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David Tennant - St Trinian's 2 The Legend of Fritton's Gold

David Tennant played a "baddie" called Pomfrey in the movie St Trinian's 2 The Legend of Fritton's Gold.

The movie had its premiere in London on Wednesday 8th December 2009 and opened countrywide on Friday 18th December. David Tennant did not attend the premiere as he was filming in LA.

The movie was filmed from Monday 6th July to Friday 28th August 2009 (although David Tennant was not needed for all that period). The film also stars Rupert Everett, Colin Firth and Sarah Harding.


The Legend Of Fritton's Gold (St Trinian's 2) movie is released on VOD in the US today. (It will be released on video soon.) Updated 27/8


The viewing figures for St Trinian's 2 movie last night on Channel Four. Updated 9/7

Tonight is the UK premiere terrestrial television broadcast of St Trinian's 2 The Legend of Fritton's Gold at 7pm on Channel Four. Updated 8/7/12


David Tennant receives a brief mention in article in the Mail On Sunday about Sarah Harding (in regards to St TriniansII). Updated 18/4/11


Click here to listen to David Tennant's interview and for photos of him on Absolute Radio this morning where he discussed Fright Night, Single Father, Celebrity Autobiography, Doctor Who, Decoy Bride and St Trinian's 2. Updated 7/10/10

Click here to view videos of the David Tennant extras from the St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold DVD. Updated 28/5

Two David Tennant DVDs are released in the UK today. They are St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold and People Like Us (David Tennant is in the episode called The Actor). Updated 24/5

According to this report on the UK Film Council website, St Trinian's II The Legend of Fritton's Gold was the fifth most successful British film in 2009 for both independent productions and productions partially funded by US studios (St Trinians 2 was an independent production). The box office figure for St Trinians 2 is not final as it is still in cinemas. Updated 20/1


David Tennant is listed third in the credits on St Trinians 2 (after Rupert Everett and Colin Firth). Updated 18/12

Today David Tennant's latest movie St Trinian's II The Legend of Fritton's Gold is released in the UK. Updated 18/12

Newsbeat have an interview with David Tennant mainly about St Trinians 2 but they also mention Doctor Who. Updated 17/12

On Sunday 13th December Channel 4 aired a programme about the premiere. As David Tennant did not attend, he was only shown in an interview from the set. Updated 13/12

A new television advert for St Trinian's II The Legend of Fritton's Gold has been released. Click here to view it and here for a slowed down version of David Tennant's brief appearance in the advert. Updated 11/12

The Press Association have an article using the draw of Doctor Who for the headline - "Jodie 'gutted' to miss the Doctor. Meanwhile the Evening Standard ran an interview with Rupert Everett yesterday where he made a nice quote about David. Updated 10/12

The St Trinians 2 premiere was last night in Leicester Square, London. However reviews are not allowed to be posted until next week. Updated 10/12

Channel 4 will have a programme at 12.50pm on Sunday 13th December about the movie St Trinian's 2 which will include an interview with David Tennant. Updated 1/12

The premiere of the movie will be on Wednesday 9th December in Leicester Square. Updated 8/11

Filming on the movie was completed on Friday 28th August and the Wrap Party was held in London on Saturday 29th August. Updated 1/9

Monday 24th August started the eighth and final week of filming although, of course, David Tennant may have already completed his filming as he is not on set every day. Even Sarah Harding (who has a larger part in the movie than David) is reported to only be required on set for 30 of the estimated 48 day shoot. Updated 24/8

On Sunday 16th August The News Of The World printed photos of David Tennant filming St Trinian's both on and in the River Thames. Click here and here for the photos and here for the article. Updated 17/8

solamenn posted 20 photos of David Tennant on set at The Globe on Monday 10th August starting here. Updated 10/8

Vickster51 posted on Gallifrey Base.com "I saw David Tennant at The Globe during my lunch hour. He was in costume but wasn't filming. They were filming outside with Sarah Harding and a load of school girls". Updated 10/8

Louise Montague posted that on Saturday (8th) David Tennant and Colin Firth both finished at about 12.30pm but believed that they would be back for filming on Monday (The Globe is closed that day for filming according to its website). Updated 9/8

StTrins (the official Twitter account for the movie) posted today "Wow what an amzing day at the Globe theatre. Must have brought back a lot of memories for Colin, Rupert and David! Updated 8/8

Megan Jones posted the following Tweets about The Globe filming:

"Spent the morning with two of my fav men-Colin and David. Heaven! Or maybe i should say gazing longingly at Mr Firth and Mr Tennant!"

"Early start but worth it - they are very nice....although at some points I was confused at who to look at more!"

"Today I was part of audience for filming bit of St Trinians 2" Updated 8/8

Ian Nichol posted a photo from The Globe filming.

irusik posted a photo of a letter from Ealing Studios about The Globe filming.

Karl Wilson posted today "Just met David Tennant on St. Trinians 2 - and a fine chap he is too!".

On Saturday 8th August David Tennant (along with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett) filmed at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.

A paparazzi photo of David Tennant on the set is available online here.

Filming is taking place at Ealing Studios and on location in London.

The film started filming on Monday 6th July and took 8 weeks (although David Tennant was not needed for all that period).

David Tennant is playing a "baddie" called Pomfrey in this sequel.

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