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David Tennant on Good Day LA
Tuesday 11th November 2014

David Tennant - Good Day LA

David Tennant was a guest on the breakfast show Good Day LA on FOX Television on Tuesday 11th November.

David was on the show to promote Gracepoint and Doctor Who was also discussed.

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A new photo of David Tennant at Good Day LA yesterday was posted to Twitter. This one was with Adam West (Batman!) and a PR guy. Updated 12/11

A photo of David Tennant with presenter Lisa Breckenridge from Good Day LA has been posted to Twitter. Updated 12/11

Photos and video (which plays worldwide) of David Tennant interview on Good Day LA today. Updated 11/11

The programme posted more photos of David Tennant on Good Morning LA to Twitter here and here. Updated 11/11

Before David's interview on Good Day LA, Adam West (Batman!) was interviewed and a photo of the two of them together was been posted to Twitter here. Updated 11/11

Photos of David Tennant on Good Day LA have been posted to Twitter here and here. Updated 11/11

It wasn't announced prior to today, but this morning David Tennant was interviewed on the FOX Television breakfast show Good Day LA.
David was interviewed to promote Gracepoint but he was also asked about Doctor Who and a clip from The Day Of The Doctor was shown at the start of his interview. Updated 11/11

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