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Series One Filming Dates / Locations

David Tennant - Broadchurch

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Broadchurch Series One known filming dates and locations
A proportion of filming of the drama was out of the public eye but the known dates / locations were:
August 2012
Tues 7 - read-through (of at least the first filming block)
Mon 13 - filming starts with internal filming in a workplace
Tues 14 & Wed 15 - Fishponds area of Bristol
Fri 17 - scene in mortuary
Mon 20 - car scene in Clevedon with Olivia Colman
Tues 21 and Wed 22 - interior house scenes
Thurs 23 - filming in a school in Clevedon
Mon 27 - outside a church in Clevedon. David Tennant did not film today
Tues 28 - shop scene in Clevedon
Wed 29 - filmed in Hill Road, Clevedon
Fri 31 - market scene in Clevedon (David was not involved in this filming)

September 2012
Mon 3 and Tues 4 - filmed a beach scene in West Bay, Bridport, Dorset
Wed 5 - on top of some cliffs in Eype, Bridport
Thurs 6 and Fri 7 - filmed on and around beach and dockside in West Bay
Tues 11 - filming on Block One ended
Wed 12 - filming on Block Two started in Bristol
Mon 17 - David Tennant was seen filming back in Clevedon
Tues 18 - Vicky McClure was being filmed in Hill Road, Clevedon walking with a mobile phone down the street. David was not seen on set today
Wed 19 - David Tennant, Arthur Darvill and Olivia Colman filmed at St Andrews Church, Clevedon
Mon 24 - night shoots this week. David Tennant only seen on set on Monday and believed not to have filmed the remainder of the week

October 2012
Wed 3 - Hill Road, Clevedon (Echo newspaper office). David did not film but Vicky McClure was on set
David was not seen on set much (if at all) this week
Mon 8 - filming returned to West Bay, Dorset for the week
Wed 10 - David filmed near the harbour in West Bay
Fri 12 - David was spotted briefly on set near the harbour in West Bay
Mon 15 - Producer Richard Stokes tweeted that they are filming night shoots again
Mon 15 and during that week - interior house scenes
Tues 23 - second block of filming completed
Remainder of October was believed to be studio filming although sometime during the week commencing Monday 29th they filmed at Bowlish House in Shepton Mallet

November 2012
At the start of November they were believed to be doing filming in a studio
Thurs 8 - filming in Weston-Super-Mare hospital (which included David Tennant)
Mon 12 - Hill Road, Clevedon
Tues 13 - filming at Clevedon Community School, Clevedon (it was renamed South Wesex Secondary School for the shoot)
Wed 14 to Fri 16 - interior house scenes
Mon 19 - night shoot (in a gale!)
Tues 20 - afternoon shoot in Eype, Dorset
Wed 21 - Supporting artists filmed a scene on a beach in Dorset while David Tennant filmed with another crew nearby.
Fri 23 - Large crowd of supporting artists. Filming was at an amusement park in Clevedon
Tues 27 - Dorset
Wed 28 - David Tennant and Olivia Colman filmed in Uphill Boat Yard in Uphill Village near Weston Super Mare
Thurs 29 - St. Andrew's Church, Clevedon, Clevedon Community School and Clevedon Hill Road. St. Andrew's Church was during the day, filming a funeral and including David Tennant. Night shoot started at 10pm in Hill Road (including David Tennant).
Fri 30 - St. Andrew's Church, Clevedon. Filmed during the day including David Tennant.

December 2012
Mon 3 - filmed all day until about 7pm, then fiilmed a couple of scenes around Wains Hill, Clevedon in the evening with David Tennant, Andrew Buchan and Olivia Colman.
Tues 4 - final day of filming. Although it is not known whether or not David Tennant is on set today, they filmed within sight of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

If you know of any other dates / locations, please email us.

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