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This section of the website looks at rumoured projects in David Tennant's career, some of which come to fruition.
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We Got It Covered has another RUMOUR about a POSSIBLE future role for David Tennant.
This time it's about him being rumoured to play Nightmare in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Updated 12/9

The Guardian has reported that David Tennant is RUMOURED to be lined up to play the murdered Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in a new drama series for ITV. Updated 8/9

The Times has confirmed that David Tennant will star in Around The World In Eighty Days for broadcast in 2020. Updated 18/6

It's not confirmed but the French newspaper Le Figaro reports David Tennant will play the part of Phileas Fogg in a new television adaptation of the Jules Verne novel Around The World In Eighty Days.
It is a France Télévisions co-production as part of Alliance which is a partnership with RAI and ZDF which aims to to develop international projects.
If true, production is scheduled to start in January 2020. Updated 15/6

Daily Mail has more info about Pinter At The Pinter. Updated 23/3

It's not 100% certain yet but journalist Baz Bamigboye (who is well known for his scoops and insider contacts) posted to Twitter that David Tennant and Jane Horrocks are in 'talks' about joining Pinter At The Pinter featuring Harold Pinter one-act plays at the Harold Pinter Theatre from late August early September. He added 'negotiations are ongoing. Updated 23/3

According to a post on Tumblr David Tennant said at Montreal Comiccon today that the Takin' Over The Asylum sequel does not seem very likely. Updated 9/7

Possible Takin’ Over The Asylum sequel involving David Tennant. Updated 19/6

MovieNewsGuide claims that David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch are RUMOURED to be in the running for a role in the JRR Tolkien biopic. Updated 19/11

The Guardian has reported that it has been told that David Tennant will not host the celebrity edition of The Crystal Maze as rumoured. Updated 31/8

David Tennant is rumoured to be tipped to host a celebrity special episode of The Crystal Maze. Updated 30/8

It is NOT confirmed but David Tennant is listed on an Australian release sheet for 2017 as attached to a biopic titled Noel (about Noel Coward) which will star Chris Colfer, Sir Ian McKellen, Vanessa Redgrave and Stephen Fry. Updated 18/1

January 2015
Digital Spy have posted a video of David Tennant talking about Doctor Who and the Hannibal rumour at the National Television Awards last night. Updated 22/1

David Tennant and Russell T Davies discussed reviving Columbo. Updated 9/1

Digital Spy has rehashed the David Tennant / Hannibal story. There is nothing new in it and there is no indication why they decided to bring it up at this time. Their quote from David (from a while ago) is "There's no immediate plans." Updated 3/1

October 2014
Daily Star reports that David Tennant is the favourite for the Sir Alex Ferguson biopic role. Currently the movie is unfunded. Updated 25/10

September 2014
Metro again has a story (RUMOUR) about Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller saying he would love to cast David Tennant on the show. Updated 25/9

March 2014
Radio Times believes David Tennant is 'likely' to be in Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 31/3

Jodie Whittaker now tells BANG Showbiz that David Tennant will be in Series Two of Broadchurch, plus she talks about Gracepoint. Updated 18/3

It is NOT confirmed but according to CultBox Jodie Whittaker has said that David Tennant will be in Series Two of Broadchurch. Updated 17/3

February 2014
Showruner Bryan Fuller confirmed today on Twitter that David Tennant was considered for a role in Hannibal as rumoured but he could not fit it into his schedule. Updated 23/2

David Tennant will not attend the RADA event at Buckingham Palace tonight. Updated 17/2

The Telegraph believes David Tennant MAY attend a RADA event at Buckingham Palace on Monday 17th February. Updated 2/2

September 2013
Yahoo article mentions that both David Tennant and David Bowie have been RUMOURED to appear in Hannibal. Updated 13/9

It is NOT confirmed but Superhero Movie News has a RUMOUR about David Tennant being looked at for The Justice League movie.
This rumour is based on what somebody posted on a forum about something some producers are supposed to have told him.
The movie is not due to be released until 2017 and apparently they were talking about David playing the role of Plastic Man. Updated 7/9

July 2013
The Mirror CLAIMS that David Tennant is on the show’s creator Brian Clemens wish list of actors to play Doyle in a movie version of The Professionals.
However the article states that the movie will start shooting before the end of 2013 and David will be playing Richard II on stage until 25th January 2014. Updated 22/7

May 2013
ScreenDaily lists Ben Miller in the cast of What We Did On Our Holiday in an article about Lionsgate UK securing the theatrical distribution rights to the movie. This is the first time that Ben Miller has been associated with the movie outside of IMDB. Updated 13/5

More details about David Tennant in What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 10/5

Daily Mail reports that David Tennant and Rosamund Pike will film What We Did On Our Holiday in June and July. Updated 9/5

Another RUMOUR also seems to be untrue as David Tennant's name is now removed from movie listing on IMDB for the movie What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 7/5

BleedingCool (later repeated by lots of websites) has a RUMOUR about David being in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Please note that the article has subsequently been updated with the official denial that he will not be in it. Updated 6/5

April 2013
An article on The List says (misleadingly) that David Tennant will appear in Hannibal on Sky Living playing a serial killer.
However, the article seems to be taken from the Daily Star interview with Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller who only says that he would like David to appear in the series which starts on 7th May.
Bryan Fuller says "I love David Tennant. He would have made an amazing Hannibal, there's no doubt in my mind. David is such a fantastic actor that I would love him to come and do the show as a seriously deranged serial killer. That would be amazing." Updated 25/4

RUMOUR of a new David Tennant film role - What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 24/4

November 2012
BleedingCool say in their RUMOUR section (or rather the RUMOR section!) that they have received confirmation that David Tennant will be in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. However they do not quote their source other than describing it as "a solid source." Bleeding Cool continued "Here’s what we have been told, word for word: 'Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…'" Please remember David Tennant has always refused to deny if he will or will not be involved in any Doctor Who 50th anniversary or even if he has been asked. (The anniversary is still one year away.) Updated 20/11

October 2012
Currently this is only a RUMOUR but there was a post today on the What’s On Stage forum that David Tennant will appear in Richard II for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2013 in a production directed by Gregory Doran. The rumour was posted to the forum by the same person (PaulTheatre) who was first to post that David and Catherine Tate would be appearing in Much Ado About Nothing last year. Paul has also been the first to post other theatre news so this seems quite likely to be true. Updated 5/11

August 2012
Due to his reactions on Attack Of The Show last week, Blastr.com believe that David Tennant will be involved in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary next year. (David did not confirm or deny anything although previously his stock answer has always been that he had not been asked yet.) Updated 8/8

July 2012
The wrap party for The Politician's Husband is apparently tonight which tends to give more credence to the 'expected' appearance by David Tennant at the 2012 TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour on Wednesday 1st August in Beverley Hills near Los Angeles. Updated 25/7

It is NOT confirmed but David Tennant MAY appear at the 2012 TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour on Wednesday 1st August as part of the presention for The Spies Of Warsaw. Updated 23/7

June 2012
There is a RUMOUR that David Tennant will play The Politician's Husband for the BBC. Filming starts this month and it will be broadcast on BBC Two during 2013. Updated 9/6

Yesterday the Derry 2013 City Of Culture programme preview was announcd. However David Tennant was not announced by name in it. (Last month there was a rumour that he may be appearing in a play at the festival.) Updated 1/6

Baz Bamigboye in the Daily Mail has posted a short piece about Fast and Furious Six having to recreate areas of London so they can film scenes set there. (David Tennant is only rumoured to have had discussions about a role in this movie.) Updated 1/6

May 2012
The rumours about David Tennant and Fast Six continue. Updated 11/5

A more cautionary update about David Tennant in Derry in May 2013. Updated 10/5

IF it happens David Tennant's play in Derry will be called Sea Lavender and it is scheduled for a year today! Updated 9/5

It is NOT confirmed (and we stress NOT) but an article in the Derry Journal says that David Tennant will be in a one man play in Derry in 2013. More information can be found here. Updated 9/5

An update regarding the RUMOUR that David Tennant is in talks for a role in the Fast Six movie. Updated 4/5

LatinoReview have a RUMOUR (stress RUMOUR) of David Tennant in talks for a role in the Fast Six movie. Updated 3/5

February 2012
It is NOT confirmed (and may just be hype) but the Daily Record says that David Tennant is one of the actors who MAY appear in the musical An Appointment With The Wicker Man during the ­Edinburgh Fringe in August at the Assembly Rooms. Updated 21/2

ScreenDaily reports that clips from Nativity 2 will be shown to buyers at the European Film Market which started today in Berlin and continues until 17th February. ScreenDaily also says that Emotional Rescue is in pre-production and continues to link David Tennant's name with the movie. Updated 9/2

David Tennant's name (and all the cast names) have been removed from the Emotional Rescue website, plus it also says that filming is now Spring (previously it was listed as Winter) 2012. David Tennant was never confirmed for the movie and there are rumours of funding issues. Click here for details about David Tennant and Emotional Rescue. Updated 7/2

David Tennant is RUMOURED to be recording one or two new Shakespeare productions (Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night) for BBC radio. Updated 7/2

Based on an article which was originally posted on The Times website (behind their paywall) The Guardian lists David Tennant as a POSSIBLE actor to play Worzel Gummidge in a RUMOURED movie. Updated 7/2

January 2012
The Edinburgh News section of Scotsman.com alleges that Emotional Rescue is "David Tennant's second chance at Hollywood." Please remember that David has not officially been announced for Emotional Rescue yet. Updated 6/1

It is NOT confirmed but DNA Music says that filming starts on the movie Emotional Rescue in February. Please remember that David Tennant has not been officially confirmed for this movie. Updated 5/1

There is a RUMOUR that David Tennant will be in the movie Emotional Rescue. See here for details. Updated 4/1

December 2011
The Daily Express has the RUMOUR that David Tennant MAY be in the RUMOURED Doctor Who movie by Harry Potter director David Yates. Updated 17/12

August 2011
It is NOT confirmed but Gemma Chan's official website appears to have details about the new project which David Tennant said that he was doing for the BBC with Dominic Savage. It is called True Love and also MAY star David Morrissey, Jane Horrocks and Billie Piper. There is also talk on Twitter today about people auditioning for something called Nativity 2 which people claim involves David Tennant but this is also NOT confirmed. Updated 22/8

July 2011
TotalFilm have a new interview with David Tennant where he talks about Fright Night, Pirates!, Doctor Who and a new secret project. Updated 19/7

It is NOT confirmed but a Deadline article mentions David Tennant in a forthcoming BBC project called London In Love. Updated 8/7

May 2011
There is a rumour from Cannes that David Tennant will star in the movie A Miracle. See here for more details. Updated 14/5

Another David Tennant Hobbit rumour has been laid to rest. Updated 1/5

April 2011
The Sun claims that David Tennant is in The Hobbit. Please note that this has NOT been confirmed (it has been rumoured for about a year now). Updated 15/4

January 2011
It's not confirmed but composer Murray Gold has tweeted a photo which indicates that David Tennant may be recording a musical for BBC Radio. Apparently recording started today. Updated 18/1

An article in CinemaBlend puts the "David Tennant is in The Hobbit" RUMOURS into perspective. Updated 12/1

The Examiner names the role (Thranduil the Elvenking) David Tennant is RUMOURED to have been offered in The Hobbit movie. Updated 11/1

Following the RUMOUR posted yesterday that possibly David Tennant and Catherine Tate could be preforming Much Ado About Nothing from May until September at the Wyndhams Theatre which we posted here yesterday, people on the same messageboard who originally posted the rumour, are now discussing that possibly the play could be at The Globe theatre as they have already announced that play for the same period although not yet announced a cast. Updated 3/1

Due to a post on the messageboard attached to What's On Stage, there is a RUMOUR that David Tennant may be appearing in Much Ado About Nothing at the Wyndham Theatre in London between May and September 2011. See here for details. Updated 2/1

December 2010
Rumours about David Tennant in the movie Cheeful Weather For The Wedding turn out to be false. See here for details. Updated 1/12

November 2010
Another UNCONFIRMED report but British photojournalist Anastasia Taylor-Lind posted a tweet (now deleted) saying "Southern Uganda with Comic relief, a BBC film crew and David Tennant.. Staying at a luxury resort on the Nile before heading North tomorrow." Updated 5/11

It is NOT confirmed but David Tennant's name has been linked with a new BBC project called United about the 1958 Manchester United airplane crash in Munich. Click here for more details. Updated 5/11

David Tennant is RUMOURED to be in the Old Vic 24 Hour Plays on Sunday 21st November according to the Evening Standard. Updated 2/11

October 2010
Daily Express claims that David Tennant is "waiting by the phone" for a call about the Hobbit movie. However the article is slightly out of date as Martin Freeman is already confirmed for the movie. Updated 24/10

Several websites have lately posted articles about David Tennant's comments on the Paul O'Grady Show about the Yellow Submarine movie. See here for more details. Updated 21/10

The Metro newspaper has an article (with a photo of David Tennant) about the Hobbit movie RUMOUR This has also appeared on numerous online websites this past weekend. Updated 18/10

It is NOT confirmed but the latest rumours are that David Tennant is being considered for a role (but not Bilbo Baggins) in The Hobbit movie according to Collinder.com. Updated 16/10

August 2010
David Tennant is now not attached to the movie The Retreat. See here for more details. Updated 12/8

July 2010
There's been a casting change and a slight change in the title of David Tennant's movie Retreat. See here for full details. Updated 28/7

There's a report on Deadline.com (NOT confirmed) that Mark Ruffalo (not David Tennant) will play The Incredible Hulk in Avengers movie. Updated 24/7

David Tennant is mentioned in the Daily Star today about The Incredible Hulk RUMOUR: See here for more details. Updated 19/7

There are rumours today in the Press about David Tennant being considered to play Bruce Banner (more popularly known as The Incredible Hulk) in the Joss Whedon directed movie The Avengers. See here for more details. Updated 14/7

May 2010
ScreenDaily report that David Tennant is still listed for the Retreat movie. However they do say that now it is scheduled to be filmed in North Wales in the summer (previously it was reported that it would film in Canada in May). Updated 21/5

Now there's a RUMOUR that David Tennant and Billie Piper could reunite for a remake of Sapphire & Steel according to Kasterborous.com. Updated 21/5

March 2010
It's been announced that Ewan MacGregor will play Edward in the Madonna movie about him and Mrs Simpson which puts to rest those David Tennant rumours that circulated in September 2009. Updated 24/3

It hasn't been announced why but it appears that David Tennant is currently in New York as two independent people have spotted him in the city, once on Sunday and again today. Updated 9/3

The Daily Mail has another David Tennant filming RUMOUR. It's about the possibility of him making a movie with Billie Piper this time. Click here for more information. Updated 5/3

It's NOT confirmed but there are reliable rumours that David Tennant is working today with Martin Freeman in Cardiff. The most likely project is the BBC programme Sherlock which is also written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (and directed by Euros Lynn). Updated 3/3

February 2010
The "David Tennant to play in Madonna / Wallis Simpson movie" RUMOURS are circulating again with this article in the Coventry Telegraph today. These rumours originally circulated in The Sun on 1/9/09. Updated 15/2

January 2010
Billie Piper spoke to Sarah Cox yesterday about the possible Doctor Who movie. Click here for more information. Updated 29/1

CBBC today posted an article about The Hobbit / Bilbo Baggins RUMOURS and stated that both David Tennant and Hobbit producer Peter Jacksone will be at a Sci-Fi convention next week in America. However they may be confusing it with ComicCon which they both attended last July. Updated 26/1

Click here to read all the posts about David Tennant appearing in the Burke and Hare movie. Updated 26/1

As David Tennant has pulled out of the Burke and Hare movie, TotalFilm.com has started the Bilbo Baggins rumours again. Updated 21/1

Tonight Simon Pegg tweeted that David Tennant will not be appearing in the Burke and Hare movie. Updated 20/1

December 2009
On GMTV this morning David Tennant said that he is not sure about playing in the movie Burke and Hare (and indicated that it was due to whether or not Rex Is Not Your Lawyer is commissioned). He said that NBC had not made their decision yet (it's supposed to be in January). He also denied ever meeting Madonna so those newspaper stories about him playing in her movie were incorrect. More info about the interview at this link. Updated 31/12

An article in The Scotsman today says that David Tennant will be filming The Decoy Bride in 2010. Updated 16/12

This may just be a way of getting continuing publicity for the movie but on 4th December IGN.com interviewed The Hobbit director Peter Jackson who refused to rule out any actors being cast as Bilbo Baggins (including David Tennant). Most people believe that David is too tall for the role! Updated 5/12

November 2009
Backstage.com reported that the pilot for Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was shooting from mid-October which might have explained why David Tennant was in LA for about 3 weeks at that time but it was later discovered that shooting started in December. Updated 3/11

October 2009 and earlier
According to reports of people seeing him there, David Tennant was recently in the Los Angeles area for about three weeks. Nothing has been announced about why he was there and it is assumed by fans that he may be attending meetings / auditions for unknown projects. David Tennant was asked about it on his interview on 5Live on 30/10 and he said that he had some meetings but would not specify what. Updated 30/10

On Tuesday 1st September The Sun newspaper printed an article saying that Madonna had met with David Tennant to discuss the possibility of him appearing in a musical movie that she will directing based on the story of Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. This story was later picked up by loads of different newspapers worldwide. Updated 1/9

As David Tennant mentioned the possibility of a 10th Doctor return for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013, this story has been picked up by a couple of British newspapers such as the Daily Mirror and The Telegraph. David's exact words were "It's the 50th anniversary in 2013, isn't it? I dunno... That's not me making an announcement. There's no plan. Don't Twitter that! That's not a thing! Yet!".
David Tennant said at ComicCon on Sunday 26th July that he will NOT be playing in the Hobbit film. Updated 26/7
On 24th July rumours started on the Internet (via ComicCon) that David Tennant will be cast in the original CSI as Larry Grissom (cousin of Gil Grissom) in Season 10.
On 17/7 Empire posted an interview with Peter Jackson here saying that there'll be no casting announcement at ComicCon.
There are also rumours that it may be announced at ComicCon that David Tennant will be playing the role of Bilbo Baggins in the forthcoming movie The Hobbit. This rumour started because the film's director Peter Jackson is expected to announce the lead actor at ComicCon, although TheOneRingNet says "The rumor seems unlikely because the Middle-earth-themed films are not even officially in pre-production and the final script isn’t written and thus can’t be shown to Tennant or any other actor".
However, on 4th August the website io9.com asked the question "But have David Tennant and a BBC press release writer ruined the planned big reveal?" online here. However that article is quite slanted as David Tennant did not say that he would definitely be returning to the role of the Doctor in 2013. Updated 5/8
There are rumours that a Doctor Who movie (with David Tennant) may be announced at ComicCon on Sunday 26th July. This rumour started when the BBC said in a press release that they are "developing a film script" but filming any movie would still be a long way off. Russell T Davies has denied reports that he is working on any DW movie but some fans hope that they could announce it at ComicCon (the world's biggest science-fiction and fantasy convention). David Tennant said at ComicCon on 25/7 that there will be NO Doctor Who movie announcement at the panel.

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