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David Tennant at the Legally Blonde Gala Opening Night

David Tennant attended the Legally Blonde Gala Opening on Wednesday 13th January 2010.

Rather than a Press Night, the producers of the musicial invited the critics to view the play over a few night and then held a Gala Opening on this evening.
The Gala Opening Party was held at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in Aldwych, London afterwards.

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David_Tennant on Twitter One final photo of David Tennant at Legally Blonde Gala Opening Night. (We saved the best to last!) Updated 19/1

Two more photos of David Tennant at the Legally Blonde Gala Opening Night have been posted online here and here. Updated 17/1

A second part of the interview from the Legally Blonde Gala Night was played on the Fearne Cotton Show on Radio One on Thursday 14th. The Radio page of this website has both clips. David talks about Sheridan Smith in the second clip and then they record her reaction to his comments! Updated 15/1

Click here to see David Tennant in the Official Gala Night video from Legally Blonde on Wednesday 13th January. Updated 15/1

Last night at the Legally Blonde Gala Night, David Tennant was asked about the British paparazzi who photographed him on the set of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer in Los Angeles in December. This clip is David's response which was played on the Steve Wright Show on Radio Two this afternoon. Updated 14/1

WestEndWhingers has an unusual photo of David Tennant from the Gala Opening of Legally Blonde last night. Plus there is a (short) quote from him about the musical in the Evening Standard. Also Wooler.com has some better photos of David there. Updated 14/1

Rex Features have photos of David Tennant at the Legally Blonde Gala Opening last night in London. There were also the following comments posted on Twitter:
lauratkinson - "Things I have learnt tonight: Sheridan Smith is amazing, David Tennant is hotter than previously thought, Graham Norton likes small dogs."
lauratkinson - "Jusy been hanging outside the savoy theatre loos with David Tennant."
WestEndWhingers - "David Tennant standing by us. Think he's a bit shy of coming up to us. Bless"
ActionLamb - "Just asked David Tennant "where on Earth(or elsewhere in the galaxy) do you go after being the Dr" - answer "perhaps I should retire"!!!"

Metro newspaper also had a report (based on the article from the Press Association). Updated 14/1

David Tennant is attending the Gala Opening of Legally Blonde tonight in London. Click here to read the Press Association article about it. Updated 13/1

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