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David Tennant - Hang Ups

David Tennant - Hang Ups

David Tennant played a cloakroom attendant called Martin Lamb in Hang Ups which was described as 'an unconventional comedy about an unconventional therapist trying to keep his unconventional life, and patients, from falling apart.'

Stephen Mangan stars and co-wrote the six part series with Robert Delamere. It was broadcast on Channel Four starting on Wednesday 8th August 2018 at 10pm. David Tennant appeared in the second episode which was broadcast on Wednesday 15th August.

The description of the series is: 'Stephen Mangan stars as Dr. Richard Pitt, a therapist who finds himself at a crossroads in life. After the collapse of his previous group therapy practice, Richard develops a new form of therapy –weekly quick-fire sessions with his patients through a webcam. The few patients on his list present a hilarious and outrageous catalogue of neuroses, phobias, issues, anxieties and psychopathies, but even these short sessions, where he’s confronted by everything from the sublime to the ridiculous, are not his greatest challenge...

His patience and temperament are stretched to their limit by the daily interruptions of a demanding extended family, errant teenagers and his own trouble-filled past.

The all-star cast includes Richard E. Grant, Jessica Hynes, David Tennant, Arsher Ali, Charles Dance, Katherine Parkinson and Celia Imrie amongst others.'

Channel Four released the following bio for David Tennant's character:
'Martin seeks Richard’s help when the pressure of leaving the cloak room to act sommelier for the evening becomes too much for him. Perhaps some of Richard’s role-playing techniques might give him the confidence to step up.'

The dialogue of the 30 minute episodes were ad-libbed by the actors.

Hang Ups will be released on DVD on Monday 1st October.

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August 2018
An outtake of David Tennant's from Hang Ups has been posted to Twitter. Updated 15/8

A video of most of David Tennant's short segment from Hang Ups has been posted to Twitter. Updated 15/8

Article about David Tennant's character in Hang Ups. Updated 15/8

David Tennant's episode of Hang Ups premieres tonight on Channel Four at 10pm. Updated 15/8

Hang Ups to be released on DVD on Monday 1st October. Updated 14/8

Two gifs of David Tennant from next week’s episode of Hang Ups have been posted to Tumblr. Updated 9/8

Hang Ups premieres on Channel Four at 10pm today.
David Tennant's episode will be shown at the same time next week. Updated 8/8

Broadcast date for David Tennant's episode of Hang Ups: Wednesday 15th August.
The start date of the 6 part comedy series is Wednesday 8th August so David will appear in the episode the following week on Channel Four at 10pm. Updated 3/8

July 2018
There’s a small photo of David Tennant on the front cover of TV And Satellite Week magazine, plus a photo of him inside TV Choice, both for Hang Ups. Updated 31/7

The Telegraph has a new interview with Stephen Mangan about Hang Ups.
The quotes about David Tennant are:
'Actors would turn up in a state of high anxiety. David Tennant said he’d never been so nervous before a shoot.'
'It saddens me that the world might never see David Tennant doing his Jerry Hall impersonation, but there was no room for it.' Updated 13/7

There's a preview screening of Hang Ups at BAFTA tonight followed by a panel with Stephen Mangan.
David Tennant plays Martin Lamb in the second episode but is not expected to attend tonight. Updated 5/7

June 2018
Preview screening of Hang Ups on Thursday 5th July at BAFTA in London.
The screening will be followed by a Question And Answer panel with Stephen Mangan. Updated 13/6/18

October 2017
Photo of David Tennant from Hang Ups

A first photo of David Tennant from Hang Ups has been posted to Twitter. Updated 2/10

David Tennant has joined the cast of Channel Four's new comedy Hang Ups.
It will be broadcast in 2018. Updated 2/10

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