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David Tennant at the BAFTA screening of Broadchurch
Tuesday 19th February 2013

David Tennant at Broadchurch screening, 19/2/13 - photo by Helen Cox

David Tennant attended the BAFTA screening of Broadchurch at BAFTA in Piccadilly, London. The screening was followed by a Q&A.

A MP3 of a recording of the David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Chris Chibnall etc. BAFTA screening Q&A about Broadchurch on 19th February has been posted online. Updated 4/3

BridportNews.co.uk has an article about the Bridport and BAFTA screenings of Broadchurch. Updated 20/2

A close-up photo of David Tennant from tonight's Broadchurch screening. Updated 19/2

Write-up about the Q&A
Although it was not announced in advance, David Tennant attended the BAFTA screening of Broadchurch at BAFTA in Piccadilly, London tonight. The screening was followed by a Q&A with David, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker, writer Chris Chibnall and director of four of the episodes James Strong. Other cast and crew members such as Arthur Darvill and composer Olafur Arnalds were in the audience. The Q&A was conducted by Vicky Frost of The Guardian.

The first questions were directed at Chris Chibnall who explained that he lives in that area and wanted to write something set there. He also said "We wanted to make a drama where something terrible happens in a beautiful place."

Chris added that when he and James Strong were talking about the cast they both first suggested David Tennant and then commented that people will think they only ever have one name! They then added "but he is the best though!" Later David Tennant commented that with Chris's script and James and Euros Lyn directing, there really was no reason for him to say no and jokily added he'd have been really annoyed later if John Simm had played the part instead!

Olivia and Jodie spoke about how they are from small communities originally so related to that aspect of the show and spoke of how they would each make the other very emotional on set, leading to more tears in the scenes than were planned! They also stated that certain scenes were not rehearsed, making them even more emotional to film and that they filmed the close-up shots first in each scene before the wide shots so that they had more emotion and energy for those shots. The first scene is a long scene of Andrew Buchan walking along the main street in the town and there was some discussion about how the scene was filmed so that it looked as though it was one continuous take

. Chris said that he went to ITV with only a few episodes fully written and the outline of the plot and that originally he wanted Broadchurch to be a ten part drama but was happy that ITV was prepared to take the chance with the drama even though they reduced it to eight episodes as a while ago ITV was very reluctant to show anything more than a three part drama series.

Vicky Frost said that, although it wasn’t associated with Broadchurch, she had to ask about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary and both Chris Chibnall and then David Tennant denied any knowledge of any plans.

At one point Olivia Colman joked with David Tennant that he wasn't in the first scenes of Broadchurch as he was advertising Virgin Media at that time! He joked back "And Greek yoghurt sells itself?!"

At the Broadchurch screening tonight David Tennant again said that he knows nothing about any Doctor Who 50th anniversary plans. Updated 19/2

The first photo from the Broadchurch screening which was posted onto Twitter. Updated 19/2

From a few tweets posted during the Broadchurch screening David Tennant said that he was drawn to the project by the strength of Chibnall's script and the personnel involved. He also said that a lot of his decision was based on the script and then joked that he would have been really angry if John Simm had got the part! Updated 19/2

Although it was not announced in advance, David Tennant will now attend the BAFTA screening and Q&A tonight. Updated 19/2

Tonight in London there is the BAFTA preview screening of Broadchurch followed by a Q&A. Updated 19/2

BAFTA have emailed to say that they have a large waiting list for the 19th February screening of Broadchurch and they request that any members with spare seats they will not use to contact them. Updated 12/2

BAFTA have posted on their website that cast members Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker will attend their Broadchurch screening on Tuesday 19th February. Producer Richard Stokes perviously tweeted that he will be there too. Updated 6/2

All the public tickets for the Broadchurch BAFTA preview screening on 19th February are now sold out, although there are some available for BAFTA members. Also producer Richard Stokes has tweeted that he will also attend that evening. Updated 18/1

BAFTA are holding a preview screening of Broadchurch on Tuesday 19th February. It will be followed by a Q&A. Writer Chris Chibnall and director of some of the episodes James Strong are confirmed. Some of the cast will attend but it has not been announced which ones yet. (David Tennant is expecting to be filming The Escape Artist at that time).
Tickets (from this link) are free to BAFTA members and £7.50 to everyone else. It is a General Admission event at the Princess Anne Theatre in Piccadilly, London and starts at 6.45pm. Updated 16/1

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