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March 2013
The Telegraph lists The Politician's Husband in its Culture and Arts Things To See in April. It says that it will air from Monday 22nd April. If that is correct then it means that the first episode of The Politician's Husband will broadcast on the day of the final episode of Broadchurch. If The Politician's Husband is similar to The Politician's Wife then it will have to be in a post 9pm watershed slot. Hopefully BBC Two will broadcast it at 10pm and not 9pm which is the broadcast time for Broadchurch! Updated 31/3

Now Magazine thinks David Tennant is doing an 'incredible job at playing a haunted, pill-popping, workaholic detective, with his own dark secrets to hide' in Broadchurch. Now Magazine also has 26 photos of David Tennant throughout his career. Updated 29/3

BBC One have now added an episode of Miranda on Monday (1st) at 8.30pm (which was not listed in their original schedule and the Radio Times currently is still not listing it) so that the start of Jonathan Creek at 9pm now clashes with Broadchurch. Updated 29/3

Leeds Student review of episode three of Broadchurch (which was only posted today) includes "Tennant is wonderful." Updated 29/3

Huddersfield Examiner article about Broadchurch starts with "Isn't it great to see good drama back on TV?" and ends with "Clever stuff. Roll on Mondays." Updated 29/3

David Tennant is described as 'a smashing bloke by Pauline Quike in an interview in RM Magazine. Updated 29/3

Belfast Telegraph interview with Jodie Whitaker reveals the name of one character who is NOT the killer in Broadchurch. Be warned that there is a SPOILER IN THAT LINK! Updated 29/3

Daily Mail has an article about Olivia Colman and Broadchurch. Updated 29/3

This Is Somerset has an article about the success Broadchurch is bringing to the West Bay area. Updated 28/3

AcornMedia have added to YouTube a video of the funny part of episode four of Broadchurch where David Tennant's character arrives for dinner. Updated 27/3

This Is Bristol reports that the new Clevedon market (which was inspired by Broadchurch) has won a £9,000 grant. Updated 27/3

The Independent explains why the Viking River Cruises adverts were not shown during Broadchurch last Monday. Updated 27/3

TV Equals has a review of episode 4 of Broadchurch. Updated 27/3

The Independent article of 140 character tweets about episode 4 of Broadchurch. Updated 27/3

The Broadchurch episode 3 final consolidated ratings were that it was watched by 9.6 million. Updated 26/3

Broadchurch was top of the Second Sync leader board last night with over 10K more tweets than any other TV show. At its peak there were 1,015 tweets about Broadchurch a minute. Updated 26/3

MediaTel article about Broadchurch viewing figures includes "6.9 million viewers tuned in to see the latest pieces fall together, easily beating off rivals and securing the 9pm slot." Updated 26/3

Digital Spy review of episode 4 of Broadchurch. Updated 26/3

Bridport News has an article on the popularity of Broadchurch. Updated 26/3

According to TVScoops, the Broadchurch official ratings so far are all over 9 million (including ITV + 1) so the series is set to be the most watched first series of a new weeknight drama since 2004. Updated 26/3

Last night's episode of Broadchurch received 6.88 million viewers according to the overnight figures. That was a massive 28.1% of those people watching television at that time! However, once the ITV + 1 figures were included, Broadchurch averaged 7.2 million viewers. Updated 26/3

Huffington Post review of episode 4 of Broadchurch. Updated 26/3

The Express review of episode 4 of Broadchurch concludes with "Broadchurch is brilliant and Iím delighted weíve got another four weeks left." Updated 26/3

ITV Player link to download episode 4 of Broadchurch (UK only).
The worldwide link to download episode 4 of Broadchurch. Updated 26/3

CultBoxTV have a new interview with Broadhurch writer Chris Chibnall. Updated 25/3

UnrealityTV thinks episode 4 of Broadchurch was the best since the first episode. Updated 25/3

Den Of Geek has a review of episode 4 of Broadchurch which concludes 'The whodunit intrigue may not have been what drew me to the drama in the first place, but that and the still-superlative cast are why Iím still here.' Updated 25/3

The Independent has a review of episode 4 of Broadchurch. Updated 25/3

Ladbrokes have some odds on the killer in Broadchurch with David Tennant's character at 50/1. Updated 25/3

CultBoxTV have given episode 4 of Broadchurch a 5 star review. It includes the comments "We get to see an already impressive David Tennant excel as he gets chance to add depth to his dyspeptic Columbo" and "Tennant's portrayal pulls it above the clichť of 'policeman with a past' to give us a flawed human we're actually interested in beyond idle chit-chat over that second glass of Rioja. He's another mystery for us to puzzle over." Updated 25/3

Tonight it was David Tennant's voice again for the "previously on Broadchurch...." introduction. Afterwards Broadchurch was one of the top trending topics in the UK. Updated 25/3

MP3 of Arthur Darvill interview on Daybreak about Broadchurch (plus he is asked about Doctor Who and David Tennant). Updated 25/3

Dorset Echo reports on the Ellipse Caffe in West Bay (which was used for scenes in Broadchurch) which is running a cash-prize draw for charity based on guessing who the killer is in the drama. Updated 25/3

ITVplayer link to watch Arthur Darvill interview on Daybreak about Broadchurch this morning (UK only for 7 days). Updated 25/3

Arthur Darvill will be interviewed about Broadchurch on Daybreak oo ITV sometime after 7am today. Updated 25/3

Episode four of Broadchurch premieres tonight on ITV at 9pm. A synopsis of episode 4 is here. Updated 25/3

MP3 of Will Mellor on Loose Women talking about Broadchurch. Updated 24/3

The Express has an interview with Olivia Colman about Broadchurch. Updated 23/3

The Mirror has an interview with Olivia Colman about Broadchurch. The interview contains a new photo of her with David Tennant in a cemetery from the drama. She says about David "We all got on so well and enjoyed going to work even though it was a miserable subject matter. We all adored each other. David Tennant is gorgeous. He is so jolly and happy and witty. It was a big delight. We had a giggle being mean to each other. He is so warm and charming and having to play someone who is so socially inept was hilarious. We would all go to the pub and out for dinner. It was like a big family." Updated 23/3

Daily Mail asks why women TV detectives are not the boss in dramas such as Broadchurch, Mayday and Shetland. Updated 23/3

ITV have posted the sixth and final interview with David Tennant about Broadchurch to YouTube. Updated 22/3

STV has an article titled 'Friends and neighbours come under scrutiny in hit crime drama Broadchurch' with a new photo of David Tennant. Updated 22/3

Radio Times has a review of next Monday's episode of Broadchurch (with a new photo) but be warned that it includes spoilers. Updated 21/3

A Jodie Whittaker interview in the Yorkshire Post includes her talking about filming Broadchurch. Updated 21/3

TheCustardTV has a MP3 of an interview they did with Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall. Updated 20/3

Non-UK link for episode 3 of Broadchurch. (Use Firefox DownloaderHelp to download the file.) Updated 19/3

itvPlayer link for first 3 episodes of Broadchurch (UK only). Updated 19/3

The Broadchurch episode 2 consolidated ratings are that it received 9.01 million viewers which was 30.5% of those people watching television at that time. Updated 19/3

Radio Times also has an article which looks at the suspects in Broadchurch. Updated 19/3

Digital Spy have an item about over 7 million people watching Broadchurch last night. Updated 19/3

Tonight there is a mid-size photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman on the Comment page of the Evening Standard about Broadchurch. Updated 19/3

Woman's Own has a list of suspects in Broadchurch. Updated 19/3

This week The Independent has another article of reviews of Broadchurch in 140 characters. The article says that Broadchurch "was still trending two hours after it was broadcast." Updated 19/3

ITV have added a video of Will Mellor talking about Broadchurch on Loose Women yesterday (UK only). Updated 19/3

Last night's episode 3 of Broadchurch won the 9pm slot with a series high of 7.64m (32% of people viewing television at that time). In fact Broadchurch was the fourth most viewed programme yesterday (after EastEnders and 2 episodes of Coronation Street)! Updated 19/3

The Sun have an article about Broadchurch filming locations. Updated 19/3

Review of episode 3 of Broadchurch by The Independent. Updated 19/3

Review of episode 3 of Broadchurch by Unreality TV which describes it as "another gripping episode". Updated 18/3

Huffington Post review of episode 3 of Broadchurch. Updated 18/3

TVEquals review of episode 3 of Broadchurch. Updated 18/3

Review of episode 3 of Broadchurch by Den Of Geek. Updated 18/3

An article in the Radio Times by comedian Sarah Millican includes the phrase "Broadchurch is gently acted by brilliant people." Updated 18/3

There is no guarantee it will work but non-UK people MAY be able to watch Broadchurch at 9pm tonight at this link. Updated 18/3

STV has posted a video of Andrew Buchan talking about Broadchurch on This Morning today. Updated 18/3

STV preview of episode three of Broadchurch. Updated 18/3

Andy Buchan will be also appear on This Morning today to discuss Broadchurch. Updated 18/3

Radio Times review of episode 3 of Broadchurch. Updated 18/3

Will Mellor will be on Loose Women on ITV from 12.30pm today to discuss Broadchurch. Updated 18/3

Episode three of Broadchurch premieres tonight on ITV at 9pm. A synopsis of the episode is here. Updated 18/3

The Radio Times website has a new photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman from Broadchurch. (Be warned that the writing on that page includes SPOILERS.) Updated 17/3

WalesOnline have an interview with Matthew Gravelle (who plays Joe Miller) about Broadchurch and about keeping the killer secret. Updated 17/3

MP3 of the Jonathan Bailey interview about Broadchurch on BBC Radio One yesterday. Updated 17/3

A review of the drama Shetland on Scotsman.com includes the phrase "David Tennantís got two whole months on Broadchurch to remind us how good an actor he is." Updated 17/3

An Arthur Darvill interview in today's Daily Mail supplement about filming Broadchurch looks at a week of the filming. Updated 17/3

Jonathan Bailey (who plays reporter Oliver Stevens in Broadchurch) will be interviewed before 10am on Radio One today. Updated 16/3

Will Mellor will be on Loose Women on Monday to talk about Broadchurch. Updated 15/3

ITV have posted the fifth David Tennant video interview about Broadchurch to YouTube. In this one both he and Olivia Colman explain how the identity of the killer was kept secret. Updated 14/3

Already The Guardian believes that Broadchurch will win a Broadcasting Press Guild Award next year! Updated 14/3

Bridport News has an article about the high viewing figures for Broadchurch. Updated 14/3

The Telegraph has an article titled 'Why Broadchurch trumped Mayday.' Updated 14/3

The Sun has the story from the Evening Standard about Olivia Colman 'guarding' David Tennant during Broadchurch filming. Updated 14/3

The Broadchurch episode 3 trailer (taped from a television) has been posted to YouTube. Please nore that it contains SPOILERS. Updated 13/3

Evening Standard has an interview with Olivia Colman titled 'My real role in Broadchurch was fighting off David Tennant's fans.' The interview includes Olivia's comments "Working with David is heaven. He is the nicest man in the world. But he gets crowds of people wherever he goes. He is terribly patient and charming and lovely with them, so I'm afraid I got a little bit defensive on his behalf." Updated 13/3

Daily Mail has an opinion piece which starts "At last, a reason to love Mondays again. ITVís new crime series, Broadchurch, is simply brilliant. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are sublime and the plot utterly gripping." Updated 13/3

The Broadchurch consolidated viewing figures for episode one were 8.16 million (or 9.07 million including ITV+1). Mayday on BBC One at the same time received had 5.84 million. Writer Chris Chibnall described it as "We're all a bit over the moon. If you watched, thanks!" Updated 12/3

There are interviews with Pauline Quirke about Broadchurch in this weeks issues of both My Weekly and TV Times. She is also promoting the Birds Of A Feather stage show. Updated 12/3

The Broadchurch review by TVEquals concludes with "Performances from Tennant and Colman are still top notch. This is gritty, crime telly at itís very best, and I canít wait to find out more next week." Updated 12/3

Celebrity tweets about Broadchurch. Updated 12/3

Digital Spy examines the list of suspects, as well as recaps episode two of Broadchurch. Updated 12/3

A blog on The Independent newspaper website has a review of Broadchurch. However it incorrectly states that there are four more episodes, whereas there are six more. Updated 12/3

Second Sync reports that Broadchurch was the most tweeted about television programme last night for the second consecutive Monday.
These are tweets which are measured in two ways: by total tweet volume and by peak TPM (tweets per minute). The monitoring starts 30 minutes before the programme begins and stops 30 minutes after it ends.
Broadchurch was top with 18,862 tweets and 987 TPM. EastEnders was second with 16,698 and 1,647 respectively. Updated 12/3

Digital Spy has a breakdown of the overnight viewing figures for episode 2 of Broadchurch. It says that the show "maintained a healthy audience with 5.78 million (23.2%). An extra 606k (3.7%) watched on +1. The drama's figures were dented slightly by the second part of BBC One's Shetland, which attracted 5 million (20.1%) at 9pm." Updated 12/3

The Independent has posted a 140 character Twitter review / comments about episode 2 of Broadchurch. Updated 12/3

The Guardian has a video review of the first episode of Broadchurch. Andrew Collins asks whether it can be called 'Event TV' and decides that it is good enough. Updated 12/3

The Digital Fix has a slightly negative review of episode two of Broadchurch. Updated 12/3

The initial overnight figures for Broadchurch episode 2 are that it received 6.4 million viewers so it was the most watched programme at that time! Updated 12/3

ITV Player link to watch first two episodes of Broadchurch (UK only). Updated 12/3

The worldwide link to watch episode 2 of Broadchurch and the worldwide link to download a copy of episode 2. Updated 12/3

UnrealityTV basically has a recap of episode two of Broadchurch with a review at the end. it ends with "Iím already looking forward to seeing what happens in episode three and Iím betting Iím not the only one." Updated 12/3

Metro review of Broadchurch includes the phrase "Episode two of Broadchurch cranked up the tension." Updated 12/3

Review of Broadchurch by Den Of Geek. Updated 12/3

Daily Express review of Broadchurch. Updated 12/3

CultBoxTV gives Broadchurch 5 stars in its review. Updated 11/3

Huffington Post review of Broadchurch. Updated 11/3

It was a nice surprise to hear David Tennant voicing the "Previously on Broadchurch" at the start of the programme tonight. Updated 11/3

A clip from last weeks episode of Broadchurch has been posted to YouTube. Updated 11/3

Bridport News has posted a photo of David Tennant in the Ellipse bistro cafe in West Bay. Updated 11/3

The Mirror has an interview with Arthur Darvill about Broadchurch including him talking about working with David Tennant. Updated 11/3

Page 13 of Evening Standard tonight has a half page advert for Broadchurch including a photo of David Tennant. Updated 11/3

Belfast Telegraph article about Broadchurch is titled "Why David is top of the cops." Updated 11/3

Fabulous Mag's review includes the phrase "Broadchurch is a great hour of properly gripping telly." Updated 11/3

Broadchurch is one of The Guardian's TV Highlights for today. Updated 11/3

Review and new photo of David Tennant from Radio Times. (Contains spoilers and is one of their recommended programmes for today.) Updated 11/3

Broadchurch is one of Metro's TV Picks for today. Updated 11/3

Episode two of Broadchurch premieres on ITV tonight at 9pm. A synopsis (no spoilers) of episode two is here. Updated 11/3

Photo of David Tennant with Oskar McNamara (who played Danny in Broadchurch). Updated 10/3

MP3 of Radio Five Live review of Broadchurch which included the phrase "Incredibly compelling, brilliantly acted." Updated 10/3

MP3 of Jodie Whittaker interview on Radio Five Live about Broadchurch. Updated 10/3

Jack Seale of Radio Times thinks David may have been miscast in Broadchurch. Updated 10/3

The Observer review of Broadchurch. Updated 10/3

Daily Mail reporter Jaci Stephen's Broadchurch review says that she is hopeful for the hashtag #TennantNaked! Updated 10/3

Daily Mail has an article about how the killer in Broadchurch has been kept secret both from the actors until filming and from other people outside. It says that even ITVís director of programmes, Peter Fincham, was kept in the dark until last week. Updated 9/3

The review in The Independent has the title "Broadchurch already looks to be a successful slow-burner for ITV." Updated 9/3

Irish Times review about both Broadchurch and Mayday starts "No need to watch Mayday as Broadchurch, the far superior crime drama, began on Monday." Updated 9/3

WalesOnline reviewer wrote about Broadchurch wrote "I was left positively panting for more by the end." Updated 9/3

Telegraph review by Judith Woods include the phrase "Broadchurch is the sort of classy drama I happily pay my licence fee for except itís on ITV!" Updated 9/3

Liverpool Echo says Broadchurch "beat a new BBC crime drama hands down." Updated 9/3

MP3 of The Review Show review of Broadchurch (which they liked!) from last night on BBC Two. Updated 9/3

Digital Spy's review of Broadchurch describes it as "bloody brilliant TV." Updated 9/3

In its suggestions for things to watch on television this week, Broadchurch is The Independent's TV Pick Of The Day for Monday. Updated 9/3

Grace Dent of That Independent wrote that she watched the first 3 episodes of Broadchurch without stirring! Updated 8/3

Page 53 of Evening Standard has a small photo of David Tennant on it tonight in regards to TiVo. Updated 8/3

The production company Deluxe 142 has the billboard photo on its post-production page and details about their work on Broadchurch on their Latest News page. Updated 8/3

Bridport News reports that West Bay hopes Broadchurch will lead to a bumper summer for the area. It also says that the website visit-dorset.com had double the number of hits than they would normally receive since the programme aired. That website currently has a photo of David Tennant on its opening page and a section about Broadchurch. Updated 8/3

There is a very slightly different photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman from Broadchurch from the Radio Times website. (We have not linked to it directly as that page contains SPOILERS if you have not seen episode two yet.) Updated 8/3

Clevedon People has a sweet story about traders turning the market on Broadchurch into reality. Updated 8/3

Dorset Newsroom has an article titled 'Tourism in Dorset reaps the benefits of Broadchurch.' Updated 8/3

STV has an article titled 'David Tennant's new show Broadchurch a big hit for STV.' Updated 8/3

The Sun TV Magazine has an article about the actors in Broadchurch (mainly with quotes taken from press release). Updated 8/3

Liverpool Student Media has a review of Broadchurch which hasthe tag-line 'It is not often that a much anticipated programme delivers what it promises, but Broadchurch breaks the norm.' Updated 8/3

ITV have added David Tennant interview #4 to YouTube. Updated 7/3

Varsity has an interview with Hilary Bevon-Jones who is working on The Escape Artist. She described it as "edge of the seat stuff" and said that David Tennant is playing "a silver-tongued lawyer." Updated 7/3

Guardian has an article titled "Broadchurch v Mayday: which is your favourite?" which includes the phrase "Broadchurch (ITV), however, seems, to date, to be superior in terms of direction, cast and certainly script." Updated 7/3

UnrealityTV have Broadchurch episode two SPOILERS and the preview clip we tweeted on Tuesday. Updated 7/3

ITV are now showing adverts for episode 2 of Broadchurch. Updated 6/3

Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall was interviewed on BBC Radio Four at 4.30pm today on The Media Show. As well as discussing whether Broadchurch was influenced by The Killing, they also spoke about British drama in general. Click here to listen to a MP3 of the section. Updated 6/3

Evening Standard has a new article on Broadchurch (they compare it to The Killing) which includes a new quote from writer Chris Chibnall. Updated 6/3

Mayday (the BBC One crime drama which is airing each evening this week) had viewing figures on Tuesday (when it wasn't against Broadchurch) which increased slightly to 4.32m. Updated 6/3

Even the American website Deadline has reported how well Broadchurch has done in the ratings. Updated 6/3

An article in The Guardian compares the viewing figures for Broadchurch and Mayday. It is titled "Why Detective David Tennant is a prime-time suspect" and has the tag-line "British murder dramas Mayday and Broadchurch have helped bring event television back from the grave." Updated 5/3

ITV Press Centre has a clip from episode two of Broadchurch. (Unfortunately it does not show David Tennant.) Updated 5/3

Broadchurch will be reviewed on The Review Show on Friday (8th) at 11pm on BBC Two. Updated 5/3

Including ITV + 1, Broadchurch had the biggest opening audience for a brand new ITV weeknight drama in four years! Updated 5/3

Digital Spy review of Broadchurch has the title "David Tennant drama matched hype." Updated 5/3

Radio Times has new photos of David Tennant from episode 2 of Broadchurch. Updated 5/3

InsideMediaTrack has a review of Broadchurch which includes the phrase "I'm sure Tennant, as usual, will be incredible." Updated 5/3

Digital Spy has an article about viewing figures titled "Broadchurch' starts strong for ITV with over 6 million viewers." Updated 5/3

The Independent has an article about opinions on Broadchurch on Twitter. Updated 5/3

Broadcast Now reporter Jake Kanter tweeted "Broadchurch launched with 6.78m (28.14%), forcing Mayday down 2m to 4.3m (17.85%)." Updated 5/3

However ThisIsStaffordshire did not enjoy Broadchurch. Updated 5/3

The Shropshire Star review of Broadchurch says "Colman and Tennant are fabulous." Updated 5/3

The Arts Desk gives Broadchurch a four star review. Updated 5/3

CelebScoop has a Broadchurch review with a photo of its billboard. Updated 5/3

Creative England has a production article about Broadchurch filming. Updated 5/3

Guardian review starts with "Broadchurch's terrifying depiction of parental grief already has me gripped." Updated 5/3

MSN review is titled "Broadchurch: David Tennant's ITV drama off to a solid start. Updated 5/3

Metro gives Broadchurch 4 stars and the title "Colman and Tennant deserve their own series." Updated 5/3

The Independent review of Broadchurch compares it to Mayday. Updated 5/3

Daily Mail starts its review of Broadchurch with "Broadchurch isn't merely good. It's exceptional." Updated 5/3

EntertainmentWise item about Broadchurch DVD includes some tweets about episode one. Updated 5/3

Worldwide link to download Broadchurch. (Plays using using free MKV Player.) Updated 5/3

iPlayer link to watch Broadchurch (UK only). Updated 5/3

Telegraph gives Broadchurch four stars in its review and starts with "A wonderful moment when a much anticipated new post-watershed thriller turns out to deliver as well as Broadchurch." Updated 5/3

David Tennant and Olivia Colman's (pre-recorded) interview on Daybreak this morning has been posted to YouTube. Updated 4/3

DenOfGeek review of Broadchurch concludes with "a surety that promises good drama to come. I'll be back." Updated 4/3

Broadchurch review by UnrealityTV includes "Everything about Broadchurch is done brilliantly." Updated 4/3

A MP3 of a recording of the David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Chris Chibnall etc. BAFTA screening Q&A about Broadchurch on 19th February has been posted online. Updated 4/3

The @BroadchurchEcho account on Twitter is registered to Olly Stevens. Updated 4/3

By the first advert break, #Broadchurch was trending on Twitter in the UK and by the third advert break David Tennant was trending too! Updated 4/3

There's no guarantee it will work but non-UK people MAY be able to watch David Tennant in Broadchurch at this link. Updated 4/3

Broadchurch is also GQ's Best TV Pick for tonight too! Updated 4/3

Evening Standard tonight in London has a double page advert for Broadchurch. Plus there is a moving David Tennant / Broadchurch poster on the bridge between Waterloo and Waterloo East stations. Updated 4/3

The Mirror lists Broadchurch top of its Monday Must See TV today. Updated 4/3

There is a double page advert in Metro for Broadchurch today. Updated 4/3

Broadchurch is Daily Express Pick Of The Day (although the photo calls it Broadfields!) Updated 4/3

MSN have a review of Broadchurch with lots of photos of David Tennant. Updated 4/3

During David Tennant's interview on Daybreak today, it was mentioned that someone was watching David filming Broadchurch and they crashed into the car in front of them as they were not concentrating! They drove off rather than stop and talk as they were so embarrassed! Updated 4/3

Broadchurch is a TV Highlight in The Guardian today. Updated 4/3

Broadchurch is The Telegraph's Critic's Choice and describes it as "the powerful team of Tennant and Colman makes for gripping viewing." Updated 4/3

The Times describes Broadchurch as "a cut above the average" in the part of its review which can be seen in front of its paywall. Updated 4/3

Broadchurch is Metro's Top TV Pick today. Updated 4/3

David Tennant's (pre-recorded) interview about Broadchurch is likely to be aired on Newsbeat on BBC Radio One today. Updated 4/3

David Tennant's (pre-recorded) interview about Broadchurch will be shown on Daybreak on ITV this morning. Updated 4/3

Episode one of Broadchurch premieres tonight on ITV at 9pm. A synopsis of episode one is here. Updated 4/3

An article about Broadchurch filming in The Times has been posted to Tumblr. Updated 3/3

ITV have posted David Tennant interview #3 about Broadchurch to YouTube. Updated 3/3

Screencaps from David Tennant's interview on ITV Meridian have been posted onto Tumblr. Click on each picture for a larger version. Updated 3/3

Daily Record has an interview with David Tennant about Broadchurch (but a lot of it is from the ITV press pack). Updated 3/3

The reporter from ITV Medidian Divya Kohli has tweeted a photo of herself with David Tennant and Olivia Colman on the set of Broadchurch. Updated 3/3

Radio Times has posted a new David Tennant photo from Broadchurch but be warned that the narrative contains SPOILERS if you haven't seen episode 1 yet. Updated 3/3

Radio Times review of Broadchurch concludes with "Do not miss, because this is about as good as TV drama gets." Updated 3/3

Broadchurch is included in Dish Magazine's list of Best Spring TV. Updated 3/3

North Somerset Council has an article about Broadchurch filming locations in their area. Updated 3/3

BroadcastNow has a technical item on how Broadchurch was filmed. It also says that there were last-minute changes within the story. (Writer Chris Chibnall later claried to us that there were no story changes but a name on a whiteboard was written incorrectly on the day of shooting so they corrected it in post-production.) Updated 3/3

The ITV station Meridian has posted their new item about Broadchurch which will be broadcast tomorrow. It includes new David Tennant video clips. Updated 3/3

Composer Olafur Arnalds has tweeted that he has finished all the music for Broadchurch. Updated 3/3

Daily Express has an on-set report from the filming of Broadchurch last year. Updated 2/3

The online version of an article about Broadchurch from the Bournemouth Echo. However lots of the quotes are taken from the ITV press pack. Updated 2/3

ThisIsWales has a review of Broadchurch. Updated 2/3

Amazon now lists the Broadchuch DVD release date for a week earlier (on 20th May). Updated 2/3

The Independent has an interview with Olivia Colman to promote Broadchurch. Updated 2/3

ClevedonPeople has an article about Broadchurch filming in Clevedon. Updated 1/3

Broadchurch is The Independent's TV Pick Of The Week. Updated 1/3

Composer Olafur Arnalds has posted two video clips of music from Broadchurch. This one is of some eery music and this one is from a chase scene. Updated 1/3

David Tennant and Olivia Colman's interview about Broadchurch will be shown on Daybreak on ITV on Monday.

Half page adverts for Broadchurch (including a photo of David Tennant) have been printed in some newsapers today. Updated 1/3

Weston Mercury has an article about filming Broadchurch in their area including some David Tennant anecdotes and photos of him.

DigitalSpy have an interview with Arthur Darvill where he talks about working with David Tennant on Broadchurch. Updated 1/3

Broadchurch receives 4 stars in its review from OnTheBox. It includes the phrase "David Tennant is, predictably, more than decent in the role." Updated 1/3

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