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David Tennant - The Chris Evans Breakfast Show
Friday 24th February 2017

David Tennant on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

On Friday 24th February David Tennant was one of the guests on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Two. This appearance was to promote Broadchurch Series Three (which was starting 3 days later) but he was also asked about Don Juan In Soho and Doctor Who.

The other guests on the programme were David Walliams (who interviewed David), Let It Shine judge Dannii Minogue and Soft Cell's Marc Almond who sang live in the studio.

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Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
8.36am 6 mins 24 secs This was the main part of the interview when David Walliams interviewed David. He asked him about Broadchurch Series Three, Don Juan In Soho and Doctor Who.
Before the start of the interview David Tennant can be heard suggesting asking Marc when he's live on air.
8.48am 3 mins 29 secs This clip starts with the reaction to Marc's live performance. (David Tennant said he had already asked Marc for his autograph!)
There is then a funny part where David Tennant didn't know he had been asked to be a guest on David Walliams new show but someone had declined on his behalf.
8.54am 4 mins 41 secs This clip is where they discuss the guests' upcoming projects and David jokes about "a favourite guest."
They also talk about Olivia Colman briefly.
9am 1 min 40 secs Dannii Minogue talks about Robbie Williams playing in Take That (to which David Tennant jokes "Tweet that!" MP3
9.10am 7 mins 25 secs In this clip the guests ask other guests questions MP3
9.25am 1 min 52 secs In this short clip the guests read out what the other guests were promoting today MP3

The BBC have posted online a video which shows David Tennant watching Marc Almond perform Say Hello, Wave Goodbye on The Chris Evans Show on Friday.
The video may only play in UK and is only available for 29 days. Updated 26/2

A video of David Tennant signing autographs outside BBC Radio Two today has been posted to YouTube. Updated 24/2

Photos of David Tennant at BBC Radio Two today. Updated 24/2

The BBC website (with a new photo of him) has a clip from The Chris Evans Show where David Tennant tells Chris about the final series of Broadchurch and how Doctor Who lives on. Updated 24/2

David Tennant is a guest on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Two this morning to discuss Broadchurch. Updated 24/2

David Tennant will be a guest on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Friday 24th February on BBC Radio Two.
The station can be heard worldwide, plus we will post a MP3 of David's interview afterwards. Updated 17/2

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