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January to June 2014

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June 2014
New Zealand Herald has the great quote 'The best of Broadchurch was some of the best television I've watched in recent years.' Updated 30/6

Scotsman believes David Tennant delivers 'arguably his best big-screen performance' in What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 30/6

Derren Brown has some lovely things to say about David Tennant in an interview on STV. Updated 28/6

New Zealand Herald also reports that the finale of Broadchurch on Sunday could reach half a million viewers despite it airing so long after the initial broadcast in the UK. Updated 27/6

A critic from New Zealand Herald explains why he is looking forward to the finale of Broadchurch on Sunday. Updated 27/6

Evening Standard tonight has a photo of David Tennant and a quote from him about the Scottish referendum. Updated 27/6

Brand Republic says that David Tennant's advert for Virgin Media is this week's Most Recalled Advert. Updated 27/6

Kasterborous reports that both The Day Of The Doctor and Broadchurch appear in Entertainment Weekly's Top 50 Best TV Scenes list. Updated 27/6

Daily Mail reports that David Tennant, Rosamund Pike and their young co-stars had a 'bonding day' at Chessington World Of Adventures before filming What We Did On Our Holiday. Updated 27/6

Radio Times has a quiz titled 'How well do you know the 10th Doctor?' Updated 26/6

Doctor Who Magazine #475 is on sale today and includes a look at the episode The Unicorn & The Wasp. Updated 26/6

The finale of Broadchurch on Sunday in New Zealand is a Top 5 TV Pick for Stuff. Updated 26/6

Yahoo! reports that Gracepoint has several changes according to Kendrick Sampson, plus he says some nice things about David Tennant's American accent. Updated 25/6

David Tennant is on the cover and contributes to SFX Magazine issue 250 which is published today. Updated 25/6

David Tennant on cover of SFX magazine

The Tenth Doctor / Rose Tyler farewell in Doomsday is voted Top Sci-Fi Moment by 90,000 reader votes. Updated 24/6

Warped Factor has a look at David Tennant's early days as the Tenth Doctor. Updated 24/6

Three David Tennant stories appear in Top 10 Doctor Who Stories Of All Time poll which was conducted by Doctor Who Magazine. This includes The Day Of The Doctor in the top slot. Updated 23/6

DoctorWhoSite reports that issue 250 of SFX Magazine (published on Thursday) includes a contribution by David Tennant. Updated 23/6

My San Antonia has a great review of The Escape Artist in general and David Tennant in particular. Updated 22/6

The Day Of The Doctor on BBC Three is one of The Independent's TV Choices for tonight. Updated 20/6

An interview with Chris Chibnall in Liverpool Echo includes him talking about the amazement from David Tennant and Olivia Colman about the success of Broadchurch. Updated 20/6

BlogtorWho reports that there is a small photo of David Tennant on the cover of Doctor Who Figurine Collection #22 with Voyage Of The Damned pictures inside too. Updated 16/6

Bustle has an article about why they 'love David Tennant.' Updated 16/6

The Guardian uses Broadchurch as an example of the quality of drama ITV should aim for in the future. Updated 16/6

The Denver Post says that 'David Tennant is superb in The Escape Artist.' Updated 15/6

Boston Globe thinks David Tennant is 'excellent' in The Escape Artist. Updated 15/6

Philly.com has a review of The Escape Artist which uses the phrase 'This is surely David Tennant's moment.' Updated 14/6

Exeter Express and Echo has an article about Broadchurch (including David Tennant) filming at Exeter University yesterday. Updated 14/6

New York Times has a review of The Escape Artist with lovely comments about David Tennant. Updated 14/6

Bleeding Cool reports that the new Titan Doctor Who comics will be available in shops in the UK now too. Updated 13/6

SpoilerTV has a 60 second cutdown of the Gracepoint trailer which has been shown on US television this week. (The clip only plays in the US.) Updated 13/6

SFGate review of The Escape Artist includes 'the characters are interesting and the performances are extraordinary.' Updated 13/6

Radio Times examines the previously unseen Broadchurch footage which was shown on ITV Encore last night. Updated 13/6

Issue 2 of The Essential Doctor Who is published today. It focuses on the TARDIS. Updated 12/6

Issue 2 of The Essential Doctor Who is published tomorrow. It focuses on the TARDIS. Updated 11/6

SocialLiteLife has posted a new photo of David Tennant on set at Broadchurch yesterday. Updated 11/6

Herald Scotland has reported that a portrait of retiring principal John Wallace of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow consists of 600 images (including David Tennant). Updated 11/6

The full Broadchurch interview with producer Richard Stokes from the ITV Encore Press Pack has been posted to WordPress. Updated 9/6

Miami Herald headline says 'June is David Tennant month.' It is based on the PBC broadcast of The Escape Artist and the two night event in cinemas of Doctor Who and Wings. Updated 9/6

A photo of David Tennant filming Broadchurch is featured in the French Magazine Voici. Updated 9/6

WalesOnline has an article where they have asked various people why viewers should watch Broadchurch on ITV Encore. Updated 9/6

Daily Mail reports that Broadchurch has been criticised for filming near a cliff edge. Updated 8/6

David Tennant is on the cover of Shakespeare Magazine. Updated 7/6

Kevin Zegers makes some lovely comments about David Tennant in an interview about Gracepoint with MSN. Updated 6/6

Dorset Echo has details about Charlotte Rampling and Marianne Jean-Baptiste filming Broadchurch in West Bay yesterday. Updated 6/6

Following the Cannes Film Festival, global sales for What We Did On Our Holiday have been announced, plus two new photos of David Tennant from the movie have been posted online. Updated 5/6

A photo of David Tennant is on the front cover of Bridport News today about Broadchurch filming in West Bay yesterday. Updated 5/6

Today filming on Broadchurch series Two moved to West Bay and Dorset Echo posted a series of posts about the filming as it happened. Updated 4/6

OnTheBox has an interview with Richard Stokes about Broadchurch (plus Gracepoint is briefly mentioned. Updated 4/6

There is a David Tennant article and he is on the front cover of My Weekly magazine. The article mentions Broadchurch, Postman Pat, Doctor Who, Hamlet, The Politician's Husband, Gracepoint and our Twitter account! Updated 3/6

Several publications today have posted photos of David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker and Eve Myles filming Broadchurch Series Two in Clevedon yesterday. Updated 3/6

A slightly different photo of David Tennant by Ellis Parrinder from the Observer photo shoot a few years ago has been posted to Twitter. Updated 1/6

May 2014
Times Colonist has posted two lovely articles about Gracepoint filming ending in their area. Updated 30/5

Daily Mail has more photos of Broadchurch filming yesterday (again with possible spoilers). Updated 30/5

Metro has photos of David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Arthur Darvill etc. filming Broadchurch Series Two in Clevedon yesterday (with possible spoilers). Updated 30/5

TelecomPaper has an article about David Tennant's latest campaign for Virgin Media. Updated 30/5

DoctorWhoTV reports that The Day Of The Doctor has been voted the most popular episode in the latest Doctor Who Magazine poll. Updated 30/5

Daily Mail says What We Did On Our Holiday is a film to 'Watch out for.' Updated 30/5

Bristol Post has an article about the start of Broadchurch Series Two filming in Clevedon. Updated 29/5

The Independent uses the line 'David Tennant is seen as a BBC Favourite' in an article about lesser known actors not being used as much. Updated 28/5

Deadline reports that Broadchurch has been nominated for a Television Critics Award in the Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials category.
The winners will be announced on Saturday 19th July. Updated 27/5

Doctor Who News has reported that The Day Of The Doctor has won a Eurovision Connect Award. Updated 27/5

David Tennant has been nominated for Best Actor in TV Choice Awards long list and The Escape Artist for Best New Drama, plus W1A for Best Comedy.
Voting ends on 20th June. Updated 27/5

The Telegraph reports that Steven Moffat revealed yesterday that the BBC nearly stopped making Doctor Who after David Tennant left as he was so popular. Updated 27/5

Simone McAullay is confirmed for Broadchurch Series Two and she says some lovely things about David Tennant in an interview in Stuff (New Zealand). Updated 26/5

The Mirror reports that David Tennant and all the Broadchurch cast and production crew have signed NDAs for the plot as filming is expected to start this week. Updated 26/5

The BBC looks at ITV's dramatic future after the triple BAFTA success of Broadchurch and describes it as 'nothing short of a major coup.' Updated 24/5

Gracepoint is ranked 6th in E!Online's most promising Fall shows. Updated 24/5

The Gracepoint production today placed an advert in the Peninsula News Review thanking the people in the local area for 'helping to make the filming of Gracepoint Season One a success.'
The advert also says that filming on Gracepoint has now wrapped. David Tennant filmed his final scenes last week. Updated 23/5

Dorset Echo looks at its 5 Favourite David Tennant TV and Film Roles. Updated 23/5

BroadcastNow reports that several British television companies saw the Gracepoint screening recently in Los Angeles and that ITV has the first refusal so it may well be shown in the UK. Updated 22/5

David Tennant and the Broadchurch cast at the read-through

ITV Press Centre has released two photos of David Tennant and the Broadchurch cast at the read-through today. Updated 22/5

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Magazine features Tenth Doctor episode figures in issue #20 (Sycorax) and #22 (Hosts). Updated 22/5

Herald Scotland gives Postman Pat: The Movie 4 stars in its review. Updated 22/5

Western Daily Press has a look at the Broadchurch filming locations in Clevedon. Updated 21/5

TVWise reports that Broadchurch views increased by 225% on Amazon UK after its BAFTA win. Updated 21/5

An ITV Press Release has announced that Marianne Jean-Baptiste, James D’Arcy, Eve Myles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge have joined the cast of Broadchurch Series Two. It also confirms that they will film around West Bay, Bridport and Clevedon and that filming starts later this month. Updated 21/5

WorldScreen reports that Gracepoint is generating a buzz and is Fox’s second highest-viewed trailer. Updated 21/5

Radio Times talks briefly with Chris Chibnall about Broadchurch Series Two and Gracepoint. Updated 19/5

The Independent has a great article about Broadchurch's wins at BAFTA tonight. Updated 18/5

First review of Postman Pat: The Movie is from Daily Star which gives it 3 stars. Updated 18/5

Video trailers for the upcoming Titan Doctor Who comics have been released. Updated 17/5

Gracepoint is one of Huffington Post's hot new shows to watch Fall 2014. Updated 17/5

British newspaper The Telegraph picks Gracepoint as one of its 20 new US TV shows to watch. Updated 16/5

New Zealand Herald has a review of Broadchurch by Greg Dixon titled 'A show with a clue.' Updated 16/5

David Tennant is mentioned in a Steven Moffat article about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode in Radio Times. Updated 16/5

The cover art has been posted online for issue #2 of the Titan Comic Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor which will be published on 27th August. Updated 15/5

Bridport News reports that West Bay businesses are happy at the news of the return of David Tennant to Broadchurch and that there will be filming in their area. Updated 15/5

SocialiteLife have posted 15 photos of David Tennant filming Gracepoint at a church yesterday. Updated 15/5

Eonline have posted a short video interview with David Tennant and Anna Gunn about Gracepoint (and Breaking Bad) from Monday's events in New York City. Updated 14/5

Radio Times compares Broadchurch with Gracepoint. Updated 13/5

Charlotte Rampling announced as a new cast member for Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 13/5

Both Doctor Who and Broadchurch are mentioned on the front page of Radio Times which is published today. Updated 13/5

Broadchurch has won some Bulldog Awards. Updated 13/5

Based on the video clip yesterday Radio Times has an article about David Tennant saying that the ending in Gracepoint is different. Updated 13/5

The Guardian believes Gracepoint will start in US in September or October (which is a safe guess!) Updated 13/5

Entertainment Weekly has posted an article about why it thinks people should watch Gracepoint even if they have seen Broadchurch. Updated 13/5

ScreenSpy has a new interview with David Tennant and Anna Gunn about Gracepoint. Updated 12/5

KSiteTV has posted more new Gracepoint photos including another new one of David Tennant (below). Updated 12/5

David Tennant, Nick Nolte and Anna Gunn in Gracepoint

ITV press release about David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill returning in Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 12/5

Radio Times announces that David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill will all return for Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 12/5

Author Alexa Egan selects The Decoy Bride as one of her 3 favourite movie romances in USA Today. Updated 12/5

Review by Stuff (New Zealand) of Broadchurch has the title 'Gripped by Broadchurch' and says 'David Tennant and Olivia Colman are outstanding.' Updated 12/5

YVRShoots have posted more photos of the Gracepoint cast shoot last week including one new photo of David Tennant. Updated 11/5

Jodie Whittaker says lovely things about working with David Tennant (and Olivia Colman) in Broadchurch in an interview with Radio Times. Updated 11/5

David Tennant is suggested by EntertainmentIE as a candidate to play Morrissey in his biopic. Updated 10/5

Newsday includes Gracepoint in their Twenty Most Intriguing New Shows Of The 2014 Season. Updated 10/5

The Independent says there will be a special screening of What We Did On Our Holiday at the Cannes Film Festival next week. Updated 9/5

Times Colonist has a new interview with David Tennant about Gracepoint and accents.
The article also says that they are now filming the final two episodes. Updated 9/5

Radio Times article about both David Tennant and Olivia Colman working on two different BBC Films projects. In David's case it is What We Did On Our Holiday which he filmed last year. Updated 9/5

Daily Record reports some lovely words about David Tennant from producer Donald 'Bovy' MacKinnon.
Talking about working with David on Single Father, he said "He was amazing to work with as he’s always 100 per cent on the job. He was fantastic to work with, and so good at what he does. He was in every single scene, and never let his standards slip once." Updated 9/5

Italian newspaper VNews24 compares Broadchurch to Alfred Hitchcock's best suspense movies. Updated 8/5

Broadchurch is one of New Zealand Herald's TV Picks Of The Week. The preview includes the description 'It is a great series, easily the best British crime drama to hit our screens in an age.' Updated 8/5

MyFoxPhilly reports that some cast members from Gracepoint are expected at the FOX TV #FOXfanfront on Monday (12th). However there is no guarantee that David Tennant will be there. Updated 7/5

The Guardian has reported that the David Tennant / RSC screening of Richard II in UK cinemas has generated £1.44 million to date. Updated 7/5

The Guardian reports that Jessie Wallace (Kat in EastEnders) says David Tennant wrote her application for drama school! Updated 4/5

Victoria News believes Gracepoint filming will generate $10 - $15 million into the local economy. Updated 2/5

Radio Times has an article about how to dress like David Tennant as Tenth Doctor (plus 11th and 12th Doctors). Updated 2/5

Immediate Media·tweeted that the Doctor Who Radio Times issue was an entry in the Cover Of The Year at the PPA Awards. Updated 1/5

April 2014
Radio Times has an article about David Tennant and Matt Smith being featured on the covers of the new Doctor Who comic. Updated 29/4

ITV reports that 'Thanks to support from celebrities like comedian Jason Manford and former Dr Who David Tennant, Stephen, who has inoperable bowel cancer, will soon hit the £3m mark.' Updated 28/4

The Telegraph reports that David Tennant has supported Multiple Sclerosis Society's campaign for better treatment. Updated 28/4

Shakespeare Magazine has tweeted that they want stories of fans seeing David Tennant performing Shakespearean roles on stage. Updated 25/4

FlickeringMyth reports that Paul Darrow (from Blake's Seven) has nice words to say about working with David Tennant before he was famous. Updated 25/4

TV Line has a new promo photo of David Tennant from Gracepoint. Updated 24/4

Radio Times looks at what the cast of Broadchurch have all done in the past year (including David Tennant). Updated 24/4

Pre-ordering The RSC / David Tennant Richard II DVD is one of Radio Times suggestions for celebrating Shakespeare's 450th birthday. Updated 23/4

The London premiere of Postman Pat: The Movie is set for Sunday 11th May.
Radio Times has a competition to win tickets to the premiere.
The movie soundtrack will be released on Monday 19th May. Updated 23/4

The Guardian has pictures of 45 Hamlets (including David Tennant) to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday today. Updated 23/4

DoctorWhoTV reports that Matt Smith spoke fondly about working with David Tennant recently. Updated 21/4

The Telegraph article on Shakespeare's 450th birthday includes a mention and photo of David Tennant's Richard II. Updated 21/4

Radio Times has a fun quiz 'How well do you know Broadchurch?' Updated 20/4

Radio Times reports that Film critic Barry Norman thinks people should vote for Broadchurch in the BAFTA Audience Award. Updated 19/4

Socialite Life celebrates David Tennant's birthday with '22 times he was too hot to handle, in gifs.' Updated 18/4

DoctorWhoTV has an in-depth look at five Tenth Doctor stories to celebrate David Tennant's birthday. Updated 18/4

Anglophenia has a collection of 10 of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor's best moments. Updated 18/4

In his analysis of literature about Doomed Youth, John Sutherland in The Guardian mentions David Tennant's Hamlet as an example. Updated 18/4

Radio Times explains how the Radio Times Audience Award shortlist was chosen. Updated 18/4

Huffington Post has photos of David Tennant 'through the years' to celebrate his birthday today. Updated 18/4

The print version of Evening Standard review (not online) of Farewell To Matt Smith thinks the conversations between him and David Tennant are the best bits of the programme. Updated 17/4

'Broadchurch' was the word used by the EastEnders producer to describe a big storyline coming up to one cast member. This link contains an EastEnders spoiler. Updated 17/4

The Westmorland Gazette reports that there will be a special Gala Screening of Postman Pat The Movie in Kendal on 17th May. Updated 17/4

Comic Book Resources has an interview with the writers of the Tenth Doctor story for Titan Comics. Updated 16/4

Digital Spy has a new Postman Pat - The Movie video clip featuring Ronan Keating singing and David Tennant's character. Updated 14/4

The Telegraph thinks David Tennant's voiceover of W1A is one of its best points. Updated 13/4

Print subscriptions are now open for the two new Doctor Who comic series from Titan Comics. Updated 13/4

The Day Of The Doctor is nominated for a Freesat Award. The winners of the awards will be announced on 17th June. Updated 11/4

Penticton News has an interview with Nikolas Filipovic about filming Gracepoint with David Tennant and the cast. Updated 10/4

Sydney Morning Herald has a review of W1A and an appreciation of David Tennant's narration. W1A airs later this year in Australia. Updated 10/4

Review by Stuff (in New Zealand) of Doctor Who - The Best of the Doctor 2005-2011 - The Documentaries DVD. Updated 9/4

Radio Times review of episode four of W1A. Updated 9/4

David Tennant David Tennant's 24 Radio Times covers. Updated 8/4

David Tennant is on the cover of Radio Times today (for Broadchurch at BAFTA). This is his 24th cover. Updated 8/4

What's On TV reports that Broadchurch is the bookies' favourite to win at the BAFTAS. Updated 7/4

David Tennant will be on the cover of Radio Times tomorrow for the 24th time. Updated 7/4

Radio Times looks at 'who's missing from the Bafta TV Awards shortlist' and includes David Tennant. Updated 7/4

Broadchurch and The Day Of The Doctor have been nominated for BAFTA Television Awards.
Broadchurch has been nominated for a BAFTA Television Award for Drama Series in the 2014 BAFTA nominations which were announced today.
Olivia Colman has been nominated for the Leading Actress Award.
Unfortunately David Tennant was not nominated for the Leading Actor Award but David Bradley was nominated for Broadchurch for the Supporting Actor Award.
Also both Broadchurch and the Doctor Who episode The Day Of The Doctor have been nominated for the Radio Times Audience Award.
Click here for the link to vote. Voting ends at midday on Thursday 15th May.Updated 7/4

Radio Times has more artwork and a new trailer for Postman Pat: The Movie. Updated 3/4

In Doctor Who Magazine 472 (which was published today) the Time Team look at the David Tennant episode Planet Of The Ood. Updated 3/4

VicNews has a local news story about the beauty of Oak Bay for Gracepoint filming. Updated 3/4

Broadchurch wins a Peabody Award in the US. Updated 2/4

A great review of the Broadchurch DVD by Times Union includes the phrase 'some of the best television I’ve ever seen.' Updated 2/4

The Guardian blog review of W1A includes 'when David Tennant's voiceover hits its mark, it's one of the funniest things on television.' Updated 2/4

Radio Times has a fun quiz titled 'Which TV Detective Are You?' It includes David Tennant as Hardy. Updated 2/4

W1A is a Radio Times Top TV Pick Today.
This link has their review and a preview clip. Updated 2/4

March 2014
Daily Tribune review of the Broadchurch DVD (which is released tomorrow in the US) includes 'a terrific performance by David Tennant.' Updated 31/3

Radio Times believes David Tennant is 'likely' to be in Broadchurch Series Two. Updated 31/3

There are some lovely comments about David Tennant in a Times Colonist article about Gracepoint filming in Oak Bay. Updated 29/3

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Magazine issue 16 is published. It has a small photo of David Tennant on the cover. Updated 29/3

Broadchurch is one of the Best Streaming Series To Binge Watch This Weekend says ScreenJunkies. Updated 29/3

Digital Spy would like to see a prequel for Broadchurch. Updated 28/3

There's a great review of the Escape Artist from The Age (in Australia) which includes the phrase 'Tennant can always be relied upon to deliver emotion and heart.' Updated 28/3

Digital Spy has Postman Pat The Movie teaser posters. Updated 28/3

The Essential Doctor Who Magazine issue one is published. This issue is about the Cybermen. Updated 28/3

The full transcript of the David Tennant interview (with new photos) about Broadchurch and Gracepoint has now been posted to Worldscreen. Updated 27/3

EntertainmentWise have posted a great review of episode two of W1A in general and David Tennant's narration in particular. Updated 27/3

IF.com.au reports that The Politician's Husband is one of the programmes which will be shown on the new television station BBC First in Australia. Updated 26/3

Bridport News reports that people from the Broadchurch production team have been in the West Bay area which means that at least some of series Two will be filmed in the town. They also reiterate that filming is expected to last from the end of May until the end of September. Updated 26/3

Kafka The Musical is cited in a Canada.com blog about BBC Radio's commitment to quality drama compared to that in Canada. Updated 26/3

W1A is one of Radio Times Top TV Picks For Today. Updated 26/3

ScienceFiction.com have the details about the story for the Tenth Doctor Comic which will be published in July. Updated 25/3

There is a new David Tennant interview on Worldscreen about Broadchurch and Gracepoint. Updated 25/3

Radio Times has a new fun quiz about 'Which Doctor Are You?' Updated 25/3

The RSC on Buzzfeed lists David Tennant in their 18 actors who started their career on stage. Updated 25/3

The Stage reports that Peaky Blinders and Broadchurch have picked up the most BAFTA Television Craft Award nominations. Updated 24/3

The Telegraph review of Sport Relief talks of David Tennant's outrage at infant death from preventable disease. Updated 21/3

Digital Spy includes Broadchurch in their 5 of TV's Greatest Whodunits list. Updated 21/3

Daily Express reports that David Tennant is one of the stars who sent a birthday card to a girl for her 18th birthday. Updated 21/3

Radio Times has posted David Tennant's Sport Relief Sierra Leone Diary online. Updated 21/3

Victoria News has an article about filming Gracepoint in Sidney and the hint that there could be a second series if the first one is successful. Updated 20/3

Photos of David Tennant on the Gracepoint set appeared in Peninsula News Review. Updated 20/3

A review by The Australian of The Escape Artist (which airs in Australia tomorrow) includes 'big ticks for acting and dialogue but unfortunately not for the plot.' Updated 19/3

David Tennant's narration is 'the cherry on the cake' says Metro in its review of W1A. Updated 19/3

W1A is one of Radio Times Top TV Picks for today (with its review). Updated 19/3

Jodie Whittaker now tells BANG Showbiz that David Tennant will be in Series Two of Broadchurch, plus she talks about Gracepoint. Updated 18/3

The Hollywood Reporter says that David Tennant is one of 200 celebrities who is backing UK Press Regulation.
The article says that 'a group of more than 200 British celebrities and personalities, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Alfonso Cuaron, Maggie Smith and current and past Doctor Who stars Peter Capaldi and David Tennant, has urged newspaper owners to embrace stricter U.K. press regulation, which political parties had agreed on a year ago.' Updated 18/3

An article by Londonist about W1A mentions 'David Tennant's deadpan delivery.' Updated 18/3

There is an article about Broadchurch on page 9 of the Mexican newspaper La Gualdra. Updated 18/3

It is NOT confirmed but according to CultBox Jodie Whittaker has said that David Tennant will be in Series Two of Broadchurch. Updated 17/3

Metro imagines The Doctors as dogs (David Tennant is a long-haired chihuahua!) Updated 15/3

There is an article about David Tennant on the French website Télérama (translated version). Updated 14/3

Garden Re-Leaf's Gardening Quiz starts today with some questions by David Tennant. Updated 14/3

Gracepoint now has it's own dedicated section on the Fox website. Updated 13/3

Seriable.com have posted the official artwork and plot description for Gracepoint. Updated 12/3

The Independent looks at W1A with the first quotes from David Tennant's narration. Updated 11/3

Radio Times have published David Tennant's Sierra Leone Diary for Sport Relief. Updated 11/3

Two David Tennant / Tenth Doctor books are published today in the US from The Monster Collection. Updated 11/3

Michael Billington in The Guardian moans about the focus of the Olivier nominations (including the fact that David Tennant wasn't nominated). Updated 11/3

Austrian television listing magazine Tele has a photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman on its front cover for #Broadchurch. Updated 8/3

Metro includes David Tennant and Olivia Colman in Broadchurch in their Best TV Detective Duos Of All Time. Updated 7/3

Radio Times has a review of episode one of How To Get Ahead with a new photo of David Tennant. Updated 7/3

David Tennant and Anna Gunn from Gracepoint

Entertainment Weekly have posted a new photo of David Tennant and Anna Gunn from Gracepoint in an article about pilot trends in telvision. Updated 6/3

An italian article about Gracepoint and Broadchurch has a different Gracepoint logo photo (it shows Clover Point where some of the series is being filmed). Updated 6/3

Broadchurch novel cover The cover of the Broadchurch novel has been posted online. Updated 6/3

Animation Magazine reports that the animated 6 minute long video '365' (including David Tennant's voice for 1 second) is now available to purchase. Updated 6/3

Doctor Who Magazine #471 is published today and is a Dalek special which includes look at The Fires of Pompeii. Updated 6/3

Two David Tennant / Tenth Doctor books are published today in the UK from The Monster Collection. Updated 6/3

Télérama.fr has an article titled 'The lesson of Broadchurch.' Updated 5/3

Richard II cast (including David Tennant) are mentioned in a What's On Stage article about Shakespeare's most popular plays. Updated 5/3

The BBC have issued a press pack for the comedy W1A which David Tennant narrates (as he did for Twenty Twelve). Updated 4/3

For the first time ever in France Broadchurch has broken the million barrier on catch-up television. Updated 4/3

Toutelatele.com compares the viewing figures of the first six episodes in France to the UK. Updated 4/3

C21Media has an article (in English) about the success of Broadchurch in France and its French remake. Updated 4/3

The Telegraph believes David Tennant may be nominated for a BAFTA for Broadchurch despite not receiving a nomination for the Royal Television Society Programme Awards. Updated 4/3

Broadchurch has four nominations at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards.
The nominations are:
Broadchurch for the Drama Serial Award.
Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker for the Actor - Female Award.
Chris Chibnall for the Writer - Drama Award.
Unfortunately David Tennant has not been nominated for the Actor - Male Award.
The awards will be presented at a ceremony on Tuesday 18th March at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Updated 4/3

Ozap reports that overall Broadchurch in France received 6.4 million viewers every Monday night which was 25.5% of the viewing public. Updated 4/3

BBC News reports that What We Did On Our Holiday was 2013's biggest shoot in Glasgow and it helped contribute to the £20 million raised last year by filming in Glasgow. Updated 3/3

The Local has an article in English about the success of Broadchurch in France also reports that it will be remade in French. Updated 3/3

Europe 1 reports that a French remake of Broadchurch is in pre-production.
Four writers and a director are already confirmed but no cast has been announced. Updated 3/3

An article about David Tennant in a French local newspaper about his career has the great headline 'David Tennant, superstar.' Updated 3/3

French newspaper Le Figaro says 'Masterful, David Tennant is flawless in the role of tormented Inspector Hardy' in its article. Updated 3/3

Huffington Post BC has an article titled 'Gracepoint filming with David Tennant comes to Victoria' with photos of Friday's filming (mainly ones we have already posted). Updated 3/3

DoctorWhoTV have posted the second part of their detailed review of David Tennant's era of Doctor Who. Updated 2/3

The Swiss website I'llustre lists David Tennant in Gracepoint as one of the American TV series for the Sept'14 - Apr'15 season in the US. Updated 2/3

Digital Spy reports that Christina Marie on The Voice wishes she was paired with David Tennant!
As that is a long article, the relevant part is here.) Updated 2/3

MSN reports that a David Tennant lookalike in Jonathan Creek last night 'caused a stir on Twitter.' A photo of the actor is here. Updated 1/3

A blog on WhatCulture thinks David Tennant is the actor most people didn't know was in Star Wars:The Clone Wars. Updated 1/3

February 2014
The Mirror reports a funny Doctor Who (David Tennant / Tenth Doctor) and Red Dwarf mash-up video. Updated 28/2

There is a David Tennant / Tenth Doctor cover for Titan Comics Doctor Who comic issue #1 which is published on Wednesday 23rd July. Updated 28/2

Yahoo! France has an article about the success of Broadchurch in France before it airs in French in Canada. Updated 28/2

There's a great review (in French) of Broadchurch on Radio Canada by LaPresse.ca. Updated 28/2

A moving film from David Tennant will be shown during Sport Relief on Friday 21st March. Updated 27/2

The Guardian reports that Broadchurch helped contribute to ITV's 16.2% share of all viewing in 2013 (its first increase since 1990). Updated 27/2

Times Colonist article explains how Gracepoint episodes 3 to 10 will be entitled to the Victoria tax credit. Updated 26/2

Broadchurch breaks catch-up TV records in France, plus the consolidated figures for episodes 1 - 3. Updated 25/2

Broadchurch once again was the most watched programme on French television last night with an audience of 6,242,000. Updated 25/2

Dorset Echo has an article which looks at the popularity of Broadchurch 'around the globe' (in fact in just France and the US!) and the fan convention based around Broadchurch for this weekend has been cancelled. Updated 25/2

Unfortunately Richard II did not win Best Regional Production Award at What's On Stage Awards tonight as My Fair Lady won. Updated 23/2

ITV have reported that Margot Martini has had her has bone-marrow transplant. Updated 22/2

In a new interview with Entertainemnt Weekly (with a new photo) David Tennant says he does not know the ending of Gracepoint or if he will be in series two of Broadchurch. Updated 21/2

Stuff (in New Zealand) gives the Doctor Who Third Series blu-ray 4.5 stars in its review. Updated 20/2

New York Post has an interview with Anna Gunn about Gracepoint (David Tennant is only mentioned in passing). Updated 20/2

Broadchurch has received 4 nominations for the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. They are Broadchurch for Best Drama Series, David Tennant for Best Actor, Olivia Colman for Best Actress and Chris Chibnall for Best Writer.
The winners will be announced on Friday 28th March. Updated 20/2

A new Doctor Who magazine, The Essentials (which includes David Tennant's era) starts being published next month. Updated 19/2

Radio Times has an article about David Tennant filming Gracepoint yesterday with the photos we posted earlier. Updated 19/2

Radio Times reports that Broadchurch has recorded the highest viewing figures on the France 2 channel for two years. Updated 19/2

DigitalSpy have posted a video of a weather report on French television which includes Broadchurch! Updated 19/2

Shine America's executive VP of scripted TV programming speaks highly of David Tennant in Broadchurch and Gracepoint. Updated 18/2

Hula in the US are streaming The Quatermass Experiment. Updated 18/2

There have been some great reviews from French publications and viewers about Broadchurch today. Updated 18/2

BroadcastNow reports that Broadchurch was also one of the top five most-watched shows of the year to date in France. Updated 18/2

Ozap reports that Broadchurch was the most viewed programme in France last night with almost 7.1 million viewers. That figure gave it 25.8% of the people viewing television at that time. Updated 18/2

#Broadchurch was the top trending topic on Twitter in France during its broadcast! Updated 17/2

Doctor Who News reports that a new free Doctor Who exhibition in Wellington opens this week as the Symphonic Spectacular arrives in New Zealand. Updated 17/2

David Tennant will not attend the RADA event at Buckingham Palace tonight. Updated 17/2

Daily Mail compares Broadchurch and Gracepoint based on the so called 'first photo' of David Tennant from the set. Updated 16/2

RTC Forum have an extensive page of French press about Broadchurch which starts being broadcast in France tomorrow. Updated 16/2

Entertainment Weekly have posted online a wider shot of the photo of David Tennant and Anna Gunn on the Gracepoint set. Updated 14/2

The Guardian thinks that the Tenth Doctor and Rose are a one of the 'romantic couples who ruined TV.' Updated 14/2

Digital Spy have reported that David Tennant's episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be available on Netflix in the US and Canada from Friday 7th March. Updated 14/2

A new photo of David Tennant on the set of Gracepoint has appeared in a magazine. Updated 13/2

Radio Times reports that Doctor Who is one of the shows fans will do anything not to miss. Updated 13/2

There is a photo of David Tennant on the cover of Doctor Who Figurine Magazine #13 which is published today. Updated 13/2

The Guardian includes Digital Theatre's Much Ado About Nothing watchalong in its Valentine's Day plays. Updated 13/2

Deadline reports that Sarah-Jane Potts will play hotel owner Gemma (instead of Georgina Rylance) in Gracepoint. Updated 12/2

Deadline reports that Georgina Rylance has left the cast of Gracepoint. Updated 10/2

The Telegraph reports that David Tennant in Richard II is an example of how primary school children can be captivated by Shakespeare. Updated 9/2

Radio Times posts their interview with Chris Chibnall about Broadchurch and Gracepoint. Updated 8/2

ITV have posted the great news that a donor match has been found for Margot Martini. (David Tennant supported the campaign to promote people being tested to see if they matched.) Updated 8/2

DoctorWhoTV has an interview with Nick Harkaway about writing the Tenth Doctor eBook. Updated 6/2

Jeffrey Archer says 'David Tennant was exceptional in Richard II' in an interview in The Independent. Updated 6/2

Hello Magazine reports that Kate Middleton will also attend the RADA reception on 17th February in Buckingham Palace which David Tennant is reported (but not confirmed) to attend. Updated 6/2

Studio Design has a technical article about the lighting and backdrop chains for Richard II. Updated 6/2

Doctor Who Magazine 470 (which is published today) looks at Partners In Crime. Updated 6/2

A great write-up about Broadchurch from Broadcast Magazine from after the Broadcast Award ceremony last night. Updated 6/2

Tonight at the Broadcast Awards ceremony in London, Broadchurch won both the International Programme Sales Award and the Best Drama Series or Serial Award. Updated 5/2

Doctor Who Online reports that The Time Team in Doctor Who Magazine #470 (on sale tomorrow) looks at Partners In Crime. Updated 5/2

Times Colonist has an article about Gracepoint filming in their building yesterday. Updated 4/2

David Tennant's face is on a Doctor Who watch app for Pebbles smart watches. Updated 4/2

New York Times examines David Tennant in Richard II, Jude Law in Henry V, and Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus. Updated 3/2

The Telegraph believes David Tennant MAY attend a RADA event at Buckingham Palace on Monday 17th February. Updated 2/2

Spies Of Warsaw is one of Sydney Morning Herald's Top TV Picks for the week. Updated 2/2

January 2014
A TV Times writer has reported that David Tennant will narrate the Twenty Twelve follow-up W1A. Updated 31/1

Digital Spy has an interview with Stephen Mangan about Postman Pat - The Movie. Updated 31/1

The Australian review of Spies Of Warsaw calls it 'a cracking good yarn.' Updated 31/1

David Tennant in Richard II is one of the Shakespeare performances admired by The New York Times. Updated 30/1

Radio Times also reports that Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall has given the strongest indication so far that David Tennant will not be in Series Two.
He also says that he has heard that David's American accent for Gracepoint is 'fantastic. Updated 30/1

Radio Times reports that Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall has teased about Series Two. Updated 30/1

In The Guardian Lyn Gardner writes that she doesn't like star-casting in Shakespeare but thinks David Tennant is 'up to the role.' Updated 30/1

Doctor Who Adventures magazine 338 has 'Secrets from the set of The Day Of The Doctor.' Updated 29/1

Broadchurch and Dorset have been voted by Radio Times readers the fourth Top TV Setting of 2013. Updated 29/1

Yahoo reports that The Day Of The Doctor was the third most popular show on BBC iPlayer during 2013. Updated 29/1

Digital Spy reports that Olivia Colman discussed both Gracepoint and Broadchurch backstage at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards yesterday. Updated 28/1

Radio Times take a closer look at David Tennant's Tenth Doctor's choice of clothes and describe him as 'A doomy romantic.' Updated 28/1

Times Colonist has an article about Gracepoint starting to film today. Updated 28/1

CBBC looks at all 12 Doctors. Updated 28/1

Headline on Herald Scotland is 'Broadchurch starring David Tennant picks up best drama at The South Bank Awards' Updated 27/1

Broadchurch won the TV Drama Award at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards this afternoon! Olivia Colman accepted the award. Updated 27/1

Evening Standard has an article about David Tennant (and other celebs) supporting @swab4margot. Updated 27/1

In a new interview with Times Colonist Gracepoint Executive Producer John Goldwyn describes David Tennant as 'a remarkable actor.' Updated 27/1

Deadline reports that Georgina Rylance has joined the cast of Gracepoint as hotel owner Gemma. Updated 25/1

BSO Spirit has an interview with Murray Gold about composing for The Day Of The Doctor and David's farewell episode. Updated 24/1

iol has posted a review of the filmed version of Richard II. Updated 24/1

Times Colonist has an article about Oak Bay getting ready for Gracepoint filming. Updated 24/1

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Stephen Louis Grush has joined the cast of Gracepoint as Vince Novik. This is the part played by Joe Sims in Broadchurch and called Nige. Updated 23/1

Madalyn Horcher has been cast as Chloe Lasseter in Gracepoint. Updated 23/1

Radio Times has short profiles for David Tennant (and Olivia Colman) as contenders in this year's NTAs. Updated 21/1

Titan Comics to publish Doctor Who comics including David Tennant's Tenth Doctor. Updated 21/1

Anthem Magazine has an interview with Kendrick Sampson where he talks about his role in Gracepoint. Updated 21/1

David Tennant in Richard II is one of Evening Standard's Cool Things To Do in London This Week. Updated 20/1

Sunday Times reports that a David Tennant recording introduced Labour's Ed Miliband speech this week. However it is unclear if this was a new or his old recording for Labour. Updated 19/1

Victoria News posted some details about Gracepoint filming in Sidney, BC (with photos by @Isabelle130). Updated 18/1

Radio Times looks at the NTA nominees including the three categories David Tennant is involved in, plus Doctor Who. Updated 18/1

Radio Times reports that BBC film critic Barry Norman would like more character-driven drama on TV such as Broadchurch. Updated 17/1

David Tennant in Richard II is mentioned in The Guardian article about live versus filmed theatre. They say that 60,000 people saw the screened performance in cinemas around the world. Updated 17/1

Olivia Colman will be a guest on The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10.35pm on BBC One.
Belfast Telegraph picks up on Olivia saying on the programme that she would have liked to have been asked to be in the US remake of Broadchurch called Gracepoint. Updated 17/1

Dorset Echo reports that there will be a convention weekend for fans of Broadchurch. Updated 16/1

Overnight it was announced that Kendrick Sampson has joined the cast of Gracepoint as Dean Iverson. Updated 16/1

David Tennant's absence from The Stage's 100 List is noted in a reader's letter this week. Updated 15/1

Daily Express has a photo of David Tennant in an article about Martin Shaw saying that police dramas are 'too predictable.' Updated 15/1

The Day Of The Doctor was the most watched programme on BBC iPlayer for the whole of 2013! Updated 14/1

Digital Spy suggests David Tennant as a possibility to play Commissioner Gordon in new US Fox series Gotham. Updated 14/1

Gracepoint will end differently compared to Broadchurch according to Fox Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly at the Television Critics Association Press Tour today. Updated 13/1

In an article about Sherlock, Radio Times reports that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is still the most tweeted about TV episode ever! (Broadchurch is high in the charts too.) Updated 13/1

David Tennant has supported Garden Re-Leaf Day's Gardening Quiz by recording a round of questions. Updated 13/1

David Tennant article about NTAs in Radio Times this week. Updated 13/1

Huffington Post looks at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary year. Updated 13/1

There is a photo of David Tennant in Sydney Morning Herald in an article about visiting Shakespeare sites in England. Updated 12/1

'Charismatic' David Tennant is included in Daily Telegraph article about leading men on the stage. Updated 12/1

Indie London has reviewed the second episode of Dolphins - Spy In The Pod. Updated 11/1

The Times Colonist has an article about Gracepoint filming which starts with the question 'Is there any actor in Hollywood who will not be working on Gracepoint when Fox’s 10-part remake of the British crime series Broadchurch starts shooting here at the end of the month?' It also uses the phrase 'a cast already top-heavy with big names' and says that Gracepoint will shoot in locations from Oak Bay Village to the Saanich Peninsula 'with the region doubling chiefly as the sleepy coastal California town of the title where the murder investigation takes place.' Updated 10/1

C21 Media also reports that Broadchurch was also one of the most time-shifted imported shows on Australian free-to-air networks in 2013. Updated 10/1

Both Doctor Who and Broadchurch are included in The Telegraph article about a quarter of all viewers watching on catch-up. Updated 10/1

Both David Tennant and Olivia Colman for Broadchurch are included in USA Today Golden Age of TV Acting. Updated 10/1

The Independent has a review of Dolphins - Spy In The Pod which includes 'soothing Scots coo of narrator David Tennant.' Updated 10/1

A new book titled The Who's Who Of Doctor Who is now available. Updated 9/1

Hackney Citizen has a new review of Richard II which includes the phrases 'David Tennant is a brilliant Richard II' and 'The production follows an acclaimed run in Stratford and marks a new tie-up between the RSC and the Barbican for which this sets a very high standard.' Updated 9/1

David Tennant's 23 Radio Times covers in one picture. Updated 8/1

Broadchurch is one of RTE's Top TV Picks For January (in the Republic Of Ireland). Updated 8/1

David Tennant is on the cover of the Radio Times for the 23rd time. Updated 7/1

Daily Mail has an article about Dolphins - Spy In The Pod (about the 3,000 - 5,000 dolphin superpod). Updated 3/1

IndieLondon gave Dolphins - Spy In The Pod a 4 star review. Updated 3/1

Stuff (in New Zealand) has a 4.5 star review of Doctor Who Series Two Blu-ray. Updated 3/1

The Telegraph gives Dolphins - Spy In The Pod 4 stars in its review. Updated 3/1

Daily Mail includes Broadchurch in its Must-see TV Of 2014. Updated 3/1

Both Doctor Who and Broadchurch are included in Metro's 5 Returning Shows Not To Be Missed. Updated 2/1

David Tennant is one of The Loop's (in Canada) Names To Watch in 2014 (for both Broadchurch and Gracepoint). Updated 2/1

Broadchurch starts broadcasting in The Netherlands and South Africa this week. Updated 2/1

Broadchurch is included in The Stage's Review of 2013 In Television. Updated 2/1

The Chronicle (in Australia) includes Broadchurch in its list of 'wonderful' new TV in 2013. The article describes it as 'intense, powerful stuff' and starts with 'David Tennant showed what a compelling actor he is.' Updated 2/1

Anglophenia has a Catching Up With Broadchurch article (which includes Gracepoint). Updated 1/1

Detroit News lists David Tennant in its list of The 15 Most Fascinating TV People Of 2013. Updated 1/1

WalesOnline reports that the finale of Broadchurch was the top television drama moment of 2013 on Twitter by attracting 260,000 tweets. Updated 1/1

Anglophenia lists Broadchurch Series Two and Gracepoint as Things to Look Forward To in 2014. Updated 1/1

Broadchurch is listed by Sydney Morning Herald as a Returning Show To Savour In 2014 and they call it 'Perhaps the best British drama in years'. Updated 1/1

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