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July to September 2013

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September 2013
Large billboards for The Tunnel (a new drama on on Sky) say it is 'From the makers of Broadchurch' (although it is not written by Chris Chibnall). Updated 30/9

An audio of Simon Russell Beale discussing David Tennant in Hamlet from 2008 has been posted to The Space. Updated 30/9

David Tennant has won the Best Actor Award and Broadchurch has won the Best Drama Award at the fan-voted online Spanish Bee Watcher Awards. Updated 30/9

Daily Mail has photos and an article about David's hair extensions. The article actual quotes one of our tweets (which we posted as we were recieving so many questions about his hair)!
'However the Twitter user @David_Tennant, which provides up-to-date news on the star, was quick to dispel people's questions over the new hair.
They wrote: 'To answer all the queries David Tennant has hair extensions for Richard II (10 Oct - 25 Jan). His hair will be loose (no ponytail) on stage.'
' Updated 30/9

Radio Times have added photos of David Tennant and Catherine Tate at the BFI Tenth Doctor screening today. Updated 29/9

The Guardian has an article about whether the the UK undervalues quality TV programming, in which the TV editor of Heat magazine thinks Broadchurch could be a contender for the BAFTA Drama Award. Updated 29/9

Metro asks 'Doctor Who: Teasing about The Day of the Doctor continues but can they keep up the hype?' Updated 29/9

The Independent lists Richard II as an Autumn Theatre Highlight. Updated 29/9

The Guardian has an article titled 'Fifty years of Doctor Who: how I fell in love with a timelord.' Updated 28/9

The Guardian interviews David Tennant's Doctor Who companions Billie Piper, Catherine Tate and Freema Agyeman. Updated 28/9

Financial Times has an interview with Greg Doran about Stratford-upon-Avon, Richard II, The RSC and Hamlet with David Tennant. Updated 27/9

Metro article titled 'Broadchurch’s US remake could outdo UK original claims Chris Chibnall.' Updated 27/9

Radio Times article titled 'Why I love Doctor Who…' Updated 27/9

The Guardian has video interviews with previous companions in Doctor Who (including Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman). Updated 27/9

Radio Times reports that US fans have set up a petition to have the Empire State Building in New York turn "TARDIS blue" on 23rd November. Updated 27/9

The Telegraph has an article titled 'Why is there so much Shakespeare on stage?' with references to David Tennant's Hamlet and Richard II. Updated 27/9

Starpulse has insightful 7 Thoughts On Broadchurch. The article contains SPOILERS. Updated 26/9

As it is 10 years to the day since the announcement that Doctor Who would return, Digital Spy looks at the Russell T Davies era (with videos). Updated 26/9

Some great comments by US fans after the Broadchurch finale have been compiled by Radio Times. Updated 26/9

Radio Times have an article about what they know about The Day Of The Doctor so far. (The article contains SPOILERS.) Updated 26/9

Radio Times want to know why fans love Doctor Who for an article. Updated 26/9

Doctor Who News reports that UKTV in Australia and New Zealand will broadcast the David Tennant / Tenth Doctor episodes in October as part of their 50th Anniversary season. Updated 26/9

The full Entertainment Weekly interview with Chris Chibnall has been posted. It names the killer in Broadchurch but gives some extra details than in any of his UK interviews. Updated 26/9

Entertainment Weekly has a brief interview with Chris Chibnall (more will be added after broadcast of the final episode on BBC America tonight) and an exclusive Broadchurch clip. Updated 25/9

Hypable believes that Series Two of 'Broadchurch will be 'a reboot of sorts.' However, it is not confirmed David is in it yet! Updated 25/9

Digital Spy lists David Tennant as a possible contender for the part of Commissioner Gordon in a Batman TV spinoff called Gotham! Updated 25/9

Radio Times reports that David Tennant's The Doctors Revisited (Tenth Doctor) will be on Watch on Sunday 10th November at 2pm followed by a showing of The Stolen Earth and Journey's End.
The other episodes of The Doctors Revisited which include David are:
Saturday 12th October - 2pm The First Doctor
Sunday 13th October - 2pm The Second Doctor
Saturday 19th October - 2pm The Third Doctor
Sunday 20th October - 2pm The Fourth Doctor
Saturday 26 October - 2pm The Fifth Doctor Updated 25/9

What's On Stage has some exclusive rehearsal photos of Richard II. Updated 25/9

Broadchurch is also one of Los Angeles Times TV Highlights for today. Updated 25/9

HitFix has a new interview with Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker about Broadchurch. Updated 25/9

New York Times also lists Broadchurch in its What's On Wednesday section. Updated 25/9

USA Today chooses 'Summer's best TV series' Broadchurch as one of its Top TV Picks and hopes that the Fox remake chooses actors as good as David Tennant and Olivia Colman. Updated 25/9

Daily Record has a large photo of David Tennant signing autographs last night.

Evening Standard also has a photo of David Tennant at the Sunshine On Leith screening yesterday. Updated 24/9

Doctor Who is one of the programmes 30,000 readers of Radio Times voted for their ultimate night of television. Updated 24/9

The Independent has a review of School Reunion as part of its Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration. Updated 24/9

Daily Mail has a photo of David Tennant at the Sunshine On Leith screening last night. Updated 24/9

Kasterborous has reported that the New Zealand Doctor Who 50th Anniversary coin is now available in UK too. Updated 23/9

The Independent has a great article about the techniques behind the making of Dolphin – Spy in the Pod. It also says it is likely to broadcast around Christmas. Updated 23/9

The BBC has announced that David Tennant will narrate another John Downer Production nature documentary. This one will be called Dolphin: Spy In The Pod and will broadcast as two 1 hour programmes on BBC One. Updated 23/9

Penguins Spy In The Huddle is the top pick for next Saturday by The Age in Australia. Updated 22/9

Penguins - Spy In The Huddle is a Sydney Morning Herald Critic's Choice today as it is starting to be shown in Australia. Updated 21/9

David Tennant is included in the Evening Standard list of most influential Londoners. Updated 20/9

Digital Spy has Steven Moffat's acceptance speech for the Doctor Who Outstanding Contribution Award at the recent TV Choice Awards including David Tennant saying a few words at the end. Updated 20/9

A blog in Metro has an article titled 'Five questions we want answers to in The Day Of The Doctor 50th Anniversary Special.' Updated 20/9

Daily Star reports that The Choir's Gareth Malone and his New Voices Choir will perform the Broadchurch theme at the Classical Awards on 2nd October. Updated 20/9

BroadwayWorld has an interview about Richard II rehearsals with Jane Lapotaire who plays the Duchess of Gloucester. Updated 20/9

Scans of David Tennant in TV Choice this week from their award ceremony. Updated 19/9

Anglophenia reports that Hulu Plus in the US will show loads of British TV programmes including Doctor Who and Twenty Twelve. Updated 19/9

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are in The Telegraph's Top 10 Benedick and Beatrice great interpretations. Updated 19/9

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Arthur Darvill about Broadchurch and one of the questions was about working with David Tennant. Updated 18/9

TV Guide in the US calls Broadchurch 'The summer's most gripping series.' Updated 18/9

Voting has opened for the TV Times Awards 2013. Broadchurch, David Tennant and Olivia Colman have all been nominated. Updated 17/9

Radio Today has announced that the BBC Audio Drama Awards are now open for submissions (by companies in the industry only). David Tennant is eligible and MAY host the award ceremony for the third time. It will be heald on Sunday 26th January. Updated 17/9

Norwich newspaper reports that a man could face jail after selling fake autographs of Doctor Who actors (including David Tennant). Updated 17/9

David Tennant is one of the '4 Things To Like About Broadchurch' according to TV Equals. Updated 16/9

Metro asks How Many Doctors Are In The Day Of The Doctor? This is after Peter Davison made some ambigious comments last week. Updated 16/9

Doctor Who Scream Of The Shalka is released on DVD today in the UK and tomorrow in the US. (David Tennant has s cameo role in it.) PopMatters explains the story behind the cartoon. Updated 16/9

Michigan Daily have a great review of Broadchurch which concludes with 'Perfectly composed, the series will remind you of what TV can be when it stops trying so hard. And come on, it’s David Tennant.' Updated 16/9

The Escape Artist and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special are both in The Independent's 'Autumn's television gold: 30 of the best.' Updated 15/9

Richard II is the top theatre item in Sunday Times Autumn's top 100 'unmissable events.' Updated 15/9

The Telegram writes 'I can’t remember the last time I watched a season of a show twice through at a marathon pace and enjoyed every minute — both times.' Updated 14/9

The Daily Beast includes Broadchurch in its look at murder dramas set in small towns. Updated 14/9

Radio Times has an article about the £70 replica of David Tennant’s sonic screwdriver which can can control audio and TV devices. It is an exact replica as David lent his souvenir to The Wand Company after the BBC said that he had been given one – and admitted they had lost the spare! David will be given the first replica once it is released onto the market early next month. Updated 14/9

Broadway World reports that The RSC trailer for Richard II will be played in cinemas all around the world. Updated 14/9

Radio Times reports that Watch will broadcast in the UK BBC America's series The Doctors Revisited starting in the second week of October. David Tennant is interviewed in episodes one to five and is expected to appear in the one about the Tenth Doctor too. Updated 13/9

Yahoo article mentions that both David Tennant and David Bowie have been RUMOURED to appear in Hannibal. Updated 13/9

Radio Times reports that BBC Worldwide has the biggest Christmas Doctor Who merchandise collection ever. Updated 13/9

The Guardian says that David Tennant has 'pulling power whatever the play' and that people would see him read the telephone directory! Updated 12/9

Evening Standard reports that David Tennant watched an intimate Elton John gig last night in London. Updated 12/9

David Tennant in Richard II is a highlighted event in the Fodors Travel article Fall 2013 Guide To London. Updated 12/9

The Hollywood Reporter previews episode six of Broadchurch and has a new clip from the episode. Updated 11/9

Radio Times has an in depth analysis of the promo poster for The Day Of The Doctor. Updated 11/9

TV Choice magazine have posted lots of photos from the awards last night including David Tennant, Doctor Who and the Broadchurch team. Updated 10/9

Radio Times have also announced that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will be called The Day Of The Doctor and will last about 75 minutes. Updated 10/9

Radio Times announced that Catherine Tate will join David Tennant at the BFI Tenth Doctor screening on Sunday 29th September. The other guests are director Graeme Harper, producer Phil Collinson and casting director Andy Pryor. Updated 10/9

Digital Spy article has the title 'Doctor Who, Broadchurch win big at TVChoice Awards 2013.' Updated 10/9

Mirror article has the title 'TV Choice Awards: David Tennant edges out Matt Smith in battle of the Time Lord actors, but Doctor Who still picks up two gongs.' Updated 10/9

Also Doctor Who won the Outstanding Contribution To TV Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight. Updated 9/9

David Tennant WON the Best Actor Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight for Broadchurch!!! Updated 9/9

Doctor Who won the Best Drama Series Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight. Updated 9/9

Broadchurch won the Best New Drama Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight!
A photo of David Tennant, Olvia Colman, Chris Chibnall etc collecting the award. Updated 9/9

London 24 reports that a Freedom Of Information request about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special has revealed some interesting filming technical details. (It contains minor SPOILERS.) Updated 9/9

David Tennant won the Digital Spy Favourite Ever Doctor poll with over 50% of all the votes cast! Updated 9/9

The Guardian interviews John Hurt where he says some nice things about David Tennant (and Matt Smith) when filming the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Updated 8/9

The Media Eye today tweeted that David Tennant is confirmed to attend the TVChoice Awards on Monday at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
Broadchurch, David Tennant and Olivia Colman have all been nominated for awards. Updated 6/9

Digital Spy discusses the merits of the Tenth Doctor in an article titled 'Doctor Who at 50: Is David Tennant the greatest Doctor of all?' Updated 6/9

The Independent compares The Guilty with Broadchurch with Broadchurch coming out on top. Updated 6/9

EntertainmentWise has an article titled 'Catherine Tate: 'Is There Any Other Doctor Beside David Tennant?' Updated 5/9

Live screenings in the US of Richard II is the 'Broadway Buzz' on Broadway.com today. Updated 4/9

The Hollywood Reporter has a brief interview with Chris Chibnall about the significance of the fifth episode of Broadchurch which airs on BBC America tonight. Updated 4/9

Broadchurch is one of Lansing State Journal's 'Must See TV' for tonight. Updated 4/9

TV Guide this week has a small item about David Tennant in Broadchurch. Updated 3/9

David Tennant in The RSC production of RichardII is one of Mark Shenton's Autumn Theatre Highlights in The Stage. Updated 3/9

A great review of the whole series of Broadchurch has been posted by The Drum in Australia. Updated 2/9

Michael Billington in The Guardian chooses the best theatre for the autumn including Richard II. Updated 1/9

Orlando Sentinel reports that Earthflight starts on PBS in the US on Wednesday at 8pm, although it may be redubbed and therefore not be narrated by David Tennant. Updated 1/9

August 2013
A Sydney Morning Herald article on viewer figures for drama in Australia has the title 'Broadchurch finale brings a Friday night miracle'. Updated 31/8

Playbill reports that stars (including David Tennant) are 'turning out for Shakespeare this Fall.' Updated 31/8

This time it's The Hollywood Reporter who thinks Broadchurch is worth binge-watching! Updated 31/8

TV Guide reports that a David Tennant animated likeness will appear in a sketch called Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Cartoon Network in the US on Monday at 8.30am ET. That page has a video clip of the episode. Updated 30/8

In Canada, after the broadcast of the final episode, The Star believes that Broadchurch 'pulled it off.' The article contains a minor SPOILER. Updated 30/8

In the US AV Club says Broadchurch is a series worth 'binge-watching.' Updated 30/8

Daily Telegraph in Australia picks Broadchurch as one of its TV Picks for tonight. Updated 30/8

The Escape Artist is included in a Daily Mail article on 'bumper' autumn TV releases.
The article also uses the promo photo below: Updated 30/8

David Tennant in The Escape Artist

Yahoo Finance reports that Nativity 2 - Danger in the Manger has been picked up by American Inception Media Group for release in the US. Updated 29/8

Examiner review of episode 5 of Broadchurch says 'it couldn't be better!' Updated 29/8

Digital Spy have a 'Who is the greatest Doctor of them all?' poll which David Tennant is currently winning with 45.65% of the votes cast. Updated 29/8

ShotsMag reports that David Tennant has been nominated for the Best Actor Dagger in the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards.
Broadchurch has been nominated for the TV Dagger Award, Andrew Buchan for Best Supporting Actor Dagger, Pauline Quirke for Best Supporting Actress Dagger and Olivia Colman for Best Actress Dagger.
The Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2013 will be announced on Thursday 24th October at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London and will be televised on ITV3 on 29th October at 9pm. Updated 29/8

TheGlobeAndMail reports that more people (450,000) watched Broadchurch in Canada than the MTV Music awards! Updated 29/8

ABC says that Simone Mcaullay will be in Broadchurch Series Two. There is still no announcement yet about David Tennant. Updated 29/8

As well as the blurb inside, there is a small photo of David Tennant on the front of Radio Times this week.
A close-up of the photo. Updated 29/8

Babble headline says 'You Should Be Watching Broadchurch.' Updated 29/8

Entertainment Weekly have added a 'sneak peak' video from tonight's episode of Broadchurch on BBC America. The video plays worldwide and contains possible spoilers. Updated 28/8

MStars has more RUMORS about a returning character in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. However filming has wrapped already! Updated 28/8

Marketing Magazine reports that the BT complaint about Virgin Media's TV advert starring David Tennant has been thrown out by the ASA. Updated 28/8

The New York Times previews Broadchurch in its Television 'What's on Wednesday' guide. Updated 28/8

Metro says Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is one of Autumn TV Highlights. Updated 28/8

Broadchurch is Mansfield New Journal's Tonight's Must See TV. Updated 28/8

Broadchurch is a Los Angeles Times TV highlight for tonight. Updated 28/8

There's a small item about The Escape Artist in the issue of Radio Times which was published today. Updated 27/8

TVCanada has a SPOILER review of Broadchurch which concludes with 'I’m SO glad I got into Broadchurch, from the compelling storyline to the amazing acting of both David Tennant and Olivia Colman.' Updated 27/8

The Legend Of Fritton's Gold (St Trinian's 2) movie is released on VOD in the US today. (It will be released on video soon.) Updated 27/8

TVTonight has an article about how Broadchurch picked up nearly another quarter of its audience in timeshifted viewing in Australia. It also says 'Broadchurch has gained between 22.1% – 26.9% every week for the last month, indicating a big audience who aren’t watching it on Friday nights but are still drawn to the show.' Updated 27/8

Edmonton Journal says of Broadchurch 'this is dramatic, finely tuned storytelling.' Updated 26/8

New York Post describes Broadchurch as 'one of the best TV murder mystery series in recent memory.' Updated 26/8

Yesterday The Guardian listed David Tennant in Richard II as one of its Arts Highlights for the Autumn. Updated 25/8

Former producer Phil Collinson spoke about how he's looking forward to seeing David Tennant and Matt Smith in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special according to a recap by CultBox about the Ninth Doctor screening at the BFI today. Updated 24/8

There is a new photo of David Tennant in Weekend magazine from The Escape Artist Updated 24/8

David Tennant in The Escape Artist

Broadchurch is Montreal Gazette's Top TV Pick which it describes as 'Broadchurch has been, quite simply, exquisite.' The review ends with 'In a year that has already given us Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland and The Killing’s finest season, Broadchurch stands apart.' Updated 24/8

The Province (from Canada) calls Broadchurch 'a standout TV drama.' Updated 24/8

The Guardian reports that Broadchurch has won the New Programme Award at the Edinburgh International Television Festival today. Also writer Chris Chibnall was named Industry Standout Talent Of The Year and ITV won the Channel Of The Year Award. Updated 23/8

The Examiner review of episode four of Broadchurch starts with 'If you're not watching Broadchurch yet, you should be.' Updated 23/8

The Sydney Morning Herald describes Broadchurch as 'the best (English-speaking) drama of the year.' Updated 23/8

Series 2 of Broadchurch will 'not be a formulaic repeat of series one' said ITV director of television Peter Fincham today at the Edinburgh International Television Festival according to The Stage. Updated 23/8

Brisbane Times says that Broadchurch is the most recorded programme on Australian TV at the moment! Updated 23/8

David Tennant in The Escape Artistfrom TV Choice magazine There is a photo of David Tennant from The Escape Artist in TV Choice magazine this week (see right). Updated 24/8

Steven Moffat mentions David Tennant and his Tenth Doctor in an interview about Doctor Who with World Screen. Updated 22/8

Chesil Beach (which leads to West Bay where Broadchurch was filmed) is named #42 in UK's Top 50 Landmarks according to an article in The Mirror. Updated 22/8

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 464 is published today with a look at the David Tennant / Tenth Doctor episode Blink. Updated 22/8

An article on OfficialLondonTheatre.co.uk about Richard II casting mainly focuses on Nigel Lindsay who will play Bolingbroke. Updated 21/8

US TV Guide magazine says some lovely things about David Tennant in regards to Broadchurch. Updated 21/8

Entertainment Weekly have posted a 'sneak peek' clip of Mark's interrogation from episode three of Broadchurch, plus that page has a poll for who viewers think the killer is based on what they have seen so far. Updated 21/8

The Australian website The Age has an interview with Simone McAullay about Broadchurch. Updated 21/8

Broadchurch is one of Los Angeles Times TV Highlights for tonight. Updated 21/8

USA Today calls Broadchurch 'The best new show of the summer and, for that matter, the upcoming fall.' Updated 21/8

David Tennant in The Escape Artist What Culture has its list of The Best Tenth Doctor Episodes. Updated 20/8

Radio Times has a small photo of David Tennant to promote their next issue. Updated 20/8

There is a photo of David Tennant (from The Escape Artist) on the front cover of Total TV Guide which was published today with a small blurb inside about it being broadcast in the autumn. Updated 20/8

Orlando Sentinel believes 'You're going to see Broadchurch on many best-of-year lists for its brilliant writing and acting.' Updated 19/8

A Swedish review of Broadchurch concludes with 'another British hit series in Swedish television.' Updated 19/8

The Telegraph includes Broadchurch in an article about 'miserable dramas.' Updated 19/8

With David Tennant being the best selling Doctor on eBay, Metro asks the question "Why is David Tennant still the nation's favourite Doctor?" Updated 19/8

Middle East North Africa Financial Network writes 'If you haven't been watching Broadchurch on BBC America, add it to your watchlist immediately.' Updated 19/8

Entertainment Weekly have a brief interview with David Tennant about filming the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Updated 18/8

Amazon now lists the hardback book Doctor Who: The Vault to be released 5 days early on Thursday 24th October. Updated 18/8

Republican American writes about the 'excellent characterizations and intricate plotting' of Broadchurch. Updated 18/8

Radio Times has an article titled 'Top of the Lake, Southcliffe and Broadchurch have turned small towns into killing fields.' Updated 17/8

Lancaster Evening Post reports that Lancaster's Dukes Theatre will screen Richard II a week later than the recording - on Wednesday 20th November. Updated 17/8

The Independent even remarks on The New Yorker posting a positive review of the British drama Broadchurch (the item is near the bottom of the column). Updated 17/8

BBC America has announced a schedule change for Broadchurch so that there is now no break on 4th September and instead it will be broadcast over eight consecutive weeks to end on Wednesday 25th September. Updated 16/8

David Tennant's production of Hamlet is one of Anglophenia's Shakespeare Adaptations You Can View Online. Updated 16/8

Broadchurch is listed as an example of 'high-end fare on cable' by The Hollywood Reporter. Updated 16/8

The Sun has run a poll about which was the most depressing show on television and 5% of the people voted for Broadchurch. EastEnders was top with 11% of those who voted. Updated 16/8

'Broadchurch is the best murder mystery on TV' writes Dallas News. Updated 15/8

Radio Times says that the Dylan Thomas Festival in Wales will have a Doctor Who Day on 2nd November. Updated 15/8

Radio Times reported that the Twelfth Doctor announcement saw an 80% increase in Matt Smith memorabilia sales on eBay but it was 'not enough to beat David Tennant.' Updated 14/8

The Independent has a photo of David Tennant's 'neat beard' in their 'brilliant beards' section! Updated 14/8

Jenna Coleman has spoken to Zap2It about the great atmosphere on the set of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Updated 14/8

Examiner.com gives episode 2 of Broadchurch a five star review. Updated 14/8

Broadchurch is Reno's Must See TV for tonight. Updated 14/8

St Louis Post-Despatch describes Broadchurch as 'one of the most riveting dramas of the year.' Updated 14/8

Philly.com has an interview with Olivia Colman where she discusses Broadchurch and working with David Tennant. Updated 14/8

Episode 2 of Broadchurch is mentioned briefly in both The New York Times and Boston.com. Updated 14/8

The Mirror has an article on what is classed as a spoiler nowadays. Be warned that it NAMES THE KILLER in Broadchurch. Updated 13/8

Radio Times poll to vote for Greatest TV Night Ever - Drama is open. Both Doctor Who and Broadchurch have been nominated. Updated 13/8

There is a great article in The Scotsman about how Doctor Who will always continue. Updated 13/8

ITV reports that both Doctor Who and Broadchurch are in the running for the title of greatest British TV drama of all time which is being compiled by Radio Times. Updated 13/8

'Broadchurch' is beautifully crafted: well filmed, well cast, well scored' says The New Yorker in its review. Updated 12/8

NPR have posted the full transcript of David Tennant's interview about Broadchurch. Updated 12/8

'Broadchurch was the best British drama since Sherlock' says Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison in The Guardian. Updated 12/8

Nigel Lindsay mentions that he’s playing Bolingbroke in Richard II in an interview in The Jewish Chronicle. Updated 12/8

A David Tennant Radio Times cover is featured in the Museum of London Radio Times exhibit in the Doctor Who section. Updated 12/8

Broadchurch is top of the Metacritic charts. It has a score of 91 out of 100 based on reviews by 29 critics. Updated 11/8

Both Doctor Who and Broadchurch are listed in The Guardian's Guide to TV Location Tours. Updated 11/8

SF Gate writes about the number of complaints received about Broadchurch on BBC America.....about the number of commercials in their broadcasts! Updated 11/8

A photo of David Tennant and Ben Miller was posted in the Scottish Sun today (behind a paywall). It was taken during the time they filmed What We Did On Our Holiday together. Updated 10/8

Baltimore City Paper says Broadchurch is 'impeccably written, acted, and produced.' Updated 10/8

WatchListNews have posted a new video interview with Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker which includes clips of Broadchurch. Updated 10/8

The Bridport News paper has a photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman on the front page about Broadchurch. Updated 9/8

Arthur Darvill reveals in an interview in MTV Geek that he will be in Series Two of Broadchurch. He also discusses Doctor Who. Updated 9/8

Huffington Post has an article titled 'Broadchurch Set To Make Global Stars Of Colman and Tennant. US Critics Rave About British Drama.' Updated 9/8

The Telegram (in Canada) describes Broadchurch as 'brilliant' and concludes with 'I can’t wait until Sunday.' Updated 9/8

The repeat of episode 1 of Broadchurch on BBC America tonight is top of The Boston Globe's TV Picks for today. Updated 9/8

Time Magazine describes Broadchurch as 'excellent, most of all for how it treats the living.' Updated 9/8

David Tennant is mentioned in a letter in Evening Standard tonight as someone hopes Peter Capaldi (unlike David) can keep his Scottish accent in Doctor Who. Updated 8/8

Radio Times has an article titled 'Broadchurch - US critics love the ITV murder mystery' with the sub-title 'Olivia Colman and David Tennant’s crime drama has made its way to America and, boy, were they impressed....' Updated 8/8

TV.com says they thought that the first episode of Broadchurch was the weakest but the article title includes the words 'a Compelling Start for the Series.' Updated 8/8

Daily Beast describes Broadchurch is the 'best British import since fish and chips.' Updated 8/8

There's a great review of Broadchurch by The Hollywood Reporter which includes the description 'a textbook example of excellent writing, well-developed and complicated characters, superb acting, a perfect sense of place and, perhaps most important, just the right number of hours to tell a murder mystery without unnecessary padding or corner-cutting cheats.' Updated 8/8

Hitfix review of Broadchurch includes 'The performances are excellent throughout.' Updated 8/8

Zap2It has another new interview with David Tennant and Chris Chibnall about #Broadchurch. Updated 7/8

Express has 10 Top Days Out On The Trail Of Doctor Who (includes 10th Doctor locations). Updated 7/8

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Chris Chibnall and David Tennant about Broadchurch.
When David is asked if he is in Series Two, he replied "I’m giving nothing away. Even if I did know if I was returning it would be above my pay grade to admit it." Updated 7/8

Slate.com has a review which Chris Chibnall tweeted got to the heart of the drama. Updated 7/8

TVRatingsUK says that Broadchurch is the UK's 8th highest viewed programme of 2013 so far. Updated 7/8

C21Media says that Broadchurch will also be shown in Russia (Channel One), France (France 2), Norway (NRK), Latin America (OnDirecTV), Germany (ProSiebenSat.1 Media) and Sweden (on TV4 starting on 19th August). Updated 7/8

Los Angeles Times has a great review of Broadchurch. Updated 7/8

FastCoCreate has an article about how Broadchurch was produced. Updated 7/8

Scans of US TV Guide magazine about Broadchurch: First page and Second page. Updated 7/8

New York Daily News gives Broadchurch a 4 star review and describes it as 'well-written, well-produced and well-acted murder mystery.' Updated 7/8

ContactMusic article has the title 'Broadchurch Airs In US To Excited Reviews.' Updated 7/8

New York Times says Broadchurch stands out among the crowd (of murder mysteries). Updated 7/8

USA Today describes Broadchurch as 'awe-inspiringly exceptional' and 'bloody brilliant!' Updated 7/8

Indiewire's review has the title 'How BBC America's New Drama Broadchurch Outdoes The Killing.' Updated 7/8

The title of Orlando Sentinel's review is 'Broadchurch ranks with summer's best. Updated 7/8

The Washington Post uses the phrase Broadchurch is 'among the best detective shows — and perhaps even among the best dramas — in several years. It will break your heart and keep you guessing all the way through.' in its review. Updated 7/8

Broadchurch and Low Winter Sun are compared by The Huffington Post and 'outstanding' Broadchurch easily wins. Updated 7/8

Review in The Boston Globe of Broadchurch has the title 'A town undone.' Updated 7/8

TV.com writes about how addictive Broadchurch is as he only intended to watch 1 or 2 episodes and has now watched 5! Updated 6/8

'Broadchurch displays impressive emotional depth and maturity' writes Philly.com. Updated 6/8

A new photo of David Tennant from The Escape Artist has been posted in an article by Film Music Reporter about the news that Nicholas Hooper will score the drama. Updated 6/8

Broadchurch has won CultBoxTV's poll for which new show of 2013 fans are most looking forward to returning with 46% of the votes cast. Updated 6/8

What We Did On Our Holiday is mentioned in an article by Herald Scotland about filming in Glasgow's Film City. Updated 6/8

Chicago Sun-Times has Broadchurch top of its Key Viewing article. Updated 6/8

Buzzfeed has an interview with Olivia Colman about Broadchurch and working with David Tennant. Updated 5/8

David Tennant is mentioned today in most newspapers this morning in regards to Peter Capaldi being named as the Twelfth Doctor e.g. The Guardian. Updated 5/8

According to a News Corp poll this morning, David Tennant is by far the most popular Doctor with fans. Updated 5/8

Ottawa Citizen's review of Broadchurch is titled 'Bright seacoast, dark mystery.' Updated 4/8

My San Antonio writes Broadchurch is an 'intricate, edge-of-your-seat whodunit, full of vivid characters and powerful portrayals.' Updated 4/8

David Tennant is winning a poll today on The Independent for favourite Doctor Who today. Currently David has 62% of the votes cast. Updated 4/8

Anglophenia has an article which showed how the previous four Doctors were announced. Updated 4/8

'Broadchurch is a stunning achievement in great writing and powerful acting' writes Telegram.com. Updated 4/8

The Telegraph looks at the 5 most memorable regenerations including both of those involving David Tennant. Updated 4/8

'Broadchurch is a compelling murder mystery miniseries' is the title in Standard Examiner's detailed review. Updated 4/8

Broadchurch is Arizona Daily Star's Don't Miss TV for Wednesday. Updated 4/8

It is not confirmed but TV and Satellite Week magazine list The Escape Artist to be screened in October in their Coming Soon section this week. Updated 3/8

Digital Journal review has the title 'Why Broadchurch is the best whodunit on TV.' Updated 3/8

The Globe and Mail (in Canada) describes Broadchurch as ' terrific, gripping entertainment, expertly made and, in the early going (there are eight episodes, two shown weekly here), it is powerful and poignant.' Updated 3/8

Kasterborous reports that a new free Whotopia magazine is available to download. This issue includes the results of its readers' poll where Blink is voted the best Doctor Who episode. Updated 3/8

Telegraph writer Gavin Fuller places David Tennant his second best Doctor in his personal poll and says about him:
'Tennant gave us a charismatic Doctor who had regained his enthusiasm for life, but took his responsibilities as the last of his race seriously. Over his four years Tennant was also able to show us just what a good actor he is, giving his Doctor the greatest emotional range of any so far. Easily one of the great Doctors, Tennant enabled the series to regain a central place in the public consciousness over the past few years.' Updated 3/8

Canada.com says 'Broadchurch is one of the most alluring, compulsively addictive dramas you will see this year' in its preview. Updated 3/8

99 Words About Broadchurch in Las Vegas Review Journal ends with 'This is how a murder mystery should be done.' Updated 2/8

Daily Mail reports that David Tennant has had the third most Radio Times covers ever in its 90 year history with 19 (12 of those were for Doctor Who)!
He is only 1 behind Sir David Attenborough and 16 behind The Queen. Updated 2/8

Charlotte Observer has a great review of Broadchurch. Updated 1/8

Deadline.com report that the US station Fox will make an American remake of Broadchuch.
It will start filming in January but won’t air until the 2014-15 TV season.
Fox’s version will be executive produced by the writer Chris Chibnall. Updated 1/8

Variety describes Broadchurch as 'a grudgingly effective crime drama.' Updated 1/8

Winnipeg Free Press writes 'Broadchurch provides yet another reason for frantically clearing space on the overloaded PVR.' Updated 1/8

'Broadchurch is a gripping portrait of small-town paranoia' says Entertainment Weekly in a SPOILER review which indicates the killer. Updated 1/8

Broadchurch is a Sydney Morning Herald Top TV Pick which it describes as 'This is brilliant TV nd Tennant and Colman deliver performances that, once again, prove the small screen is the place to find the type of tense, high-quality drama that used to be at the cinema.' Updated 1/8

Las Vegas Weekly thinks 'Broadchurch' feels too drawn out to be involving.' Updated 1/8

Broadchurch is discussed in comparison with other recent TV crime shows on Grantland.com. Updated 1/8

July 2013
Broadchurch article by OCanada.com describes the drama as 'it might be one of the finest murder mysteries of its kind ever made.' Updated 31/7

SFX have a new interview with David Tennant on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Updated 31/7

The Doctor Who 50th Special is BBC's Autumn highlight reports TVTimes (via What's On TV). Unfortunately there is no mention of The Escape Artist in the article. Updated 31/7

Anglophenia have posted 13 Common Denominators Between Broadchurch and Doctor Who. Updated 30/7

Broadchurch is one of Torontoist's TV Picks For The Weekend. Updated 30/7

Huffington Post in Canada has an article titled 'Broadchurch Is The Place To Be.' Updated 29/7

In a recent interview on Buzzfeed Matt Smith described David Tennant as "He’s fantastic. He’s a fabulous bloke. He’s a fabulous Doctor, and our Doctors really get on. Actually, on and off screen, me and him get on really well. He’s a real pro and a good man. I have a lot of time for David." Updated 29/7

The Russell T Davies era wins Cult Box fan vote for favourite era of Doctor Who with 44% of the poll. Updated 29/7

Daily Star says David Tennant and Matt Smith's Doctors compare the size of their sonic screwdrivers in the Doctor Who 50th Special. Updated 29/7

Broadchurch is Mark Lawson's choice for Best TV Of 2013 according to an article in The Guardian. Updated 29/7

David Tennant's sell-out production of Hamlet is mentioned in an interview in The Mirror with Charlotte Cornwell about All's Well That Ends Well for The RSC. Updated 29/7

Winnipeg Free Press describes Broadchurch as the 'Big Event' for this week. Updated 28/7

Broadchurch is 'the talk of the press tour' according to SF Gate. Updated 27/7

The Guardian has an article which states that 'Broadchurch, the successful ITV drama series, has been credited with giving Dorset's Jurassic Coast a boost in tourism numbers.' Updated 27/7

The New York Post describes Broadchurch as 'riverting' and say 'the acting is top rate.' Updated 27/7

The BBC have issued a statement about showing the Doctor Who 50th Special trailer at ComicCon. Updated 27/7

The Sun says that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will air at 8pm in the UK on Saturday 23rd November and will be broadcast at exactly the same time all over the world. It is expected to be the biggest-ever global drama simulcast as it has been sold to 200 countries and is expected to reach more than 100 million viewers. Updated 26/7

Courier-Islander has the headline 'After gripping Britain, mystery drama Broadchurch starring David Tennant, to premiere in US.' Updated 25/7

Zap2It uses the title 'Broadchurch takes cues from The Killing ... the Danish version' for its preview. Updated 25/7

Pittsburgh Post Gazette has the headline 'Terrific murder mystery Broadchurch coming to BBC America.' Updated 25/7

Deadline.com says 'Broadchurch Will Have A Satisfying Conclusion Says Creator.' Updated 25/7

USA Today has the headline 'TV Doesn't Get Much Better Than Broadchurch.' Updated 25/7

Following the Television Critics Association panel in the US for BBC America for Broadchurch, Channel Guide Mag posted its preview. Updated 25/7

Radio Times reports that Russell T Davies is to auction an annotated David Tennant Doctor Who script of Midnight for charity. Also David Tennant signed Doctor Who scripts The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit are in the auction. Updated 25/7

Sydney Daily Herald has an article with the great headline 'when Broadchurch beat Elementary' about the Australian ratings for the week ending 20th July.
Broadchurch was 33rd for the week (overnights). Updated 25/7

Doctor Who Magazine 463 is published today with a look at the David Tennant episodes Human Nature and Family Of Blood. Updated 25/7

Broadchurch is one of The Daily Telegraph's (in Australia) Top TV Picks Of The Week. Updated 24/7

Doctor Who News reports that Doctor Who Magazine 463 (published tomorrow) will look at the David Tennant episodes Human Nature and Family Of Blood. Updated 24/7

Tampa Bay Times review of Broadchurch includes 'setting a standard other shows will be hard-pressed to match.' Updated 24/7

SPOILER as Radio Times says it has been told that another former Doctor will be in Doctor Who 50th Special. This has NOT been confirmed by anyone involved in the production. Updated 23/7

Radio Times explains why it believes that the Doctor Who 50th Special trailer was shown at ComicCon. Updated 23/7

The Mirror CLAIMS that David Tennant is on the show’s creator Brian Clemens wish list of actors to play Doyle in a movie version of The Professionals.
However the article states that the movie will start shooting before the end of 2013 and David will be playing Richard II on stage until 25th January 2014. Updated 22/7

Radio Times has an article about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer (which contains SPOILERS). Updated 21/7

In an article about Billy Connolly, Herald Scotland reports that filming on What We Did On Our Holiday moves to Gairloch, Wester Ross this week. Updated 21/7

CompareTheDalek.com has the chance to buy copies of the Radio Times over the years where David Tennant is on the front cover. Updated 20/7

Herald Scotland reports that Billy Connolly filmed What We Did On Our Holiday in Blair Drummond Safari Park, Stirling yesterday. There is no mention of David Tennant being on set. Updated 20/7

Metro chooses Time Crash as one of it's best Doctor Who multi-Doctor episodes. Updated 19/7

The Age (from Australia) describes Broadchurch as 'great television, full of restraint and nuance.' Updated 19/7

The Australian describes Broadchurch as 'addictive' and 'absorbing' in its preview. Updated 19/7

Paisley Daily Express reports on some lovely things said about David Tennant and that he will complete filming What We Did On Our Holiday this week. Updated 17/7

TV Guide in America has a review of Broadchurch which includes the phrase 'simultaneously one of the most well-written and acted shows I've ever seen, and one of the most horrifying. ' Updated 16/7

Clydebank Post has an article (dated 10th July but only posted online today) about David Tennant filming What We Did On Our Holiday in Scotstoun. Updated 15/7

Den Of Geek reports that composer Murray Gold says that there's something in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode 'which might be controversial… It's interesting.' Updated 15/7

Frazer Hines chooses David Tennant as one of his favourite Doctors in an interview in The Independent. Updated 15/7

Review of Broadchurch in Australian Guardian which compliments Chris Chibnall's writing. Updated 15/7

The New York Times has a new interview with David Tennant to promote Broadchurch.
David is asked things such as what he is currently reading, listening to and watching. Updated 13/7

'Superb British mystery series' Broadchurch is one of The Australian's Top TV Picks for this coming week. Updated 13/7

EntertainmentWise reports that Chris Chibnall has written the first and last scenes of Broadchurch Series Two! Updated 11/7

The Politician's Husband is one of Vulture's 5 Great International Shows That Should Be Streaming. Updated 11/7

InsideTV reports that Steven Moffat says the Doctor Who 50th episode could be called 'movie length' (as it is well over an hour). He also speaks about David Tennant and Matt Smith working together on the episode. Updated 10/7

In a different article WAToday describe Broadchurch as 'one of the best shows of its type this year.' Updated 10/7

Broadchurch is WAToday's Show Of The Week. Its review includes the comment 'excellent acting and production values.' Updated 10/7

Broadchurch is a TV Pick by Perth Now. The preview includes 'nice and moody and involving. A good one for Friday night.' Updated 10/7

Broadchurch is comfortably winning CultBoxTV 2013's new TV shows people are most looking forward to returning. It currently has 50% of the vote! Updated 9/7

Olivia Colman CONFIRMS to Digital Spy that she WILL be in Series Two of Broadchurch. However there is no news regarding whether David Tennant will be in it or not. Updated 8/7

Russell T Davies considered doing a live episode of Doctor Who according to Mark Gatiss in an interview in Radio Times. Updated 8/7

Fans have been asked to contribute items to a new Doctor Who exhibition in Bradford. Updated 8/7

Gympie Times (in Australia) describe Broadchurch as a 'must-watch new crime drama.' Updated 8/7

Olivia Colman describes David Tennant as 'An angel and absolute sweetheart' in an interview in The Guardian.
The interview also says that she is in the second series of Broadchurch although that has not been officially announced. Updated 7/7

Australian Daily Telegraph has an interview with Simone McAullay about Broadchurch. She uses the phrase 'David and Olivia are so well-known in the UK people would watch David read the phone book.' Updated 7/7

Australia's leading TV blog says Broadchurch 'ticks all the boxes' in its 4.5 star preview. Updated 7/7

The TV editor of The Australian has selected Broadchurch as his Pick Of The Week. Updated 7/7

Broadchurch is Sydney Morning Herald's Critic's Choice. Updated 7/7

Page 4 of The Times today has a photo of David Tennant as Casanova in an article (which is behind the paywall) called Raised Voices about librarians. Updated 6/7

David Tennant is on the cover of the current issue of Doctor Who Adventures Magazine (issue 324). Updated 6/7

David Tennant is on the cover of Doctor Who Adventures Magazine

Daily Mail reports that Broadchurch is listed as the fifth Most Memorable Moment In British TV Drama. Updated 5/7

The Sun reports that David Tennant regenerating into Matt Smith has been named the 6th Most Memorable Moment In British TV Drama. Updated 5/7

David Tennant is mentioned a couple of times in an interview with Bernard Cribbins in Big Issue. Updated 3/7

Metro has an article titled 'Matt Smith and David Tennant set for TV Choice Awards showdown' as they are both in the final four for the Best Actor Award. Updated 2/7

Daily Record has an article about David Tennant writing the sleeve notes for The Proclaimers new album. Updated 2/7

Voting link for the TVChoice Awards. It opened at 7am today. Updated 2/7

Digital Spy reports that David Tennant has been voted into the TV Choice Awards shortlist for Best Actor. Also Broadchurch is in the Best New Drama category and Olivia Colman (for Broadchurch) is in the Best Actress finals.
The long list was open for the public to vote and now the top four for each award are in the short list. Voting will start later today and continue until Friday 12th July.
The Awards will be announced at The Dorchester in London on Monday 9th September. Updated 2/7

The David Tennant Daily Photo.

What We Did On Our Holiday is mentioned a couple of times in an article in Daily Record about filming locations in Glasgow and the surrounding area. Updated 1/7

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