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David Tennant - Broadchurch
September to December 2013

David Tennant - Broadchurch

David Tennant starred in Broadchurch on ITV which was broadcast starting on 4th March 2013 at 9pm. It was broadcast on BBC America in the US from Wednesday 7th August as part of their Dramaville series. It has now been televised in Australia, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Sweden and Brazil, with broadcast scheduled for Germany and France.

This series of eight one hour episodes was written by Chris Chibnall, with 4 episodes directed by James Strong and the other four by Euros Lynn. The series was produced by Richard Stokes for Kudos Productions.

Filming started on Broadchurch on Monday 13th August 2012 in Somerset, Dorset and the Clevedon area and finished in the early hours of Wednesday 5th December. The read-through for at least the first filming block was on Tuesday 7th August.

David Tennant played DI Alec Hardy, a newly promoted gritty detective who investigates crimes which other policeman have been unable to solve, in this drama which explored what happens to a small community when it suddenly becomes the focus of a major event and is subjected to the full glare of the media spotlight.

Click here to read the press release by Kudos Productions.

Olivia Colman, Vicky McClure, Andrew Buchan, Will Mellor, Jodie Whittaker and Arthur Darvill also starred in the drama.

The Broadchurch DVD is available from this link on Amazon. It is a 3-DVD set which was released in the UK on Monday 20th May. The blu-ray version includes deleted scenes and audio commentaries and was released on 4th November.

A second series has been commissioned which will start filming in May 2014. Olivia Colman has confirmed that she is in the second series but no announcement about David has been made yet.

However David Tennant will reprise a similar role in the American remake of Broadchurch which will film from January 2014. This ten part drama will be called Gracepoint and this link has full details.

Synopsis of episode one.

Synopsis of episode two.

Synopsis of episode three.

Synopsis of episode four.

Synopsis of episode five.

Synopsis of episode six.

Synopsis of episode seven.

Synopsis of episode eight.

David Tennant attended a screening and Q&A about Broadchurch on Tuesday 19th February 2013.

David Tennant attended the TV Choice Awards on Tuesday 9th September.

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December 2013
Both Broadchurch and Doctor Who are included in Den Of Geek's 2013: The Year In TV. Updated 31/12

The Broadchurch DVD (series one) will be released in the US on 1st April. Updated 31/12

Both Broadchurch (at number 4) and Doctor Who (at number 3) are in Radio Times Readers' 2013 Best TV Show list as voted for by 7,500 people. Updated 31/12

The Mirror also chooses Broadchurch as one of its ITV Highlights Of 2013. Updated 30/12

Olivia Colman has indicated that series two of Broadchurch MAY be set and filmed elsewhere. Updated 30/12

MSN includes both Broadchurch (in April) and Doctor Who (in November) in its Best TV Shows Of 2013 list. Updated 29/12

Both Broadchurch and The Escape Artist are in Female First 2013's Top 3 Crime Dramas. Updated 29/12

Various different publications pick up on David Tennant's comments about his character in Broadchurch. Updated 29/12

The Mirror has an article (based on David Tennant talking to Radio Four earlier this year) about whether his character in Broadchurch may be killed off. Updated 28/12

According to TV Ratings Broadchurch was the most watched new programme of 2013 with just under 10.5 million and the most watched drama of 2013 was Doctor Who which averaged over 12 million for The Day Of The Doctor in November. Updated 28/12

Canada.com chooses episode one of Broadchurch as one of its Five Best TV Episodes Of 2013. Updated 28/12

Critics of Radio Times have named Broadchurch as the Best TV Show Of 2013. Updated 28/12

Both Broadchurch and Gracepoint are in Lizo Mzimba's Pick Of Things To Come in 2014 on the BBC website. Updated 27/12

ITV chooses Broadchurch as its #1 Highlight Of The Year. Updated 26/12

Radio Times review of the year reaches April or as they like to call it 'Broadchurch Time.' Updated 24/12

Readers of Digital Spy have voted The Day Of The Doctor Best Drama Of 2013 with 35.7%. Breaking Bad was second with 18.1% and Broadchurch was voted third with 12.1%.
Also Best TV Actor was David Tennant with 29.7% and the runner-up was Matt Smith with 19.6%. (Olivia Colman won Best Actress).
Doctor Who's 50th anniversary was voted Entertainment or Celebrity Moment of the Year with 33.6%. (The birth of Prince George of Cambridge came second with 18.6%). Updated 23/12

Both Broadchurch and Doctor Who are included in Radio Times Review Of 2013 looking at March. Updated 23/12

Broadchurch is one of Huffington Post's 13 Best TV Shows of 2013. Updated 23/12

Mark Lawson picks Broadchurch as 'the stand-out invented drama of the period' in The Guardian. Updated 22/12

Author Stephen King has Broadchurch at #3 in his Top TV of 2013 in Entertainment Weekly (not online). Updated 22/12

Broadchurch is also listed in Phil Hogan's Best TV Of 2013 in The Guardian. Updated 22/12

Broadchurch and especially Olivia Colman appear in The Independent's Arts Moments Of The Year. Updated 22/12

Broadchurch is Cult Box TV's Best British Crime Drama of 2013 and The Day Of the Doctor is their TV Event Of 2013. Updated 21/12

Tonight from 9.20pm RTS in Switzerland will premiere the first two episodes of Broadchurch. (They will be dubbed into French.) Updated 20/12

The Day Of The Doctor is number one on Den Of Geek Best TV Episodes Of 2013 and Broadchurch is at number 6. Updated 20/12

Broadchurch is named Television Event Of The Year by Alison Graham of Radio Times. Updated 20/12

David Tennant's interview on BBC Radio Four People Of The Year 2013 Show (broadcast next Tuesday) has been posted to the Radio Four website. David discusses Richard II, Broadchurch, Doctor Who and Gracepoint among other topics. Updated 20/12

Broadchurch is one of the 2013 TV Highlights on the London Live (the forthcoming television channel) page of Evening Standard tonight. Updated 18/12

HitFix reports that Broadchurch was voted #4 in Television Critics Poll of Best New Shows of 2013. Updated 18/12

'Almost absurdly brilliant' David Tennant is one of NewsDay's Most fascinating TV People Of 2013. Updated 17/12

The Guardian lists Broadchurch at number 5 in their Best TV Of 2013.
The article includes 'The show was also smart in pairing two actors at the precise moment that they were about to be acknowledged as the leading male and female screen talents of their generation.' Updated 17/12

Stuff (in New Zealand) choose Broadchurch (and Doctor Who) for its Top 10 Upcoming TV Shows in 2014. Updated 16/12

TV Wise interviews Tanya Franks and asks about Broadchurch. She said that she does not know if she is in Series Two yet or not. Updated 16/12

Broadchurch is #4 in Digital Spy's Top TV Shows of 2013 too. Updated 16/12

Broadchurch is on Yahoo TV's 20 Best Shows of 2013 and it says 'David Tennant and Olivia Colman are superb.' Updated 16/12

According to a ITV Text Santa eBay auction, Series 2 of #Broadchurch is scheduled to start shooting between 26th May and 20th June, although it does say that it may be subject to change. Updated 16/12

Both Broadchurch and The Escape Artist are in Custard TV's Best TV Of 2013. They also use the phrase 'David Tennant was possibly THE actor of 2013.' Updated 14/12

A Herald Scotland article about BBC funding cites 'The Broadchurch defence.' Updated 13/12

The Huffington Post have chosen the reveal of who killed Danny Latimer in Broadchurch as the Most Dramatic TV Moment of 2013.
The Politician's Husband is listed #11 and The Day Of The Doctor was number 9. Updated 11/12

Broadchurch is one of the programmes listed in RadioTimes poll for Best TV Show of 2013. Updated 11/12

Enstars compares Broadchurch with similar how they think Gracepoint will be. Updated 11/12

The Times (behind a paywall) article about Broadchurch mentions the connections to Thomas Hardy as revealed by Chris Chibnall. Updated 11/12

Broadchurch on BBC America is one of Huffington Post's Best TV Of 2013. Updated 10/12

Broadcast lists David Tennant at #7 in their list of Top TV Talent For 2013.
Olivia Colman is #1, Mel and Sue (from Great British Bake-off) are #2 and Peter Capaldi is #3.
The description about David in the article is:
'David Tennant has come a long way since he attracted the attention of Russell T Davies, who cast him as the impish, energetic, eponymous hero in Red Productions’ Casanova in 2005. The gangly Scot has made some inspired project choices – this year alone he’s starred in Broadchurch, Spies Of Warsaw, The Politician’s Husband and The Escape Artist, with a brief nod to his fortune-maker in Doctor Who’s anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor. Reprising his role in the US remake of Broadchurch may signify the next stage of his career if audiences succumb to his boyish charm as entirely as we Brits seem to.' Updated 10/12

David Knox from the Australian TV Blog site TV Tonight lists Broadchurch as #3 in his Top 5 Shows Of 2013. Updated 10/12

Broadchurch is named in the Top 10 Drama In 2013 list in the Sydney Morning Herald overview of the ratings this year in Australia. Updated 9/12

Deleted scenes from Broadchurch (which are available on the DVD and Blu-ray) has been uploaded to VK.com. Updated 8/12

Olivia Colman is one of The Observer's Faces Of 2013 and discusses Broadchurch in her interview. Updated 8/12

Tonight on The Jonathan Ross Show, Olivia Colman said how lovely David Tennant was to work with on Broadchurch and also how they used to race each other to the set. Updated 7/12

At 10.45pm tonight Olivia Colman is a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV and discusses Broadchurch. Updated 7/12

Hank Stuever from The Washington Post has choosen Broadchurch as one of his Best TV Shows of 2013. Updated 6/12

The Guardian article about Downton Abbey and Broadchurch helping to revive ITV1 fortunes as the channel achieves its first audience share increase in 23 years. Updated 5/12

Olivia Colman will be a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday on ITV at 10.45pm and, according to an item in Radio Times, it seems Broadchurch will be discussed. Updated 5/12

Olivia Colman has been nominated for the Actress in Series Drama Award at the International Press Academy Awards for her role in Broadchurch for when it was screened on BBC America. The winners will be announced in January. Updated 2/12

November 2013
Royal Television Society website has photos and a short recap of the Broadchurch panel last night. Updated 29/11

Tonight at the Broadchurch panel Chris Chibnall confirmed that Gracepoint would be 10 episodes in length. He said that he is writing the first episode and that the other episodes are great.
It was also revealed (which was news to Olivia Colman!) that in the first draft Olivia Colman's character was gay until they realised she should be married to Joe. Updated 28/11

A video of Broadchurch distilled into 3 minutes (with spoilers and lots of David Tennant) has been posted to YouTube. Updated 28/11

Broadchurch has been nominated for Best Drama Series or Serial Award in the Broadcast Awards shortlist.
Also both Doctor Who and Broadchurch have been nominated for the International Programme Sales Award in the shortlist. Updated 28/11

Tonight there is a Royal Television Society panel titled Broadchurch - Anatomy of a Hit at 6.45pm in London featuring Chris Chibnall, Jane Featherstone, James Strong and Olivia Colman. Updated 28/11

The Independent has an interview with Chris Chibnall in which he describes Broadchurch Series 2 as 'It'll be a different journey to the first series.' Updated 26/11

MP3s of Jo Whiley's interview with David Tennant on BBC Radio Two.
David Tennant revealed that he guessed Peter Capaldi would be the next Doctor!
David also said that he does not know yet if he will be in Broadchurch Series Two.
David also talks about Richard II, The Day Of The Doctor, Gracepoint and Nativity 2. Updated 25/11

Den of Geek has an interview with Marcus Garvey who says some lovely things to say about working with David Tennant on Broadchurch. Updated 20/11

Broadchurch has been nominated for TV Drama Award at the South Bank Awards.
Also nominated are The Fall and Top Of The Lake.
The winner will be announced on Monday 27th January at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Updated 19/11

Unfortunately Broadchurch did not win the Writers' Guild Award tonight as Silk won the TV Drama Award. Updated 13/11

New Zealand Herald reports that TV One in New Zealand will broadcast Broadchurch in 2014. Updated 13/11

AcornMedia have a chance to win a copy of the Broadchurch Blu-ray signed by David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Chris Chibnall. To enter people need to buy a copy of the DVD. Updated 12/11

Two sets of screencaps from deleted scenes from the Broadchurch Blu-ray have been posted to Tumblr here and here. Updated 12/11

Michael J Fox tweeted that Broadchurch was one of his favourite shows. Updated 7/11

Radio Times reports that today Olivia Colman again said that she will be in Series Two of Broadchurch. Updated 5/11

Royal Television Society has a panel titled Broadchurch - Anatomy of a Hit on Thursday 28th November in London.
It will feature Chris Chibnall, Jane Featherstone, James Strong and Olivia Colman and tickets are £12.50 for non-members.

Broadchurch is released on BluRay in the UK today. Updated 4/11

October 2013
Radio Times reads Chris Chibanll's tweet to us as refuting that Olivia Colman is signed up for Broadchurch Series Two.
(Please note we only reported Daily Mail's report about Broadchurch and did not ask for confirmation as Radio Times incorrectly reported we did in their article!) Updated 28/10

Production Weekly today tweeted that the Fox remake of the ITV series Broadchurch will now be titled Gracepoint and that filming begins in late January. (David finishes Richard II on 25th January.) Updated 28/10

The Crime Vault has reported that Little, Brown Book Group has bought the rights to a novel inspired by the first series of Broadchurch.
It will be written by Chris Chibnall and psychological thriller author Erin Kelly.
US rights have been sold to Minotaur at St Martin’s Press. Updated 28/10

A recorded video speech by David Tennant was played at the Crime Thriller Awards which were televised on ITV3 tonight as he won Best Actor for Broadchurch. Updated 27/10

Daily Mail (scroll down slightly) says that David Tennant will be in second UK series of Broadchurch and that it will be set elsewhere. This has not been confirmed yet.
However it is already known that Olivia Colman is in the second series and that David Tennant will star in the American remake.
Chris Chibnall later tweeted to us 'Mail article not just unconfirmed, but untrue. Full of incorrect assumptions. Column filler! Take no notice.' Updated 27/10

The Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2013 are televised on ITV3 at 9pm tonight where Broadchurch and its actors win four awards including David Tennant for Best Actor. Updated 27/10

BBC has the news about the success of Broadchurch at the Crime Thriller Awards last night. Updated 25/10

News about David Tennant, Broadchurch, Olivia Colman and Andrew Buchan winning Crime Drama Awards last night was even an item on the 1am news on the various radio stations! Updated 25/10

Tonight at the Crime Thriller Awards in London:
David Tennant won the Best Actor Dagger Award for Broadchurch
Olivia Colman won the Best Actress Dagger Award
Andrew Buchan won the Best Supporting Actor Dagger
Broadchurch won The TV Dagger
The full list of winners has been posted to the Crime Thriller Awards website.
The award ceremony (which David did not attaned as he was on stage) will be televised on ITV3 at 9pm on Sunday 27th October. Updated 24/10

Tonight the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards are announced. David Tennant has been nominated for the Best Actor Dagger, Broadchurch for TV Dagger Award, Andrew Buchan for Best Supporting Actor Dagger, Pauline Quirke for Best Supporting Actress Dagger and Olivia Colman for Best Actress Dagger. Updated 24/10

Digital Spy reports that David Tennant and Olivia Colman say on the Broadchurch Blu-ray that they almost worked together in a sitcom 10 years before Broadchurch. Updated 22/10

The extract from Radio Times interview that Coventry Telegraph quotes is David said he could not guarantee his place in the Broadchurch sequel despite the success of the first instalment because the writers could decide not to bring back his character, but that he would sign up if "the phone call comes". Updated 22/10

Radio Times have posted an extract from the David Tennant interview in tomorrow's issue. The extract has the title 'I was tempted to bet on Doctor Who and Broadchurch mysteries' and the by-line 'The actor reveals that he managed to resist having a flutter on the identity of the Broadchurch killer and Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who casting - both of which he knew of in advance.' Updated 21/10

The Independent has a new article about David Tennant playing in the US remake of Broadchurch and about UK stars appearing in US remakes. Updated 13/10

Broadcast Now reports that Broadchurch has been sold to 100 territories! Updated 8/10

The Independent reports that British TV exports hit £1.2bn (the article includes Broadchurch). Updated 8/10

Broadchurch has been nominated for a Writer's Guild award in the TV Drama Series category.
Broadchurch is up against Silk and The Village (both written by Peter Moffat).
The winners are announced on Wednesday 13th November in London. Updated 7/10

Best Daily reports that Olivia Colman has congratulated David Tennant on his role in US version of Broadchurch and confirms that she will not be in that version. Updated 5/10

Metro has a great article titled 'From Doctor Who to Broadchurch: What makes David Tennant so popular?' Updated 4/10

The American paper Variety looks at the British marketing of Broadchurch. Updated 4/10

The Belgian channel Vitaya starts showing Broadchurch with the first two episodes screened tonight. Updated 3/10

Gareth Malone is leading a choir singing the Broadchurch So Close theme tonight at the Classical Brits. Updated 2/10

Chris Chibnall tweeted about the news that David Tennant will be in the US version of Broadchurch. Updated 2/10

Radio Times has the news about David being cast in the Fox remake of Broadchurch. The article includes a clip of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. Updated 2/10

David Tennant will reprise his role as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy in the American remake of Broadchurch.
The eight part series is being made for the station Fox and will film from January with an expected broadcast date of late 2014 or 2015.
Both Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide were the first to break the news.
It is still not known whether David will be in the Second Series of the UK version of Broadchurch but, as filming is not expected to start until May, in theory it is possible. Updated 2/10

MP3 of the David Tennant and Greg Doran interview on Front Row on BBC Radio Four about Richard II.
In the 10 minute Front Row interview on BBC Radio Four:
David Tennant said that he will not use his Scottish accent in Richard II.
David Tennant refused to say whether he is in Broadchurch Series Two or not (or even if he is keeping that time free) but that he hopes he will be.
David Tennant was very supportive of Doctor Who fans in the interview and remarked on how intelligent they are! Updated 1/10

September 2013
Large billboards for The Tunnel (a new drama on on Sky) say it is 'From the makers of Broadchurch' (although it is not written by Chris Chibnall). Updated 30/9

David Tennant has won the Best Actor Award and Broadchurch has won the Best Drama Award at the fan-voted online Spanish Bee Watcher Awards. Updated 30/9

Showcase in Canada start repeating Broadchurch from today with an episode each weekday at 3pm. Updated 30/9

Direct TV in Argentina starts broadcasting Broadchurch each Monday evening at 9pm from tonight. Updated 30/9

Channel 1 in Russia starts showing Broadchurch at 0.10am tonight with 2 episodes per night for 4 nights. Updated 30/9

The Guardian has an article about whether the the UK undervalues quality TV programming, in which the TV editor of Heat magazine thinks Broadchurch could be a contender for the BAFTA Drama Award. Updated 29/9

Broadchurch was mentioned twice in a Newsnight item tonight with Josie Rouke (director of Much Ado About Nothing) about the series Breaking Bad. Updated 27/9

Metro article titled 'Broadchurch’s US remake could outdo UK original claims Chris Chibnall.' Updated 27/9

Starpulse has insightful 7 Thoughts On Broadchurch. The article contains SPOILERS. Updated 26/9

Some Emirates airlines flights are now showing Broadchurch. Updated 26/9

Some great comments by US fans after the Broadchurch finale have been compiled by Radio Times. Updated 26/9

The full Entertainment Weekly interview with Chris Chibnall has been posted. It names the killer in Broadchurch but gives some extra details than in any of his UK interviews. Updated 26/9

Entertainment Weekly has a brief interview with Chris Chibnall (more will be added after broadcast of the final episode on BBC America tonight) and an exclusive Broadchurch clip. Updated 25/9

Hypable believes that Series Two of 'Broadchurch will be 'a reboot of sorts.' However, it is not confirmed David is in it yet! Updated 25/9

Broadchurch will be shown in Russia on Channel 1 from 0.10am on Tuesday 1st October. It is being called Murder On The Beach and two episodes a night will be broadcast for four consecutive evenings. The Channel 1 website has a trailer which plays worldwide. Updated 25/9

Broadchurch is also one of Los Angeles Times TV Highlights for today. Updated 25/9

HitFix has a new interview with Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker about Broadchurch. Updated 25/9

New York Times also lists Broadchurch in its What's On Wednesday section. Updated 25/9

USA Today chooses 'Summer's best TV series' Broadchurch as one of its Top TV Picks and hopes that the Fox remake chooses actors as good as David Tennant and Olivia Colman. Updated 25/9

Episode eight of Broadchurch has its US premeiere on BBC America at 10pm EST tonight. Updated 25/9

Belgian channel Vitaya will start showing Broadchurch with the first two episodes on 3rd October. Updated 24/9

The Broadchurch finale was Sweden's most watched show yesterday. Updated 20/9

Daily Star reports that The Choir's Gareth Malone and his New Voices Choir will perform the Broadchurch theme at the Classical Awards on 2nd October. Updated 20/9

Scans of David Tennant in TV Choice this week from their award ceremony. Updated 19/9

The BBC America trailer for the final episode of Broadchurch has been added to YouTube. Updated 19/9

Episode eight of Broadchurch has its Swedish premiere on TV4 at 9pm tonight. Updated 19/9

Tonight the first episode of Broadchurch has its premiere in Finland on MTV3 at 9pm. The eight part drama will be shown with a new episode each Tuesday and Thursday. Updated 19/9

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Arthur Darvill about Broadchurch and one of the questions was about working with David Tennant. Updated 18/9

TV Guide in the US calls Broadchurch 'The summer's most gripping series.' Updated 18/9

The trailer for episode 7 of Broadchurch which airs tonight at 10pm ET on BBC America. Updated 18/9

Voting has opened for the TV Times Awards 2013. Broadchurch, David Tennant and Olivia Colman have all been nominated. Updated 17/9

Voting for the National Television Awards has opened.
Both Broadchurch and Doctor Who have been nominated for the Best Drama Award and David Tennant has been nominted for the Best TV Detective Award for DI Hardy in Broadchurch.
Also Penguins - Spy In The Huddle has been nominated for the Best Documentary Award. Updated 17/9

David Tennant is one of the '4 Things To Like About Broadchurch' according to TV Equals. Updated 16/9

Acorn Media have some exclusive photos of David Tennant recording the commentary for an episode of Broadchurch for the Blu-ray last weekend here, here and here. Updated 16/9

Michigan Daily have a great review of Broadchurch which concludes with 'Perfectly composed, the series will remind you of what TV can be when it stops trying so hard. And come on, it’s David Tennant.' Updated 16/9

The Telegram writes 'I can’t remember the last time I watched a season of a show twice through at a marathon pace and enjoyed every minute — both times.' Updated 14/9

The Daily Beast includes Broadchurch in its look at murder dramas set in small towns. Updated 14/9

At 6.15pm Richard Stokes (producer) tweeted a photo of a studio and said that he was about to do a Broadchurch Blu-ray commentary with David Tennant and James Strong (director). Updated 13/9

BARB examines the popularity of Broadchurch and Doctor Who. Updated 12/9

BBC America have posted the trailer for episode 7 of Broadchurch to YouTube. It airs next Wednesday. Updated 12/9

Even The Fonz is a fan of #Broadchurch! Updated 12/9

Episode seven of Broadchurch has its Swedish premeiere on TV4 at 9pm tonight. Updated 12/9

The Hollywood Reporter previews episode six of Broadchurch and has a new clip from the episode. Updated 11/9

Episode six of Broadchurch has its US premeiere on BBC America at 10pm EST tonight. Updated 11/9

TV Choice magazine have posted lots of photos from the awards last night including David Tennant, Doctor Who and the Broadchurch team. Updated 10/9

The TV Choice Awards were featured on Daybreak on ITV this morning. Both Broadchurch and David Tennant were mentioned. (The part starts about 1:49:50.) Updated 10/9

Broadchurch producer Richard Stokes tweeted a photo of the cast with their TV Choice Award. Updated 10/9

Contact Music have some pap photos of David Tennant leaving the Dorchester last night. Updated 10/9

Digital Spy article has the title 'Doctor Who, Broadchurch win big at TVChoice Awards 2013.' Updated 10/9

Timeshifted ratings for the eighth and final episode of Broadchurch in Australia added 174,000 viewers to the total of 1,175,000 which gave it first place for the day. Updated 10/9

Mirror article has the title 'TV Choice Awards: David Tennant edges out Matt Smith in battle of the Time Lord actors, but Doctor Who still picks up two gongs.' Updated 10/9

Photo of David Tennant making his acceptance speech. Updated 9/9

TV Choice tweeted that David Tennant kissed Olivia Colman on his way to the stage and said she should be holding an award now. Updated 9/9

David Tennant WON the Best Actor Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight for Broadchurch!!! Updated 9/9

Unfortunately Olivia Colman did not win Best Actress Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight as Miranda Hart won. Updated 9/9

Broadchurch won the Best New Drama Award at the TV Choice Awards tonight!
A photo of David Tennant, Olvia Colman, Chris Chibnall etc collecting the award. Updated 9/9

The TV Choice Awards are announced tonight at The Dorchester in London. David Tennant is reported to be attending.
Broadchurch, David Tennant and Olivia Colman are all nominated for different awards. Updated 9/9

The Media Eye today tweeted that David Tennant is confirmed to attend the TV Choice Awards on Monday at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
Broadchurch, David Tennant and Olivia Colman have all been nominated for awards. Updated 6/9

A trailer from BBC America for episode 6 of Broadchurch (which airs on Wednesday) has been posted to YouTube. Updated 6/9

The Independent compares The Guilty with Broadchurch with Broadchurch coming out on top. Updated 6/9

A new promo video of Broadchurch has been added to the Antena3 website with David Tennant dubbed into Spanish! Updated 5/9

Episode six of Broadchurch has its Swedish premeiere on TV4 at 9pm tonight. Updated 5/9

The Hollywood Reporter has a brief interview with Chris Chibnall about the significance of the fifth episode of Broadchurch which airs on BBC America tonight. Updated 4/9

Broadchurch is one of Lansing State Journal's 'Must See TV' for tonight. Updated 4/9

Episode five of Broadchurch has its US premeiere on BBC America tonight at 10pm EST. It is also repeated at 1am. Updated 4/9

TV Guide this week has a small item about David Tennant in Broadchurch. Updated 3/9

The timeshifted ratings for episode 7 of Broadchurch in Australia added 174,000 to the total to make it 1,072,000 and second most watched programme in the country for the day. Updated 3/9

A great review of the whole series of Broadchurch has been posted by The Drum in Australia. Updated 2/9

Today BBC America in the US are repeating the first 4 episodes of Broadchurch from 3pm to 7pm. The next episode premieres on Wednesday. Updated 1/9

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Broadchurch - April 2013

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