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David Tennant - Chew

David Tennant - Chew

David Tennant has voiced the character of Mason Savoy in a new animated version of the comic book series called Chew which was written by Jon Layman and Rob Guillory.

David took the role, after it had been cast with Robin Williams in mind, before the actor’s tragic death.

David Tennant recorded his character on Friday 19th June 2015 in New York.

John Layman said that David "approached the role with a gravelly, Orson Welles-esque style. He came in with a really strong idea of how he wanted to approach the character and just nailed it from the first line reading. I can't express how awesome it is to be there in the recording sessions, being there as the words you wrote to be printed on a page are brought to life in an entirely different way. Especially when it's being done by an actor the caliber of Tennant."

Chew is the story of cibopath Tony Chu as he uses his ability to get psychic readings from ingesting food -- and other objects -- to solve the mystery behind a bird-flu epidemic that killed millions, made chicken illegal and pushed the FDA to the forefront of national defense.

John Layman wrote the screenplay for the feature film. It will be directed by Jeff Krelitz and David Boxenbaum will produce the feature along with Krelitz under their Heavy Metal banner.

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After PursueNews reported on Tuesday that Chew 'may' be made into a television show, ScienceFication now reports John Layman tweeted 'Getting a phone call once every so often from somebody who thinks a Chew TV show would be a good idea is not ‘in development.’ It’s nothing. There is no news here.' Updated 21/12

It is not confirmed but PursueNews has reported that Chew 'may' be made into a television show. In April it was announced that the movie had been cancelled. Updated 19/12

The movie Chew is no longer going ahead. Updated 21/4/17

A photo of David Tennant holding a plush Chog from the comic book series Chew has been posted to Twitter. Updated 20/6/15

David Tennant voices character of Mason Savoy in new animation Chew. Updated 20/6

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