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David Tennant - Gracepoint
David Tennant and Anna Gunn from Gracepoint

David Tennant stars in the American remake of Broadchurch by the channel Fox. The remake is called Gracepoint.

Filming started in late January in Canada and David will play the same role but as an American detective called Emmett Carver. Anna Gunn will play the role made famous by Olivia Colman, Ellie Miller.

It will be broadcast on Fox in the US on Thursday evenings at 9pm starting on 2nd October 2014 and will be 10 episodes in length.
One of the ITV channels will broadcast it in the UK soon after the initial US transmission.

The official trailer has been posted to YouTube by Fox TV.

On Monday 12th May 2014 David Tennant attended the Fox TV Fan Front and Upfront in New York City.

On Sunday 20th July 2014 David Tennant attended the Gracepoint panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills, California.

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August 2014
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July 2014
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TV line has posted a new Gracepoint video mainly showing David Tennant's character at the press conference.
Unfortunately it only plays in the US. Updated 29/7

Gracepoint poster

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Belfast Telegraph reports that David Tennant said he would be "shot in the head" if he revealed details about Broadchurch Series Two and he explains why he HAD to do Gracepoint. Updated 25/7

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David Tennant will attend the Gracepoint panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour today in Beverly Hills, California. Updated 20/7

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Gracepoint start date has been announced for Thursday 2nd October in the US on FOX TV at 9pm. Updated 10/7

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