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David Tennant - Wild Honey

David Tennant - Wild Honey

The Chekhov play (which is known as Platonov) starring David Tennant will premiere under the title Wild Honey on BBC Radio Four next weekend with episodes on both Saturday and Sunday.

David Tennant stars in Michael Frayn's adaptation of the riotous Chekhov comedy. When Wild Honey was first produced at the National in 1984 Ian McKellan played Platonov at exactly the same age as David Tennant is now. It's a rumbustious cornucopia of characters and themes covering sexual comedy, morality, melodramatics, the state of contemporary Russia and a hint of tragedy.

The play was famously discovered in a bank vault in 1920 which was sixteen years after Chekhov's death. The title page of the play was missing which lead to its rather varied history of titles. The original piece was nearly six hours long and Michael Frayn has managed to reduce it to two hours without omitting any of the vital details.

The description from the BBC website is:
'Platonov himself is half Hamlet, half Benedict. A sharp and witty tongue - but somehow incapable of decision. Comedic with an underpinning of the tragic.

"I love everyone - and everyone loves me. I insult them, I treat them abominably - and they love me just the same!"

Village schoolmaster Platonov has it all - wit, intelligence, a comfortable and respectable life in provincial Russia, and the attentions of four beautiful women - one of whom is his devoted wife. As summer arrives and the seasonal festivities commence, the rapidly intensifying heat makes everyone giddy with sunlight, vodka and passion.

Platonov - What's going to become of us all?
Anna - You seem just a tiny bit less married
Platonov - How are we going to survive our lives?
Anna - First of all by enjoying the fireworks.

And fireworks is what follows.....'

David Tennant voices Platonov in this production which was recorded in July 2017.

Wild Honey will be broadcast on BBC Radio Four at 2.30pm on Saturday (16th June) with part two at 3pm the following day (Sunday 17th June).

Both episodes of this play could be heard worldwide online on the BBC Radio Four website at the time of broadcast.

The full cast is
Dr Triletzky - Elliot Levey
Anna Petrovna - Sasha Behar
Porfiry Semyonovich Glagolyev - Christian Rodska
Sergey - John Hollingworth
Colonel Triletzky - Rupert Vansittart
Sofya - Eva Feiler
Marko - Nigel Cooke
Marya Yefimovna Grekova - Prisca Bakare
Platonov - David Tennant
Sasha - Olivia Darnley Gerasim Kuzmich Petrin - Ben Onwukwe
Osip - Forbes Masson

Director - Clive Brill
Producer - Clive Brill
Writer - Anton Chekhov
Adaptor - Michael Frayn

MP3 of episode one of Wild Honey (David Tennant's part starts at 12 minutes).
MP3 of episode two of Wild Honey.

The finalists of the BBC Audio Drama Awards were announced today but unfortunately David Tennant was not included.
David had been short-listed for the Best Actor Award for the play Wild Honey. Updated 8/1/19

David Tennant has been short-listed for the Best Actor Award at the BBC Audio Drama Awards.
David has been nominated for the play Wild Honey.
The finalists will be announced on Tuesday 8th January 2019 and the winners will be revealed at a ceremony in the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House London on the evening of Sunday 3rd February. Updated 20/11/18

MP3s of Wild Honey (starring David Tennant) which play worldwide. Updated 17/6

The second episode of Wild Honey premieres on BBC Radio Four today at 3pm. Updated 17/6

The first episode of Wild Honey premieres on BBC Radio Four at 2.30pm today. Updated 16/6

Wild Honey premieres on BBC Radio Four next weekend.
Wild Honey will be broadcast at 2.30pm on Saturday (16th June) with part two at 3pm the following day (Sunday 17th June).
The link includes a photo of David Tennant which is new to the internet. Updated 10/6

David Tennant to star in radio drama Wild Honey by Chekhov. Updated 10/7/17

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