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David Tennant - Look Back In Anger

David Tennant in Look Back In Anger

On Saturday 30th April 2016 BBC Radio Four broadcast a new production of Look Back In Anger. Also that evening David Tennant hosted an episode of Archive On 4 about the same play.

The recording was 90 minutes in length and it starred David Tennant and Ian McKellen. It was directed by Richard Wilson.

David Tennant played the lead role of Jimmy Porter which was the role he played in 2005 when he appeared in a theatre production of the play with Kelly Riley. David won the Critics Award For Theatre in Scotland for that performance.

Look Back In Anger was written in 1956 and it concerns a love triangle involving an intelligent and educated but disaffected young man of working-class origin (Jimmy Porter), his upper-middle-class impassive wife (Alison) and her haughty best friend (Helena Charles). Cliff, an amiable Welsh lodger, attempts to keep the peace.

This BBC Radio Four production celebrates the 60th anniversary of the play. Although at first disliked by critics, the play is now considered the masterpiece that sparked the Angry Young Men movement - and now, almost 60 years to the day - BBC Radio Four has broadcast the latest version.

Jimmy Porter - David Tennant
Alison - Nancy Carroll
Cliff - Daniel Evans
Helena - Claire Price
Colonel - Ian McKellen

David Tennant hosted an episode of Archive On 4 on BBC Radio Four the same evening about John Osborne's play Look Back In Anger. The episode was an hour in length.

David Tennant examined the controversy surrounding the play's initial production. It included contributions by writer David Hare, critic Michael Billington and actors Gary Raymonds and George Devine.

The description of the episode was:
'Sixty years ago, one small play shocked British theatre to its core and started a cultural revolution.

John Osborne, a writer from an unfashionable Midlands city, put ordinary lives on stage and made them an extraordinary comment on post-war Britain. As he prepares to star in a new production for Radio 4, David Tennant explores John Osborne's own papers to uncover how he put his own life and relationship into Look Back In Anger.

Along the way, we look back at the anger which greeted the play from many critics. The BBC's theatre critic Ivor Brown called it "unspeakably dirty and squalid. It is difficult to believe that a colonel's daughter, brought up with some standards, would have stayed in this sty for a day." He went on to fume. "I felt angry because it wasted my time." He was one of the many who hated the play.

David Tennant hears interviews with John Osborne, reads his personal letters, as well as archive of critic Kenneth Tynan and director Tony Richardson. He also plays extracts from previous productions, including a classic with Richard Burton as Jimmy Porter.'

MP3 of Look Back In Anger.

MP3 of Archive On 4.

Look Back in Anger: A BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Production will be released on Audible on Thursday 7th July.
This is the 2016 radio play.
The Audible release is available to pre-order. Updated 20/5/22

Unfortunately neither David Tennant or his Doctor Who audiobook are finalists for the BBC Audio Drama Awards. Updated 3/1/17

The finalists of the BBC Audio Drama Awards will be announced today.
Both David Tennant and Doctor Who were shortlisted. Updated 3/1/17

Both David Tennant and a David Tennant/Catherine Tate Doctor Who audiobook have been nominated in the shortlist of the 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards. David has been nominated for Look Back In Anger. Updated 22/11/16

A MP3 of David Tennant hosting Archive On 4 (which plays worldwide). Updated 1/5

A MP3 of Look Back In Anger (which plays worldwide). Updated 1/5

David Tennant presents an episode of Archive On 4 tonight on BBC Radio Four at 8pm. Updated 30/4

The new radio production of Look Back In Anger premieres today on BBC Radio Four at 2.30pm. Updated 30/4

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