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David Tennant - BAFTA Conversation
Monday 18th April 2016

David Tennant - BAFTA Conversation

David Tennant was the guest for the New York branch of the British Academy Of Film And Television Arts (BAFTA) event which 'focused on the very best of British talent.'

The event took place at BAFTA New York which is located at 2 Park Avenue, Suite 2070, New York, NY 10016. It happened on Monday 18th April (David Tennant's birthday) at 7pm.

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BAFTA New York one minute David Tennant video including the best advice he's ever received and his fantasy dinner guests. Updated 22/6

BAFTA New York has posted online the full 45 minute video of David Tennant's In Conversation With from Monday 18th April. Updated 11/5

Five minute video clip of David Tennant from his BAFTA New York interview.
In the clip he speaks about working in theatre and on television, Doctor Who, Gracepoint and how all he knows about Broadchurch Series Three is what he read in a press release! Updated 20/4

More photos of David Tennant at BAFTA New York last night. Updated 19/4

Photos and videos of David Tennant at BAFTA New York last night. Updated 19/4

David Tennant is the guest for a BAFTA In Conversation With in New York this evening. Updated 18/4

David Tennant will be the guest for a BAFTA Conversation in New York on his birthday. Updated 6/4

David Tennant - BAFTA Conversation

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