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July to December 2014

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December 2014
Radio Times gives a possible SPOILER to the subject of Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 31/12

Photos of David Tennant on the cover of various television listings magazines this week for Broadchurch has been posted to Twitter. Updated 30/12

The Tenth Doctor novel The Stone Rose will be reissued as part of Doctor Who: The History Collection in February. Updated 30/12

TV Choice has a new interview with David Tennant about Broadchurch (and Gracepoint). Updated 30/12

There are Broadchurch articles in most national newspapers today. Updated 30/12

Big Issue Ireland recently interviewed David Tennant and described him to us as 'the loveliest, most down to earth person imaginable. Very humble and very grounded.' The issue is published in mid January. Updated 30/12

Broadchurch is Huffington Post's Number 1 Show To Look Out For In 2015. Updated 29/12

The Guardian ponders the second series of Broadchurch and asks what do people think will happen. Updated 29/12

The Radio Times poll voted The Christmas Best Doctor Who Christmas Special. Updated 28/12

The Mirror reports that the Broadchurch plot secrets are protected by 'unprecedented security as drama leads list of 2015's most anticipated shows.' Updated 28/12

Ozap reports that Broadchurch was the third most watched television series in France during 2014. Updated 26/12

IGN has a review of the whole season of Gracepoint. Updated 26/12

Radio Times has a poll - 'Which is your favourite Doctor Who Christmas special?' Updated 26/12

Radio Times lists the full cast for episode one of Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 26/12

A graphic of all 25 David Tennant's individual record-breaking Radio Times covers. Updated 24/12

Broadchurch is one of WalesOnline 13 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2015. Updated 24/12

Radio Times has a quiz about the Doctor Who Christmas episodes. Updated 24/12

Scans of David Tennant and the Broadchurch cast interview in Radio Times.
David describes it as "It's back and it's differently bad!" Updated 24/12

David Tennant on the cover of Radio Times

David Tennant achieves his 25th (record-breaking) Radio Times cover, this time for Broadchurch. Updated 22/12

Western Morning News reports that Broadchurch has given tourism a boost in the west country. The article also looks at the success of David Tennant's contribution to the #NeverOK campaign. Updated 22/12

David Tennant from The Observer magazine

Two new wide shot photos from The Observer photo shoot. Updated 21/12

Scans of David Tennant's interview in Observer magazine today. Updated 21/12

David Tennant's cover of The Observer magazine

Daily Mail has an interview with Chris Chibnall when he says that "Even David Tennant is in the dark on how Broadchurch Series Two ends." Updated 20/12

David Tennant's cover of The Observer magazine (which is published tomorrow). Updated 20/12

David Tennant will be on the cover of Observer Magazine tomorrow. A photo from the shoot has been posted to Twitter. Updated 20/12

Radio Times has the names of some of the new characters in Broadchurch: Charlotte Rampling will play Jocelyn Knight, Eve Myles portrays Claire Ripley, Marianne Jean-Baptiste's character is named Sharon Bishop and Phoebe Waller-Bridge will play Abby Thompson. James D'Arcy and Meera Syal's on-screen identities have not been announced yet. Updated 19/12

Digital Spy has new promo photos of the rest of the cast of Broadchurch. Updated 19/12

The ITV Press Centre have new Broadchurch cast interviews (including David Tennant). Updated 18/12

David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is included in Anglophenia's 9 Best Doctor Who Christmas Special Moments. Updated 18/12

Broadcast magazine (behind a paywall) has the heading for an article: 'The second series of Broadchurch is to include more of a 'thriller narrative' than the debut run according to writer Chris Chibnall.' Updated 18/12

Dorset Echo has spoken briefly (briefly) to the Broadchurch cast (including David Tennant) about filming in Dorset.
David's comment was that he "loved" returning to the area and "A lot of people assume we filmed the whole thing in Dorset but of course we didnít. We film the beach scenes, anything to do with water down there, everything else was in London for interiors and we use locations around Bristol, but West Bay is the location that everyone recognises. The Jurassic cliffs still feature prominently in season two. Weíll see the police station again and other locations audiences have seen before. We always enjoy coming back here." Updated 18/12

Radio Times has a new David Tennant quiz: Can you complete the David Tennant film and TV show names? Updated 17/12

Titan Comics Doctor Who - New Adventures With The Tenth Doctor Issue #5 is released today. Updated 17/12

Den Of Geek has a look at Blackpool which was airing at this time 10 years ago. Updated 15/12

The Independent has an article titled 'Broadchurch remake Gracepoint reveals different killer in shock finale.' It includes spoilers. Updated 15/12

Round-up of reviews of episode ten of Gracepoint. Updated 14/12

HitFix has an interview with co-showrunner Dan Futterman about the finale of Gracepoint. The interview includes spoilers. Updated 14/12

Specialty comic stores around the world will give out free comics (including a Titan Doctor Who comic) on Free Comic Book Day in May. Updated 14/12

Zap2It has an interview with Gracepoint showrunner Anya Epstein about the ending. It includes spoilers. Updated 13/12

The Independent has the first interview with David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Chris Chibnall about Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 13/12

TVByTheNumbers reports that the overnight ratings for the final episode of Gracepoint last night were 0.9/3 for the important 18-49 years age bracket and a total of 3.99m viewers. Updated 12/12

Metro reports that David Tennant has been voted the UK's favourite Doctor once again. Updated 12/12

The first Broadchurch Series Two eBook is available to pre-order. It will be released on 6th January. Updated 12/12

Radio Times makes a very detailed examination of the Broadchurch trailer (it includes possible SPOILERS). Updated 11/12

A new Broadchurch promo photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman was released by the ITV Press Centre and posted to Twitter. Updated 11/12

Broadchurch promo photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman

Doctor Who Magazine #481 is published today. It includes Russell T Davies revealing new facts about The Voyage Of the Damned and The Time Team watching The Next Doctor. Updated 11/12

Little, Brown Book Group will publish Broadchurch eBooks after each episode of Series Two. Updated 10/12

Broadchurch is included in a 2014 Top 20 Picks on Huffington Post by President of New England Conservatory of Music Tony Woodcock. The item includes the comment 'David Tennant is for me a unique creative force.' Updated 10/12

Gracepoint is a Top 10 TV Show Of 2014 according to TV editor of CinemaBlend. Updated 09/12

Gracepoint actors Kendrick Sampson and Madalyn Horcher say great things to AssignmentX about working with David Tennant. Updated 09/12

TVByTheNumbers reports that Gracepoint episode 8 had the fourth highest increase of all television programs in the important 18 - 49 age group in the Live +7 ratings. It had an 86% gain to 1.3. Updated 08/12

The next issue of Radio Times (which is published on Christmas Eve) has an article listing Broadchurch Series Two is one of its '15 Shows You Must See in 2015.'

Huddersfield Examiner reports that two 2 David Tennant / Doctor Who episodes are in the Ten Most Viewed Programmes On Christmas Days Since 2005. Updated 08/12

Round-up of reviews of episode nine of Gracepoint. Updated 06/12

Radio Times article quotes Jodie Whittaker saying that the Broadchurch cast were 'emotional wrecks on set but David Tennant held it together.' Updated 06/12

TVByTheNumbers reports that Gracepoint episode nine overnights total viewers were up from 3.12m for episode eight to 3.64m. The 18-49 years rating increased by 29% from 0.7 to 0.9. Updated 05/12

Unfortunately David Tennant lost to Sam Heughan in the final of Anglophenia's #AngloFanFavorites with 39% to 61%. However David received a higher percentage of votes than anybody in any of the other rounds as Sam beat Ben Whishaw with 19.48%, Jamie Dornan 29.23%, Hugh Laurie 18.92% and Colin Morgan 32.27%. Updated 05/12

David Tennant has been shortlisted in the 15th Annual What's On Stage Awards for the Best Actor In A Play Award. David received his nomination for Richard II.
Richard II has also received a nomination for the Best Play Revival Award and the director of Richard II, Gregory Doran, has also been nominated for the Best Direction Award. Updated 05/12

Radio Times has a fun quiz of David Tennant / Tenth Doctor quotes. Updated 05/12

TVOvermind gives a 10 star review for Gracepoint episode 9 and includes 'David Tennant and Anna Gunn have just been brilliant' in its review. Updated 05/12

What's On Stage Awards named nominations are announced at lunchtime today.
Fans have been voting for both David Tennant as Best Actor and Richard II as Best Play. Updated 05/12

David Tennant's #UNSelfie photo helped charity donations increase on Giving Tuesday according to a report by the Charities Aid Foundation. Updated 04/12

Bristol Post reports that there is a new cycling trail in and around Clevedon taking in Broadchurch locations. Updated 04/12

David Tennant episodes make up nine of the Doctor Who 15 Most Watched Episodes Of New Who listed by WhatCulture including the most watched episode. Updated 04/12

Broadcaster Magazine reports that Broadchurch Series Two will air in Canada on Showcase in January. Updated 02/12

Digital Spy have posted what they think they know about Broadchurch Series Two so far. Updated 02/12

This morning newspapers such as The Sun and The Mirror reported that Broadchurch Series Three had already been commissioned by ITV.
Chris Chibnall has said at a couple of panels that he always had the idea for a three series arc.
Later Digital Spy contacted ITV who said that it had not been commissioned yet. Updated 01/12

November 2014
There is a Doctor Who: New Adventures With The Tenth Doctor comic Christmas cover variant for issue #5 from Titan Comics and The WHO Shop. Updated 30/11

David Tennant topped the 'Who Is Your Doctor?' poll from DoctorWhoTV. Updated 30/11

Nominations end today for David Tennant Richard II in the What's On Stage Awards. The named nominations will be announced on Friday. Updated 30/11

David Tennant has reached the final of Anglophenia's Anglo Fan Favorites poll.
David beat Richard Armitage in the semi finals with 51.66% in a very close battle as they both took the lead several times.
David is against Outlander's Sam Heughan in the final. Updated 28/11

David Tennant features in several of Metro's Best Doctor Who DVD Special Features. Updated 26/11

Catherine Tate said in The Guardian webchat today that she and David Tennant hope to work together again. Updated 26/11

Business Insider UK has reported that the first series of Broadchurch will be available on Netflix in the US from Friday 12th December. Updated 26/11

Round-up of reviews of episode eight of Gracepoint. Updated 22/11

This afternoon David Tennant beat Tom Hiddleston in the third round of Anglophenia's Anglo Fan Favorites poll with just over 51%!
David is now in the quarter finals and is against Richard Armitage. Updated 21/11

The Broadchurch novel in Spanish is published today. Updated 20/11

Jenna Coleman told Radio Times that David Tennant and Tom Baker are her favourite Doctors. Updated 19/11

Greenock Telegraph has an article about David Tennant's visit to Craigmarloch School on Monday.
A photo of David also appeared on the front page of the newspaper. Updated 19/11

David Tennant / Tenth Doctor companions come top of TV Guide 11 Ranked Doctor Who Lady Companions. Updated 18/11

Daily Star has an article about Tomorrow's Worlds: The Unearthly History Of Science Fiction which includes quotes by David Tennant. Updated 18/11

What's On Stage reports that David Tennant in Richard II helped The RSC reach 1.7m audience in 2013-14 and says that 'Richard II was broadcast live to over 100,000 people in cinemas across the UK and around the world, as the first production live from Stratford-upon Avon.' Updated 15/11

ScotlandNow has a slow-news-day article titled 'In pictures: Starring as Doctor Who was a dream come true for Scots actor David Tennant.' Updated 15/11

a href="http://headlineplanet.com/home/2014/11/14/ratings-foxs-gracepoint-steady-a18-49-viewership/" rel="nofollow" Target="Frame1411c">HeadlinePlanet reports that Gracepoint episode seven ratings rose in total viewership with 3.43 million viewers. Updated 14/11

The RSC 2013/2014 annual report contains photos of David Tennant from Richard II both on the cover and inside the report. Updated 14/11

The Broadchurch novel in Spanish is available to pre-order. It is published on Thursday 20th November. Updated 13/11

Entertainment Weekly is asking what people would like to see in their magazine and both David Tennant and Gracepoint are options to vote for. Updated 13/11

Evening Standard reports that ITV expects Broadchurch Series Two to boost the channel's ratings during 2015. Updated 13/11

Doctor Who Magazine 480 is published today. This issue includes The Time Team looking at the episode Journeyís End. Updated 13/11

Gracepoint is Top Pick from The AV Club for TV tonight. The title of the article is 'Gracepoint finally leaves Broadchurch behind.' Updated 13/11

Gracepoint is top of Lancing State Journal's Tonight's Must-See TV. Updated 13/11

A backstage tour with David Tennant is one of The Telegraph's choices for a dream stay in London. Updated 12/11

A David Tennant interview in an Australian television magazine about Gracepoint has been posted to Tumblr. The article is titled "I'm not grumpy in real life!" Updated 11/11

Zap2It reports that the overnight figures for Gracepoint episode 6 were 0.7 in the 18-49 rating and 2.9 million in total. Updated 07/11

Round-up of reviews of episode six of Gracepoint. Updated 07/11

Entertainment Weekly have posted a video of David Tennant talking about Gracepoint episode 6 (which includes spoilers). The video plays worldwide. Updated 07/11

David Tennant is currently winning a fun Who Is Your favourite Doctor poll in The Telegraph. Updated 07/11

The Stolen Earth is one of Radio Times Most Controversial Episodes Of Doctor Who. Updated 06/11

TVLine has a 5 minute recap video of the first 5 episodes of Gracepoint. The video only plays in the US. Updated 06/11

Titan Comics Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Comic issue #4 is published. Updated 05/11

David Tennant, Doctor Who and Gracepoint have are been nominated in the shortlist for People's Choice Awards 2015.
Voting ends on Thursday 4th December. Updated 04/11

RapidTVNews states that Gracepoint in Spain will be broadcast on the pay-TV station Movistar TV. Updated 04/11

Round one of the Anglo Fan Favorites British Man Of 2014 Tournament by Anglophenia has started.
David Tennant is against Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead and voting for this round ends at 11am ET (4pm UK time) on Friday 7th. Updated 01/11

The review of Gracepoint episode 5 by TVOvermind includes 'David Tennant has been brilliant, but this was his best episode yet. He showed some real growth, and itís extremely compelling.' Updated 01/11

Wendy Craig tells The Guardian that she admired David Tennant as an actor even when he was in The Rivals (back in 2000).
She said "I was terrified. I didnít think Iíd fit into a company full of theatrical intelligentsia. David Tennant, who was one of the companyís new young leading men, was down to play Jack Absolute Ė on top of several other parts that season. I was so filled with admiration for him." Updated 01/11

October 2014
There is another Radio Times fun quiz. This time it is 'What TV show / film did David Tennant say this line in?' Updated 31/10

Round-up of reviews of episode five of Gracepoint. Updated 31/10

The nominations are open for the What's On Stage Awards. David Tennant and Richard II can be nominated by fans for the named poll which will be announced at lunchtime on Friday 5th December. Updated 31/10

TVSeriesFinal states that the overnight ratings for Gracepoint episode 5 are that it received 0.8 in the 18-49 demo which is 3.34 million viewers. Updated 31/10

The UK newspaper Metro has an article about David Tennant's interview on Letterman last night. Updated 30/10

Blink is currently winning Radio Times Scariest Episode Of Doctor Who poll. Updated 30/10

Monsters and Critics interviewed Alisen Down (who plays newspaper editor Kathy Eaton) about Gracepoint and her comments included "David Tennant is an amazing actor and so to feature him in both Broadchurch and Gracepoint was a stroke of genius in my opinion."
They also asked her 'Is David Tennant as intense as he appears in the series or does he like to laugh between takes?' Alisen replied "Heís hilarious and completely different than his Gracepoint character. Heís very friendly, very approachable and very down to earth." Updated 29/10

Gulf News reports that What We Did On Our Holiday is now showing in the United Arab Emirates. Updated 29/10

Big Issue interview with Andrew Buchan about Broadchurch reports that the cast quizzed David Tennant about Gracepoint! Updated 29/10

In an interview in Sydney Morning Herald Jacki Weaver praises David Tennant and his American accent in Gracepoint. She said "He's so good and they knew he could play an American. I just happened to see an episode of Broadchurch on my television and it was funny to hear him talk in his Scottish accent." Updated 29/10

Radio Times has another fun quiz. This one is 'How much of a David Tennant fan are you?' Updated 29/10

ScreenDaily reports that What We Did On Our Holiday has now taken $5.9m (£3.7m). Updated 27/10

Hypable has photo stills from Gracepoint episode five. (The episode premieres on Thursday). Updated 27/10

Radio Times has a Doctor Who / David Tennant fun quiz called 'Name the episode by David's expressions!' Updated 27/10

AssignmentX has an interview with Gracepoint showrunner Dan Futterman who says that David Tennant was 'was toying with doing a New York accent, and we wanted very much to place it in the vast middle of America. We talked about it a lot. I didnít hear it for the first time until we got to the set.' Updated 27/10

The Celebrity Cafe has its Top 10 moments from Gracepoint Episode 4. Updated 26/10

Daily Star reports that David Tennant is the favourite for the Sir Alex Ferguson biopic role. Currently the movie is unfunded. Updated 25/10

HeadlinePlanet reports about the overnight figures for episode four of Gracepoint that 'Despite airing against a stronger football game and receiving lead-in support from a mere re-run of Bones, Gracepoint matched last weekís 0.8 18-49 rating in the 9pm hour Thursday. Its viewership clocked in at 3.50 million.' Updated 24/10

Round-up of reviews of episode four of Gracepoint. Updated 24/10

TVOverMind has some great comments about David Tennant's acting in episode four of Gracepoint. Updated 24/10

An interview with Kendrick Sampson has been posted by Zap2It. The page includes an extended clip from episode four of Gracepoint which features David Tennant. The clip only plays in the US. Updated 22/10

David Tennant has been nominated for a People's Choice Award for Gracepoint, plus Doctor Who has been nominated. Updated 22/10

BroadwayWorld has an interview with Anna Gunn about Gracepoint (and watching Broadchurch). Updated 21/10

Bournemouth Echo has 8 reasons they are looking forward to Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 20/10

SoundOnSight has a look at episodes 1 - 3 of Gracepoint. Updated 19/10

The Guardian has an article about British drama by Dominic Savage and he describes True Love as 'bold and highly unconventional.' The article includes a behind the scenes photo of David Tennant. Updated 19/10

SpoilerTV have promo photos of Gracepoint episode 6 which airs on 6th November. Updated 19/10

Reviews of episode 3 of Gracepoint. Updated 17/10

SpoilerTV reports that episode 3 of Gracepoint in the US received 0.8 in the 18-49 overnights.
TV Line has posted that the episode last night dropped a tenth to 3.8m viewers. Updated 17/10

The Broadchurch novel is now available in French in both hardback and ebook. Updated 16/10

In an interview with Bridport News Chris Chibnall said that Broadchurch Series Two wouldnít have happened without David Tennant. Chris also talks about Gracepoint. Updated 16/10

Doctor Who Magazine #479 is published today. In this edition the Time Team comment on the 2008 Tenth Doctor / David Tennant episode The Stolen Earth. Updated 16/10

Gracepoint is one of LA Times TV Highlights for tonight. Updated 16/10

Nerdist has an audio interview with Chris Chibnall about Broadchurch, Gracepoint and Doctor Who. Updated 15/10

The Guardian reports that one of David Tennant's ads for Virgin Media has been banned following a complaint by Sky Sports. Updated 15/10

Daily Bulletin takes a look at the reviewing and scheduling of Gracepoint in the US and calls David Tennant 'a brilliant actor.' Updated 14/10

David Tennant, The Escape Artist and W1A have been nominated in National Television Awards 2015 longlist. Updated 14/10

ScreenDaily reports that What We Did On Our Holiday took another £343K last weekend (that is £2.9m to date) in UK box offices. Updated 13/10

WorldScreen reports that Olivia Colman has been nominated for an International Emmy for Best Actress for Broadchurch at MIPCOM.
The winners will be announced at a black-tie ceremony on Monday 24th November at the Hilton New York Hotel. Updated 13/10

David Tennant is one of the reasons TWC Central thinks that people should watch Gracepoint. Updated 12/10

C21Media reports that TV pay operator Telefůnica, which operates the Movistar EspaŮa VoD service, has picked up the rights from Shine International to broadcast Gracepoint in Spain. Updated 12/10

The Mirror reports that the UK broadcast of Gracepoint will now be in 'the next few months' as ITV are still in negotations with FOX Television. Previously it was reported that Gracepoint would be shown in the UK soon after the US broadcast. Updated 10/10

TVOvermind has a review of episode two of Gracepoint by someone who hasn't seen Broadchurch. The review includes the comment 'The two leads are excellent, the supporting cast is great, and the story is twisty, compelling, and entertaining.' Updated 10/10

Initial reviews of episode two of Gracepoint. Updated 10/10

Starting today Doctor Who Comics is at the New York Comic Con with an exclusive Tenth Doctor issue #1 cover (which has been posted to Twitter). Updated 9/10

Hypable has 'Ten David Tennant appearances to supplement your Gracepoint addiction.' Updated 8/10

USA Today has a preview of episode 2 of Gracepoint with new quotes from David Tennant.
the new quotes are:
"It's part of what makes this story so compelling, that this awful murder fractures the community. These people have been living so close to each other and yet have been keeping so many secrets from each other."
About his character, David said ""There's a sense he's been sent to Gracepoint to disappear. Clearly, he's a good cop, he's highly motivated. He's got a certain brusqueness and dourness to him which doesn't necessarily make him the easiest character to be around, but I don't think anyone quibbles with the fact that he knows what he's doing. His motivation to find this killer is slightly more than just the normal sense of a career detective. There's a sort of personal score that he feels he has to settle." Updated 8/10

ScreenDaily reports that What We Did On Our Holiday has taken over £1 million in UK cinemas. Updated 6/10

TV Guide Magazine has added a video of David Tennant and the Gracepoint cast photo shoot and interviews to YouTube. Updated 6/10

A round-up of more reviews of Gracepoint after the first episode aired in the US and Canada. Updated 3/10

Round up of initial Gracepoint reviews and some notable quotes after episode airs airs in US and Canada. Updated 3/10

89.3KPCC has an interview (with a new photo) about Gracepoint and David Tennant breaking into US television. Updated 2/10

Nerdist has posted a David Tennant interview (from the TCA in July) about Gracepoint, Broadchurch and Doctor Who. Updated 2/10

The Guardian explains why Gracepoint was made for the US market. Updated 2/10

There's a new photo and interview with David Tennant from LA Times about Gracepoint. Updated 2/10

Great review by New York Times of Gracepoint. Updated 1/10

Variety has added an article about the Gracepoint screening and Question and Answer panel yesterday. Updated 1/10

AccessHollywood has posted a David Tennant video interview from last night's event on perfecting his Gracepoint accent and the #HeForShe campaign. Updated 1/10

New York Daily News has given Gracepoint a four star review. Updated 1/10

September 2014
Rolling Stone magazine has an interview with David Tennant about Gracepoint, Broadchurch and the Doctor Who 60th anniversary. Updated 30/9

HitFix has interviews with David Tennant and Anna Gunn on the Gracepoint set. Updated 30/9

Gracepoint is the no.2 pick of the week in People Magazine. Updated 29/9

Anna Gunn describes David Tennant as 'incredibly enthusiastic and buoyant and gregarious and funny' in LA Times interview about Gracepoint. Updated 29/9

New York Post includes Gracepoint in its This Week's TV Watch List. Updated 29/9

MovieNewsGuide has an article titled '5 best things about Gracepoint' which includes David Tennant! Updated 29/9

Independent claims David Tennant 'defends' his American accent in Gracepoint. Updated 28/9

Canada.com describes Gracepoint as 'A Hitchcockian whodunit in its preview. Updated 28/9

David Tennant is listed by Starpulse as one of the 8 Potential Breakout Stars In Television thanks to Gracepoint. Updated 27/9

What We Did On Our Holiday receives 8 out of 10 in a review by Herts and Essex Observer. Updated 27/9

Baltimore Sun has an article titled 'Gracepoint feels almost too good for network TV.' Updated 26/9

David Tennant is interviewed in New York Times about Gracepoint. Updated 26/9

Radio Times has an article where David Tennant reminisces about his childhood holidays. Updated 26/9

GQ has a brief David Tennant interview about Doctor Who, Gracepoint and script passwords for Broadchurch. Updated 26/9

Daily Express has an exclusive David Tennant video interview about Postman Pat: The Movie. Updated 26/9

Metro takes a look back at what they think are eight of David Tennant's best on-screen moments. The article starts 'David Tennant is one of our finest actors.' Updated 26/9

Radio Times reports that Ben Miller has spoken fondly about working with David Tennant on What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 26/9

What We Did On Our Holiday receives 4 stars from Radio Times in its review. Updated 26/9

The Guardian has a 5 star review of What We Did On Our Holiday and describes it as 'ambitious and likable family fun.' Updated 25/9

Forbes has a great review of Gracepoint with the title 'Gracepoint Succeeds in All the Ways The Killing Failed.' Updated 25/9

An article (in Spanish) has the title 'Broadchurch: the best you can see on the current Spanish TV.' Updated 25/9

Metro again has a story (RUMOUR) about Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller saying he would love to cast David Tennant on the show. Updated 25/9

Digital Spy gives What We Did On Our Holiday 3 stars in it's review titled 'David Tennant leads eccentric comedy.' Updated 25/9

Yahoo! has an article titled 'Tennant awash with murder mystery' (about Broadchurch and Gracepoint).
The quote from David is "Gracepoint starts on Fox in America on October 2, so we wait to see how America takes to it. I had a blast, it was great. It was such a wonderful script and then to get to tell that story to a whole new audience is very exciting. I just hope they like it." Updated 25/9

GetReading reports that David Tennant and Olivia Colman seen filming Broadchurch Series Two in in various locations around Bracknell Forest in Berkshire. Updated 24/9

Both the cover and the release date has changed for the French hardcover version of the Broadchurch novel. Updated 24/9

Issue #3 of the Titan Comic Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor is published today. Updated 24/9

StarryMag has a transcript of the Gracepoint conference call with David Tennant from last night. Updated 23/9

Movies.ie has '10 Things You Need To Know About David Tennant'. Updated 23/9

This week's Radio Times has an interview with David Tennant about What We Did On Our Holiday and dream destinations. Updated 23/9

Several newspapers today have articles (with photos) of What We Did On Our Holiday premiere last night e.g. Daily Mail and Social Lite Life. Updated 23/9

Examiner has an article from the conference call with David Tennant yesterday about Gracepoint. Updated 23/9

Radio Times has an article (from What We Did On Our Holiday premiere) titled 'David Tennant: Doctor Who helped me deal with the pressure of Broadchurch.' Updated 22/9

Overview of David Tennant's conference call to the press about Gracepoint today. Updated 22/9

In an interview with Dramanavi the actor who voices David Tennant's character in the Japanese broadcast of Broadchurch says that none of the voice cast knew the killer was before they recorded the dialogue. Updated 22/9

The List has given What We Did On Our Holiday a 4 star review and says 'Tennant and Pike are excellent.' Updated 22/9

TheHollywoodNews has awarded given What We Did On Our Holiday a 3 star review and says it has 'enough ingredients to keep the whole family entertained.' Updated 22/9

BBC interview with the writers of What We Did On Our Holiday includes the phrase 'David Tennant has that quick silver acting ability.' Updated 22/9

FilmAndTVNow has given What We Did On Our Holiday a 5 star review. Updated 22/9

Herald Scotland gives What We Did On Our Holiday 5 stars in its review. Updated 21/9

Andy Hamilton, one of the writers of What We Did On Our Holiday, says some lovely things about David Tennant. Updated 20/9

The Scotsman has another article about filming and the family day out for the cast of What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 20/9

The Telegraph has an on-set diary on the making of What We Did On Our Holiday from co-creator Andy Hamilton. Updated 20/9

Yahoo has a very brief video of David Tennant where he jokes whether its a double-bluff about a different killer in Gracepoint. Updated 19/9

Writer / director Guy Jenkin talks to Daily Record about how great David Tennant is at comedy (and drama) in What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 19/9

ScotlandNow has an interview with the directors about the making of What We Did On Our Holiday and how Billy Connolly kept quiet about his cancer. Updated 19/9

Doctor Who News has posted that Doctor Who Magazine #478 was published today and it includes a look at David Tennant's episode Turn Left. Updated 18/9

Broadchurch Series Two received a great reaction from critics at ITV Upfronts today. Updated 18/9

Deadline reports that Gracepoint is the second most Buzziest New Fall Show on Yahoo. Updated 18/9

Radio Times confirms Meera Syal is in Broadchurch Series Two but details about her character are not known yet. Updated 18/9

FormulaTV reports that Broadchurch received over 3.3 million viewers last night in Spain.
The first episode at 10.30pm received 3,280,000 viewers and a 17.9% share and the second episode had a drop in numbers but rose in share with 2,852,000 and 19.4%. Updated 18/9

Adweek names Gracepoint its Best New Show On FOX This Fall. The article includes the comment 'David Tennant is a tremendously compelling performer.' Updated 18/9

The reviewer from WeGotThisCovered expected not to like What We Did On Our Holiday but ended up being 'stunned' by it and gave the movie 4 stars. Updated 17/9

Broadchurch book is published in the US today with a different cover. Updated 16/9

David Tennant episodes are included in Metro's Doctor Who: 10 Game-Changing Moments In Who History article. Updated 16/9

Scifivision has tweeted that it has a Question and Answer session with David Tennant on Monday at noon in NYC (5pm in London) and has asked fans to tweet them any questions about Gracepoint. Updated 16/9

There is a photo of David Tennant and Anna Gunn from Gracepoint on the cover of TV Week in Canada. Updated 15/9

Huffington Post has added a new video clip from What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 15/9

A new interview (conducted at the TCA) with David Tennant about Gracepoint and Broadchurch has been posted to FamilyChoiceAwards.
In the interview David Tennant describes the casts of both Broadchurch and Gracepoint as "Rolls-Royce of casts." Updated 15/9

HeyUGuys has the chance to win tickets to the premiere of What We Did On Our Holiday next Monday. Updated 15/9

Several photos of David Tennant filming Broadchurch Series Two earlier this week have been posted to The Tab Exeter. Updated 14/9

David Tennant is mentioned in the latest issue of the free online Shakespeare Magazine. Updated 13/9

Time Colonist has a interview titled 'Gracepoint's David Tennant talks guns, accents and affection for Victoria, BC.' Updated 12/9

What We Did On Our Holiday is NeonReels under the radar pick of the week. Updated 11/9

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with David Tennant and Anna Gunn about Gracepoint. Updated 11/9

Gracepoint will reach 'tens of millions' more people than Broadchurch says Shine Group's chief executive. Updated 11/9

Also The List (in the UK) includes Gracepoint in its Autumn highlights although ITV has not given a date or channel yet. Updated 11/9

UntemperedTV includes Gracepoint in their Fall TV Top Picks and describes it as 'this underrated gem.' Updated 11/9

David Tennant is #2 in BuddyTV's article 'TVís 25 Sexiest Men of the New Fall 2014 Season' for Gracepoint. Updated 10/9

Metro includes several David Tennant video clips in its look at the scariest Doctor Who episodes. Updated 10/9

Unfortunately David Tennant did not win the Best Actor Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight for The Escape Artist as Benedict Cumberbatch won. Updated 8/9

Pete May has written a book called Whovian Dad which includes a chapter on the David Tennant years. Updated 8/9

The 2014 TV Choice Awards are announced tonight. David Tennant is nominated for The Escape Artist. Updated 8/9

Tonight The Times Plus Members have a free screening of What We Did On Our Holiday at various cinemas around the country. Updated 8/9

Gracepoint and David Tennant are listed in New York Times 100 Things To Be Excited About In The Fall. Updated 7/9

Metro has posted a new trailer for What We Did On Our Holiday which includes new scenes featuring David Tennant. Updated 5/9

A critic at E!online writes 'Gracepoint is probably the best new drama this fall (if you haven't seen Broadchurch).' Updated 4/9

io9 has a look at the Tenth Doctor's character arc (and David Tennant's fans). Updated 4/9

The Scotsman bemoans the lack of a Scottish premiere of What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 4/9

Gracepoint is one of CBS Top Fall Newcomers To Watch For. Updated 03/9

Dorset Echo reports on a new way of touring the Broadchurch filming locations - by rickshaw! Updated 03/9

David Tennant / Doctor Who is the topic of The Guardian's Harry Venning cartoon today.
Within a few hours of us tweeting that, it had received over 300 retweets and over 400 favourites! Updated 02/9

A review of the Gracepoint pilot by UntemperedTV says that the 'pilot episode is utterly gripping.' Updated 02/9

Bristol Post has an interview with Joe Simms where he agains recounts the story of David Tennant saying lovely things about his mother while filming Broadchurch. Updated 02/9

August 2014
Jacki Weaver tells Stuff why Broadchurch is being remade as Gracepoint for the US. Updated 31/8

Metro has an article about five memorable teachers from Doctor Who including David Tennant (twice). Updated 29/8

There are quotes from an older interview with David Tennant in Edmonton Journal in an article about Gracepoint and US remakes. Updated 28/8

The French language version of the Broadchurch novel is now available to pre-order. It will be published on Friday 24th October. Updated 28/8

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2 is published today by Titan Comics. Updated 27/8

East Anglian Daily Times has a sweet article (with a photo) about David Tennant and Richard Wilson meeting up in Frinton last Friday. Updated 25/8

Time examines other roles actors who have played The Doctor have performed. Updated 23/8

Metro looks at '6 weird things the Doctor does after regenerating.' Updated 23/8

The Independent gives high praise to David Tennant in an article about the Scottish referendum which starts:
'Hats off to David Tennant. There are numerous reasons to pay tribute to the excellent actor, and in no particular order, a former Doctor Who and one of the finest Hamlets of his generation. But this time he has been impressive, breathtaking even, off stage rather than on.' Updated 22/8

Hypable has a quiz about the Doctor Who Specials. Updated 22/8

Sun Plus members have a free screening of What We Did On Our Holiday on Monday 1st September. Updated 22/8

Bristol Post interview with Joe Sims reveals that even the actors in Broadchurch Series Two don't know how it ends!
The article also says that they are scheduled to finish filming in mid-October. Updated 22/8

Daily Telegraph describes David Tennant's Tenth Doctor as having 'style, sex appeal, and a sensitive side.' Updated 22/8

CableTV includes David Tennant's stubble as a reason it describes Gracepoint as 'a reboot worth watching!' Updated 22/8

MTV has a preview of some of the pages of the second Tenth Doctor comic from Titan. Updated 21/8

Doctor Who Magazine #477 is published today and includes a look at David Tennant's episode Midnight. Updated 21/8

German language version of Broadchurch novel (with the title Der MŲrder unter uns) is released in Kindle, paperback and audio book (read by Peter Lontzek) today. Updated 21/8

Digital Spy looks at the debut Doctor Who adventures of the 11 Doctors. Updated 20/8

David Tennant has won a Best Ever Doctor Who poll by WalesOnline. Updated 20/8

Today Hypable has a quiz about Doctor Who Series Four. Updated 18/8

What We Did On Our Holiday to be used to boost Scottish tourism (includes a new photo of David Tennant). Updated 18/8

ShowBuzzDaily has a detailed look at Gracepoint and analyses the chances of its success. It describes it as 'a well-produced remake of the UK series' Updated 17/8

Gracepoint is currently winning TV.com poll for New Fall Shows Fans Are Most Excited For. Updated 17/8

David Tennant is currently winning a fun WalesOnline poll for Best Doctor. You have to move the TARDIS to vote. Updated 17/8

Femail First article about What we Did On Our Holiday has the title 'David Tennant Was Keen To Work With Billy Connolly.
The article includes a quote from David:
"I think the way this film portrays raising children and just family life in general, is quite believable. And, of course, there was also the chance to work with Billy. Growing up in Scotland he loomed large. I grew up with his live shows and learned a few naughty words from him." Updated 17/8

David Tennant spoke to Sunday Times about Scottish independence referendum. Updated 17/8

David Tennant is listed as one of the Five Best Time Lords chosen by The Independent (it is near the bottom of the article). Updated 15/8

Radio Times has an article titled 'David Tennant on being named our TV Champion: "I was thrilled - but don't tell Benedict!"' Updated 15/8

Gracepoint is listed by IndieWire as its 'Best New Bet' for Thursday evenings in the Fall. The article also says they think that David Tennant is great in it. Updated 14/8

Spoiler TV has a (spoiler free) review of the first two episodes of Gracepoint which includes the phrase 'David Tennant is outstanding and his American accent is exceptional, he is supported as well by a talented cast I cannot fault any of the performances they were all excellent and fitted their parts nicely.' Updated 14/8

Broadchurch novel is published in the UK today in paperback, audio and kindle formats. Updated 14/8

A Doctor Who Magazine Special titled The Year Of The Doctor is published today. Updated 14/8

Radio Times has an article titled 'Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall: I cried at David Tennant and Olivia Colman's performances.
The creator of the hit ITV drama reveals he sobbed when he saw his script being played out by some talented actors.
' Updated 12/8

The Year Of The Doctor A Doctor Who Magazine Special titled The Year Of The Doctor will be published on Thursday. It looks back at the 50th Anniversary year of Doctor Who and David Tennant is on the cover. Updated 12/8

Dorset Echo has an article about Broadchurch Series Two filming in West Bay (with a new photo of David Tennant). Updated 12/8

There is a double page photo of David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch in Radio Times today about the 2014 Television Champion poll. Updated 12/8

WessexFM has some photos of David Tennant filming Broadchurch Series Two in West Bay last night. Updated 12/8

Peter Capaldi tells Daily Telegraph (in Australia) that David Tennant (and Matt Smith) have been "incredibly friendly and supportive" to him. Updated 12/8

There is a brief interview about Broadchurch Series Two with Chris Chibnall in the issue of Radio Times which is published today.
As expected, Chris gives away absolutely nothing!
When we tweeted that he tweeted back 'Phew!' Updated 12/8

Radio Times says that Chris Chibnall added a one line clue about Broadchurch Series Two to the Broadchurch novel (which is published on Thursday). Updated 11/8

Peter Capaldi mentions David Tennant and his version of The Doctor in an interview in Radio Times. Updated 11/8

Daily Mail reports that Ronan Keating attended the Australian premiere of Postman Pat: The Movie in Sydney yesterday. Updated 10/8

The Guardian reports that Steven Moffat describes David Tennant's Doctor as a "magnificent, brilliant, flirty, sexy, Doctor" when interviewed during new the Doctor Who series launch yesterday. Updated 8/8

Express and Star reports that David Tennant is one celebrity who has sent a message of support to 7 year old Josh Johns who is battling cancer. Updated 7/8

David Tennant has won the Radio Times 2014 Television Champion poll.
In the final he beat Benedict Cumberbatch by 0.2 million votes. Updated 6/8

KentOnline reports that a couple received a signed photo from David Tennant congratulating them on their (Doctor Who themed!) wedding day. Updated 4/8

Radio Times have added the poster for What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 4/8

What We Did On Our Holiday poster

The story about how David Tennant reached the final of Radio Times TV Champion poll. Updated 1/8

Times Colonist has an interview with Kevin Rankin about Gracepoint. Updated 1/8

David Tennant won his semi-final of Radio Times TV Champion with 51.36% of the vote (beating Tom Hiddleston) today.
Within an hour of that round finishing, the final started. In this round David is against Benedict Cumberbatch. The final ends on Wednesday at 2pm. Updated 1/8

Doctor Who News has reported the sad news that Philipp Brammer (1969-2014), the voice of the Tenth Doctor to German viewers, has died. Updated 1/8

Arthur Darvill has been speaking about filming Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 1/8

July 2014
A blog on Metro has his Best Five David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who (with videos). Updated 31/7

The Stage reports that David Tennant has added his name to a letter asking Arts Council England about the funding removal for Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond. Updated 30/7

io9 reports that 38 hours and 11 minutes is the amount of screentime David Tennant had as the Tenth Doctor! Updated 30/7

David Tennant won his heat of the fifth round (the quarter finals) of Radio Times TV Champion with 78.6% of the vote (beating Karen Gillan) today.
Within an hour of that round finishing, the sixth round (the semi finals) started. In this round David is against Tom Hiddleston. The heat ends on Friday at 2pm. Updated 30/7

New photos from 2012 Radio Times photo shoot have been posted to Tumblr. Updated 29/7

David Tennant won his heat of the fourth round of Radio Times TV Champion with 71% of the vote (beating Matthew Macfadyen) today.
Within an hour of that round finishing, the fifth round started. In this round David is against Karen Gillan. The heat ends on Wednesday at 2pm. Updated 28/7

Yahoo! reports that David Tennant says that he 'can't wait' to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Updated 27/7

Doctor Who comics panel at Comic Con in San Diego. Updated 26/7

Gracepoint poster

Entertainment Weekly has a new video of David Tennant talking about his character in Gracepoint, plus a poster for the drama. Updated 25/7

Get Reading has two photos of David Tennant and Olivia Colman filming yesterday and it was told that Broadchurch Series Two may air in January. Updated 25/7

The Stage reports that cinema screenings of live theatre (including David Tennant in Richard II) generated £7.2 million in the UK during 2013. Updated 25/7

David Tennant won his heat of the third round of Radio Times TV Champion with 89% of the vote (beating Cillian Murphy) today.
Within an hour of that round finishing, the fourth round started. In this round David is against Matthew Macfadyen. The heat ends on Monday at 2pm. Updated 25/7

The BBC lists David Tennant as one of the famous Scots who can't vote in the Scottish referendum. Updated 25/7

Belfast Telegraph reports that David Tennant said he would be "shot in the head" if he revealed details about Broadchurch Series Two and he explains why he HAD to do Gracepoint. Updated 25/7

Doctor Who Magazine #476 is published today and it includes a look at the David Tennant episodes Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead. Updated 24/7

The Guardian asks if crime dramas (they specify Broadchurch) can still work if you know the outcome. Updated 23/7

David Tennant won his heat of the second round of Radio Times TV Champion with 57% of the vote (beating Sarah Lancashire) today.
Within an hour of that round finishing, the third round started. In this round David is against Cillian Murphy. The heat ends on Friday at 2pm. Updated 23/7

Radio Times has a 'Complete this line from Doctor Who' quiz which includes David Tennant's era. Updated 23/7

Kasterborous has an audio interview with David Tennant's body double (Colum Regan) in Doctor Who. Updated 23/7

Titan Comics today publish Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. Updated 23/7

Jacki Weaver tells HitFix that Gracepoint will have a different killer to Broadchurch. Updated 22/7

Zap2It reports that David Tennant has been talking a lot to Peter Capaldi about Doctor Who. Updated 21/7

David Tennant is versus Sarah Lancashire in Round 2 of the Radio Times TV Champion contest. Updated 21/7

The BBC annual report shows that The Day Of The Doctor was the most viewed drama on BBC One in 2013 with an average audience of 12.8 million.
It was also the most requested drama on BBC iPlayer with 3.2 million iPlayer requests during 2013. Updated 21/7

Yahoo! reports that The Rolling Stones are watching the Broadchurch box-set during their current tour. Updated 21/7

TV Guide has an article about TCA titled 'Gracepoint Boss: David Tennant's American Accent Is Impeccable.' Updated 21/7

BuzzSugar lists '10 Things We Just Learned About Gracepoint, the Broadchurch Remake.' Updated 21/7

The Wrap has an article titled 'Gracepoint Star David Tennant Talks Differences Between British Original.' Updated 21/7

David Tennant easily won his heat of the first round of Radio Times TV Champion with 90.78% of the vote (beating Jessica Raine). Updated 18/7

Chris Chibnall talks about the similarities between Gracepoint and Broadchurch to The Hollywood Reporter. Updated 17/7

'Anyone Could Be a Killer on Fox's Gracepoint' says E! Online with a new photo of the cast and a video which plays worldwide. Updated 17/7

MediaWeek has reported that Skoda will sponsor mystery drama on ITV (including Broadchurch Series Two).
Let's hope there are no burning cars in the drama! Updated 17/7

Visit Dorset has posted a study into the economic impact of Broadchurch in West Dorset which says that 77% of businesses in the tourist industry reported an increase between April and October 2013. Updated 16/7

David Tennant is one of 128 names in the first round of the Radio Times TV Champion contest. Voting in the first round ends on Friday (18th) at 5.30pm. Updated 16/7

Terrafemina reports that Broadchurch has been voted the second most popular series in 2014 in France. Updated 16/7

New Zealand Herald has an article about The Escape Artist with quotes from David Tennant from the BBC press kit. Updated 14/7

Stuff (in New Zealand) has a 5 star review of the Broadchurch DVD. Updated 14/7

The Guardian has a different quote from David Tennant about the Scottish referendum.
In this article they quote him saying "Why do we want to become smaller? Surely we want to expand and look outward?" Updated 13/7

Based on photos (but no new ones of David Tennant) Daily Mail ponders what Broadchurch Series Two may be about. Updated 13/7

TVTonight (in Australia) gives The Politician's Husband 4.5 stars. Updated 13/7

Visit Dorset has a competition to win a copy of Broadchurch novel which has been signed by Erin Kelly. Updated 12/7

The Independent reports that Andrew Buchan has said that Broadchurch Series Two will be "nothing like Midsomer Murders." Updated 12/7

io9 have posted some preview pages of the new Tenth and Eleventh Doctor comics from Titan. Updated 11/7

Yahoo! has posted an an interview with Ben Miller about working with both David Tennant and Billy Connolly on the movie What We Did On Our Holiday. It includes some lovely words about working with David Tennant. Updated 11/7

The German version of the Broadchurch novel (with the title Der MŲrder unter uns) will be released on Thursday 21st August in Kindle, paperback and audio book (read by Peter Lontzek). Updated 11/7

There will be a Doctor Who comics panel at Comic Con in San Diego on 26th July. Updated 10/7

Radio Times has another fun quiz:
'David Tennant or Matt Smith - who said what?' Updated 10/7

In the US the Broadchurch book is delayed two weeks to 16th September, plus it has a different cover. Updated 10/7

Hannibal executive producer Bryan Fuller has spoken to Digital Spy about wanting to work with David Tennant. Updated 8/7

Dorset Echo reports that local traders have again received a boost as Broadchurch returns to the area. Updated 8/7

David Tennant has reached the final round of voting for Best Actor in the 2014 TV Choice poll.
David has been nominated for his role in The Escape Artist.
The voting starts today and ends at midnight on Friday 18th July. Updated 8/7

Radio Times has announced that Gracepoint will air in the UK around the time of the US broadcast. Updated 8/7

Radio Times has a 'Guess a Doctor Who episode from a photo' quiz which includes David Tennant's era. Updated 7/7

Arthur Darvill says filming on Broadchurch Series Two is "going really well" in an interview on The Iris.
Arthur also says "Itís all very surprising and itís nice to be back with everyone actually. Itís such a huge cast and itís kind of odd because we all film our little bits and then we donít really see each other, weíre in these little groups at the moment. Itís good, itís really good." Updated 4/7

The Mirror interview with Artistic Director of The RSC Gregory Doran includes four photos of David Tennant and Greg say that he hopes that David Tennant will do more plays for the company. Updated 3/7

'ITV's strong new dramas canít quite hit Broadchurchís highs' says Broadcast Now after viewing figures for the first half of 2014 are announced. Updated 3/7

BBC News reports that Children In Need in 2013 (which included a clip of David Tennant from The Day Of The Doctor) raised almost £50 million! Updated 3/7

New Zealand Herald has an interview with Joe Sims about Broadchurch and how it was revealed to the cast the identity of the killer. Updated 3/7

BroadwayWorld reports that the filmed version of Richard II was seen by 130,000 people in 14 countries at the cinema. Updated 02/7

A new ebook Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is now available worldwide. Updated 02/7

The Stage has a review of The Bride which includes the phrase 'that other Caledonian icon David Tennant.' Updated 02/7

The Guardian has an interview with Andrew Buchan in which he talks about Broadchurch and playing difficult scenes. Updated 02/7

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