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David_Tennant on Twitter Like most actors, David Tennant does not have an official website. He is also not on Facebook, Instagram etc. and is not associated with any account on those.

David_Tennant@Twitter provides news and information about David Tennant and was set up when there was no website being updated each day about him. Consequently it is the longest running constantly updated website about David and is his most frequently updated one. Some days the website has been updated over 40 times with different news items!

If you have any questions about the website or about David's career, please feel free to send an email to DavidTennantOnTwitter@Gmail.com.

Alternatively send a message through Twitter to David_Tennant@Twitter. Remember to follow David_Tennant@Twitter so that a Direct Message can be sent in reply.

Please note that messages sent through either of these methods will not reach David Tennant himself.

Letters from fans and autograph requests should be sent to Independent Talent Group. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope large enough to hold a postcard (C6). You do not have to provide a photo to be signed. The address is:
David Tennant
c/o Independent Talent Group
40 Whitfield Street
Please remember that there may be a delay in receiving your autograph if David is working abroad.

If you live outside of the UK and would like to request an autograph from David, please follow the instructions above and include an International Reply Coupon. More details about these can be found at this link but please note that not all countries use them so you need to check with your own post office regarding how you can prepay the postage from Britain.
Alternatively email philatelic.enquiries@royalmail.com and you can purchase British postage by paying with either Visa or Mastercard
A postcard and an envelope weighs under 20gms.

We suggest not printing stamps online from outside the UKL due to their short 24 hours validity.

At David_Tennant@Twitter quizzes about different aspects of David Tennant's career are held periodically which everyone is welcome to play. See the links above for more details.

We also host a David Tennant Treat For Today which is updated each day. Fans are welcome to submit suggestions for the Treat.

The main aim of David_Tennant@Twitter is to post information about the actor David Tennant. If you repeat the information online it would be appreciated if you could post that you read it first on David_Tennant@Twitter, just as we are always careful to give full credit.

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