8.30pm on BBC Three on Sunday 1st April 2012.

David Tennant plays Kafka and Murray Gold said that he sings a little.
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Kafka The Musical is cited in a Canada.com blog about BBC Radio's commitment to quality drama compared to that in Canada. Updated 26/3

Believe It! has been shortlisted for the Best Scripted Comedy Award in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2013. (That page includes a new photo of David Tennant from when he hosted the 2012 Award ceremony.) In the 2012 awards David Tennant won the Best Actor Award for his role in Kafka The Musical which was first broadcast in April 2011 and somehow that drama is on the shortlist for the Tinniswood Radio Drama Award 2012 for Best Radio Drama Script. Updated 8/1

On Sunday 1st April at 8.30pm BBC Radio Three will repeat Kafka The Musical. Updated 17/3

David Tennant has been nominated for the Best Actor In An Audio Drama Award for Kafka The Musical at the first ever BBC Audio Drama Awards. David will also present the ceremony to announce the winners in the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House, London on Saunday 29th January. See here for more details. Updated 9/1

Kafka the Musical is the BBC Radio Play of the Week and is available to download at this link until tomorrow. Updated 5/5

Click here for a review in The Telegraph about Kafka The Musical. Updated 26/4

Click here to download Kafka The Musical, plus it will be on the BBC iPlayer (worldwide) for the next seven days. Updated 24/4

Click here to listen to a trailer for Kafka The Musical which is currently being aired on BBC radio. Updated 24/4

Today The Observer says about United: "Without question, one of the best television dramas of recent years" and "a superlative performance by David Tennant" and about Kafka The Musical By turns, teasing and moving" and "David Tennant excels." Updated 24/4

Tonight Kafka The Musical premieres on BBC Radio Three at 8pm and United premiers at 9pm on BBC Two. See here for more details. Updated 24/4

A preview of Kafka The Musical which airs on Easter Sunday on BBC Radio Three at 8pm. Updated 21/4

BBC2 are now airing trailers for Kafka The Musical and it's 26 days until David Tennant appears in Much Ado About Nothing. Updated 20/4

A quote from Time Out about Kafka The Musical is "As usual, David Tennant's palpable acting magic wipes the floor with all comers." Updated 20/4

Click here, here and here for scans from the Radio Times about David Tennant in both United and Kafka The Musical. Updated 19/4

The BBC have confirmed that Kafka The Musical will air on BBC Radio Three on Easter Sunday (24th April) at 8pm. Updated 7/4

David Tennant Treat 4 Today - the interview with composer Murray Gold about Kafka The Musical which was broadcast today on the BBC Radio Four programme Front Row. It includes two clips of David Tennant singing. Updated 6/4

Composer Murray Gold has tweeted that he believes that the airing of Kafka The Musical has been deferred by a week to Sunday 24th April at 8pm. Updated 31/3

It's 11 weeks until Kafka The Musical is expected to air and 106 days until his first performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Updated 30/1

Jeremy Mortimer, the director of Kafka The Musical tweeted yesterday "Kafka's in the can. Songs and all. Thanks to Murray Gold, the inimitable Mr DT and the rest of the cast and crew. No withers unwrung." Updated 22/1

Reetu Kabra has posted a photo of David Tennant recording Kafka The Musical. Updated 21/1

Murray Gold, the composer of Kafka The Musical, tweeted that he expects that it will air on a Sunday in April. Updated 20/1

Jeremy Mortimer, the director of Kafka The Musical tweeted yesterday "At BBC Radio 3 Kafka The Musical recording in Broadcasting House. Moved to tears by the readthrough." Updated 20/1

It's not confirmed but composer Murray Gold has tweeted a photo which indicates that David Tennant may be recording a musical for BBC Radio. Apparently recording started today. Updated 18/1

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