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David Tennant - Absolute Radio Breakfast Show
Friday 31st March 2017

David Tennant on Absolute Radio - 31st March 2017

On Friday 31st March David Tennant co-hosted the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show with Christian O'Connell.

David's appearance was to promote Broadchurch Series Three, his movie Mad To Be Normal and his play Don Juan In Soho.

The show streamed live on the internet but nowadays could only be heard within the UK at this link. Plus we have posted MP3s of all David's sections.

On Thursday 30th Christian O'Connell tweeted that David would start at 7am but he was there by 6.15am but unfortunately only stayed until 9am.

Please note the timings may not be exact as there can be a delay online, plus sometimes different songs / ads were played on the radio version compared to online.
Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
6.15am 4 mins 3 secs "Good morning"/Don Juan In Soho/What's on the desk in front of David/Wickes MP3
6.27am 4 mins 52 secs Waxing MP3
6.38am 3 mins 52 secs Talking to Richie about being waxed/Don Juan In Soho/Mad To Be Normal MP3
6.50am 3 mins 22 secs "I haven't been given a screen so I don't know what you've been listening to!"/Hitler's Toilet MP3
6.58am 29 secs "Send us your texts" MP3
7.00am 9 secs "News and sport" MP3
7.07am 5 mins 26 secs Broadchurch/The presenters first texts today MP3
7.16am 4 mins 57 secs "It's too early to do the traffic news"/Messages received/How to play mind your biscuits/David Tennant reading the traffic MP3
7.29am 2 mins 11 secs "Time keeps changing"/Choosing biscuits MP3
7.37am 4 mins 20 secs Mind Your Biscuits MP3
7.43am 10 secs "I'm cleaning my micophone" MP3
7.51am 2 mins 3 secs Answers to Mind Your Biscuits MP3
7.56am 2 mins 22 secs "I believe you've got some texts, Christian?"/Broadchurch/"Coming up next..." MP3
8.02am 5 secs "News and sport coming up" MP3
8.08am 11 mins 51 secs Uri Geller probing David Tennant MP3
8.24am 1 min 1 secs "I feel slightly violated!" MP3
8.33am 45 secs "I'm texting everyone to say I've been probed by Uri Geller!" MP3
8.39am 2 mins 2 secs David pressing buttons/Asking David Tennant questions - ComicCons MP3
8.49am 4 mins 38 secs David on the radio/Asking David Tennant questions - How he got his stage name/Rupert the Bear/David's playlist before Don Juan In Soho/Scotch eggs/Mad To Be Normal/"Wibbly wobbly timey wimey" MP3
8.57am 1 min 51 secs "Oh, is it me?"/Saying goodbye MP3

A photo of David Tennant and Christian O'Connell today has been posted to Twitter. Updated 31/3

The video of David Tennant playing Mind Your Biscuits has been posted to Facebook. Updated 31/3

A video of David Tennant reading the traffic has been posted to Twitter. Updated 31/3

The first photo of David Tennant on Absolute Radio today has been posted to Twitter. Updated 31/3

On Thursday 30th Christian O'Connell tweeted that David Tennant would start on Absolute Radio at 7am but he was there at the start (6am) but had to leave at 9am today. Updated 31/3

David Tennant will co-host the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show from 7am. Updated 31/3

David Tennant to co-host the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show on Friday 31st March. Updated 18/3

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