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David Tennant - Broadchurch
February 2013

David Tennant - Broadchurch

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February 2013
ThisIsSomerset has an article about Broadchurch being filmed in Shepton Mallet last year. Updated 28/2

It seems likely that David Tennant and Olivia Colman's interview with Richard Arnold will be shown on ITV's Daybreak on Monday morning. Updated 28/2

ITV have posted David Tennant interview #2 about Broadchurch to YouTube. Updated 28/2

MP3 of a review of Broadchurch from the BBC Radio Four show Front Row tonight. They also compare it to BBC One's drama Mayday. Updated 27/2

The Yate Gazette has an article about Broadchurch being filmed in Yate. Updated 27/2

CultBox gives the first episode of Broadchurch five stars and concludes "This first episode reeks of quality in every department and is almost reminiscent of David Lynch's cult series, Twin Peaks. Though in style it's quite different, the mystery, the characters and the slight oddness marks it from your normal television detective drama. Chris Chibnall may just have something huge and iconic on his hands." Updated 27/2

Doret Tourism have an article about some of the filming locations in their area for Broadchurch. Updated 27/2

Scans of David Tennant's interview in Time Out which has different photos to the online version. Updated 26/2

Review of Broadchurch by Time Out.

ITV have tweeted a photo of director James Strong chatting with Olivia Colman and David Tennant on the set of Broadchurch. Updated 26/2

David Tennant interview at Time Out where he talks about Broadchurch, theatre and career choices. Updated 26/2

Scans of the David Tennant / Broadchurch interviews in the TV listings magazines:
Radio Times - front cover, first page, second page, third page.
TV Times - front cover, first page, second page.
TV & Satellite Week - front cover, first page, second page.
TV Choice - first page.
What's On TV? - first page. Updated 26/2

David Tennant As well as the four magazines we have already mentioned, David Tennant is also the cover photo on TV Guide magazine. Updated 26/2

Due to Broadchurch starting next Monday, David Tennant is on the front cover of all four of the major TV listings magazines which were published today - Radio Times, TV Times, TV Choice and TV & Satellite Week. This is a photo of him on the cover of the latter. Updated 26/2

The Sun has extracts from an interview with David Tennant about The Politician's Husband and Broadchurch. Updated 26/2

A new advert for Broadchurch was first shown on ITV at lunchtime today. The majority of it was from the previous trailer but it was slightly extended and ended with a shot of David looking directly into the camera at a press conference. Updated 25/2

Costume designer Ray Holman has tweeted the first photo of a moving digital poster for Broadhurch. Updated 25/2

ITV have posted the first of a series of interviews with David Tennant and Olivia Colman about Broadchurch to YouTube. Updated 24/2

David Tennant on cover of Dorset Magazine There is a photo of David Tennant and Olivia Colman from Broadchurch on the front cover of the current issue of Dorset Magazine. Updated 24/2

Broadchurch was reviewed on the BBC Radio Four programme Saturday Review from 7.15pm today. The reviewers were Tom Sutcliffe and guests artist Grayson Perry, playwright Laura Wade and writer Susan Jeffreys.
Click here for a MP3 of the six minute review but they all enjoyed the drama and said that they would be watching the series.
The MP3 contains a clip of the drama. The first part of it is from the video posted yesterday but this audio is slightly longer. Updated 23/2

At 11.30am today Olivia Colman was a guest on The Graham Norton Show on BBC Radio Two to promote Broadchurch.
In the first section (MP3 here) they discussed Broadchurch and David Tennant's character in the drama. (Olivia described David as 'the nicest man in the world.')
In the second section (MP3 here) Olivia talks about having her knee put out in Broadchurch towards the start of the clip and then they took questions from listeners. The final question was about the Broadchurch posters. Updated 23/2

The full transcript of the David Tennant Broadchurch interview in The Times has been posted to Tumblr. David also speaks about Richard II (it says that rehearsals start in August) and Doctor Who. Updated 23/2

There are two David Tennant related radio items today. Sometime between 10am and 1pm on BBC Radio 2 Olivia Colman will be interviewed on the Graham Norton Show. Also at 7.15pm tonight on BBC Radio 4 the Saturday Review programme will include a discussion about Broadchurch. Updated 23/2

There will be an interview with David Tennant in The Times tomorrow to promote Broadchurch.

Tomorrow on BBC Radio 4 at 7.15pm the programme Saturday Review features a discussion about Broadchurch. Updated 22/2

A new clip of Broadchurch has been posted to YouTube. Updated 22/2

According to makers Acorn Media the Broadchurch DVD will be a 3-DVD set. They are currently selling it for �19.99 including postage. Updated 22/2

An article in The Sun includes David Tennant and Olivia Colman Broadchurch press release quotes. Updated 22/2

Amazon have posted the front cover of the Broadchurch DVD. It is released on 27th May. Updated 22/2

David Tennant and Olivia Colman on cover of Broadchurch DVD

It was announced that at the end of Broadchurch there will be no 'next time' trailer to keep the suspense so, out of respect to the cast and crew, at DavidTennantOnTwitter.com we will only post a synopsis the day that each new episode premieres. It will be clearly marked so that fans in other countries can avoid the spoilers. Updated 21/2

David Tennant's Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman will be a guest on Graham Norton's Radio Two Show on Saturday (23rd). The programme is from 10am until 1pm and can be heard worldwide at this link. Updated 21/2

In the past 24 hours lots of website and press have posted items about Broadchurch starting on 4th March and included a link to the official trailer. Two examples are UnrealityTV.co.uk and The Telegraph. Updated 21/2

It seems that David Tennant will be on the front cover of next week's Radio Times (and most likely other television listings magazines too) in regards to Broadchurch! Updated 21/2

The ITV Press Centre has confirmed that Broadchurch will start on Monday 4th March at 9pm on ITV. Updated 20/2

BridportNews.co.uk has an article about the Bridport and BAFTA screenings of Broadchurch. Updated 20/2

David Tennant at Broadchurch screening, 19/2/13 - photo by Helen Cox A close-up photo of David Tennant from tonight's Broadchurch screening. Updated 19/2

There's a new interview with David Tennant and other Broadchurch cast and crew in The Independent. The paper says that Broadchurch will start on Monday 4th March. Updated 19/2

At the Broadchurch screening tonight David Tennant again said that he knows nothing about any Doctor Who 50th anniversary plans. Updated 19/2

The first photo from the Broadchurch screening which was posted onto Twitter. Updated 19/2

From a few tweets posted during the Broadchurch screening David Tennant said that he was drawn to the project by the strength of Chibnall's script and the personnel involved. He also said that a lot of his decision was based on the script and then joked that he would have been really angry if John Simm had got the part! Updated 19/2

Although it was not announced in advance, David Tennant will now attend the BAFTA screening and Q&A tonight. Updated 19/2

Both David Tennant and Broadchurch are mentioned in an interview with Tracey Childs on TheGoodReview.co.uk. Updated 19/2

Tonight in London there is the BAFTA preview screening of Broadchurch followed by a Q&A. Updated 19/2

Jonathan Bailey describes David Tennant as 'brilliant' to work with in Broadchurch in a brief interview in The Sun. Updated 18/2

CrimeTimePreview have given Broadchurch 4 stars in their review, although it is not clear how many episodes they have seen. Updated 17/2

The Huddersfield Examiner has an interview with Jodie Whittaker about Broadchurch. Updated 14/2

The Bridport News has an article about Broadchurch in the town. Updated 14/2

The Radio Times has a new gallery of photos from Broadchurch including several of David Tennant. Updated 13/2

BAFTA have emailed to say that they have a large waiting list for the 19th February screening of Broadchurch and they request that any members with spare seats they will not use to contact them. Updated 12/2

The Broadchurch DVD is now available to pre-order from this link on Amazon. It will be a 3-DVD set which will be released in the UK on Monday 27th May. Updated 11/2

Worldwide link to watch the Broadchurch trailer. Updated 10/2

Some screencaps from the Broadchurch trailer which premiered tonight have been posted onto Tumblr. Updated 10/2

A photo of the first Broadchurch poster has been posted onto Twitter. Updated 10/2

According to the Broadchurch trailer, the 8 part drama will start in March. Updated 10/2

The first dedicated Broadchurch trailer will be broadcast tonight immediately after Mr Selfridge on ITV (i.e. just before 10pm). Updated 10/2

New clips of David Tennant in Broadchurch are shown in the new ITV trailer called Where Life Lives, It also includes the first chance to hear David Tennant using his own accent as this character. Updated 9/2

In an article which was only posted online today although the screening was last Wednesday, the Bridport News reports that Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall described David Tennant as "versatile." Updated 9/2

A little tidbit about Broadchurch is that David Tennant uses his own Scottish accent in the drama. In the ITV press kit he says that he presumes his character comes from Glasgow. Updated 8/2

Richard Stokes also tweeted that Broadchurch posters will go up across the nation on Monday. Updated 8/2

Richard Stokes tweeted that the first dedicated Broadchurch trailer will be broadcast immediately after Mr Selfridge on ITV on Sunday (i.e. just before 10pm). Updated 8/2

WessexFM has posted a MP3 of Richard Stokes talking about filming Broadchurch in the area and about the drama. Updated 7/2

The Bridport News writes about the "spellbound audience" at the screening of Broadchurch last night. Updated 7/2

The Chris Chibnall interview in the ITV press pack for Broadchurch has an amusing anecdote about David Tennant. Updated 7/2

ITV have published their press pack for Broadchurch. It includes an interview with David Tennant. Updated 7/2

At the Broadchurch screening tonight, they confirmed that the broadcast date had not been set yet but expected that it would be late February / early March. Updated 6/2

After the screening tonight in Bridport, the best tweets so far are "Blimey! Just seen Broadchurch episode 1.... A return to proper 'edge of the seat' British drama. Cant wait for the rest." and "No spoilers, but Broadchurch episode one is brilliant. Strong, emotional performances from an impressive cast brought tears to my eyes." Updated 6/2

As well as writer Chris Chibnall and director James Strong BAFTA have posted on their website that cast members Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker will attend their Broadchurch screening on Tuesday 19th February. Producer Richard Stokes perviously tweeted that he will be there too. Updated 6/2

Tonight there is a screening of Broadchurch at the Bridport Art Centre in Bridport. The event is sold out. Updated 6/2

David Tennant is on the front cover of the February issue of the Radio Times Extra magazine. Inside there are short items about both Broadchurch and Penguins - Spy In The Huddle. Updated 4/2

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