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David Tennant - W1A

David Tennant narrates W1A

W1A is a new BBC2 four part series which is narrated by David Tennant and written by John Morton who also wrote Twenty Twelve.

W1A follows on from the highly successful Olympic's preparations comedy satire Twenty Twelve which starred Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes and Olivia Colman and was also narrated by David Tennant.

W1A (named after the BBC Broadcasting House postcode) will again star Hugh Bonneville as Ian Fletcher Head of Values, Jessica Hynes as Siobhan Sharpe Brand BBC Consultant, Sarah Parrish as Anna Rampton Head of Output, Nina Sosanya as producer Lucy Freeman and many others.

David Tennant will return as the comic narrator in the same style as he did for Twenty Twelve.

W1A started on Wednesday 19th March on BBC Two at 10pm.

The description of the series is:
'Ian [Fletcher's] task as Head of Values is to clarify, define, or re-define the core purpose of the BBC across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future.

Upon arrival, Ian feels that there is something very exciting about the BBC and that he is now at the centre of something genuinely important. The really exciting thing is to think that part of his job is to try to establish where that centre is and also exactly what it is in the centre of'

Synopsis of episode one of W1A

Synopsis of episode two of W1A

Synopsis of episode three of W1A

Synopsis of episode four of W1A

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January 2015
The David Tennant narrated W1A has been nominated for Best Comedy/ Entertainment Award in the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. Updated 12/2

The new series of W1A has started filming today at Broadcasting House (David Tennant narrated the last series). Updated 29/1

October 2014
David Tennant, The Escape Artist and W1A have been nominated in National Television Awards 2015 longlist. Updated 14/10

September 2014
A second series of W1A has been announced. (It seems likely that it will be narrated by David Tennant again.) Filming starts in January. Updated 15/9

May 2014
David Tennant has been nominated for Best Actor in TV Choice Awards long list and The Escape Artist for Best New Drama, plus W1A for Best Comedy.
Voting ends on 20th June. Updated 27/5

April 2014
The Telegraph thinks David Tennant's voiceover of W1A is one of its best points. Updated 13/4

All four episodes of W1A are now available on BBC iPlayer until 16th April (UK only). Updated 10/4

Sydney Morning Herald has a review of W1A and an appreciation of David Tennant's narration. W1A airs later this year in Australia. Updated 10/4

Radio Times review of episode four of W1A. Updated 9/4

Episode four of W1A premieres on BBC Two at 10pm tonight. This is the final episode in the series.
Synopsis (with no spoilers) of episode four of W1A including video clips of the episode. Updated 9/4

iPlayer link (UK only) for episode 3 of W1A. The link is valid for 7 days. Updated 3/4

The Guardian blog review of W1A includes 'when David Tennant's voiceover hits its mark, it's one of the funniest things on television.' Updated 2/4

W1A is a Radio Times Top TV Pick Today.
This link has their review and a preview clip. Updated 2/4

Episode three of W1A premieres on BBC Two tonight at 10pm.
A synopsis of the episode is here. Updated 2/4

March 2014
EntertainmentWise have posted a great review of episode two of W1A in general and David Tennant's narration in particular. Updated 27/3

iPlayer link for episode 2 of W1A. The link is valid until 16th April but for the UK only. Updated 27/3

W1A is one of Radio Times Top TV Picks For Today. Updated 26/3

Episode two of W1A premieres on BBC Two at 10pm tonight.
A synopsis of episode two (with no spoilers). Updated 26/3

A W1A mini episode was shown on Sport Relief with brief narration by David Tennant. Updated 21/3

iPlayer link (UK only) for episode one of W1A. The link is valid for 7 days. Updated 19/3

David Tennant's narration is 'the cherry on the cake' says Metro in its review of W1A. Updated 19/3

W1A is one of Radio Times Top TV Picks for today (with its review). Updated 19/3

Episode one of W1A premieres on BBC Two at 10pm tonight.
A synopsis of episode one of W1A (with no spoilers). Updated 19/3

An article by Londonist about W1A mentions 'David Tennant's deadpan delivery.' Updated 18/3

The Independent looks at W1A with the first quotes from David Tennant's narration. Updated 11/3

A trailer (without David Tennant's narration) for W1A has been posted to YouTube. It plays worldwide. Updated 10/3

Wednesday 19th March has been announced as the start date for W1A. Updated 6/3

The BBC have issued a press pack for the comedy W1A which David Tennant narrates (as he did for Twenty Twelve). Updated 4/3

January 2014
A TV Times writer has reported that David Tennant will narrate the Twenty Twelve follow-up W1A. Updated 31/1

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