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David Tennant - The Minor Character

David Tennant in The Minor Character

David Tennant starred in a one-off drama called The Minor Character on the Sky Arts channel.

The drama was written by Will Self and David played a witty and acerbic artist also called Will.

The drama was part of the Playhouse Presents series and was broadcast on Thursday 12th April at 9pm on Sky Arts 1.

The remainder of the cast are Lucy Cohu, Sara Stewart, Richard Lintern, Mark Bonnar, Darrell D'silva and Saskia Reeves.

The drama was produced by Laura Hastings-Smith for Warp Films and it was directed by Richard Curson Smith.

The Minor Character was Sky Arts most viewed programme ever.

Click here for a MP3 of Will Self reading The Minor Character.

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The Minor Character is available again to watch on YouTube. It plays worldwide. Updated 20/4

The Minor Character is broadcast tonight on the Sky Arte channel in Italy at 10.45pm. Updated 4/4

The Minor Character will be broadcast on the Sky Arte channel in Italy on Friday 4th April at 10.45pm. Updated 20/3

April Unfortunately Sky Arts have requested that YouTube remove The Minor Character. Hopefully this means that they plan to show the drama again at some point. If you did not get a chance to see the programme, please feel free to email us for a link. Updated 25/4

The final consolidated viewing figures for The Minor Character are that it received a total of 339,000 viewers which made it the highest viewed programme ever on the Sky Arts channel. Updated 23/4

The Independent Liverpool Student Newspaper gives The Minor Character 5 stars and uses the phrase "one that needs to be watched more than once just to catch every nuance of David Tennantís sparkling delivery and interaction with the rest of this perfect cast." Updated 15/4

The Guardian reports that The Minor Character received 99K viewers overnight which was a massive 1,333% increase for the channel compared to their usual audience at that time! Updated 13/4

The Telegraph gives The Minor Character 3 stars in its review. It includes the phrase "Willís flatly corrosive tone, beautifully embodied by Tennant." Updated 13/4

A review of The Minor Character by The Arts Desk. Updated 13/4

A link on YouTube to download The Minor Character. (The link works worldwide). Updated 13/4

The Minor Character (starring David Tennant) is Virgin's "Best TV This Week." Updated 12/4

The Minor Character is the Television Pick Of The Day in both the Liverpool Echo and the Metro newspapers. It is also their pick in the Irish Independent and that newspaper includes a new David Tennant photo in character. Updated 12/4

The Guardian lists David Tennant in The Minor Character as one of its TV Highlights for tomorrow. Updated 11/4

David Tennant was briefly mentioned last night when Playhouse Presents executive producer and comedian Sandi Toksvig was interviewed on The One Show. Updated 11/4

Sandi Toksvig will be on The One Show tonight at 7pm on BBC One to talk about Playhouse Presents. Sandi co-wrote one episode from the series. This is expected to be the only mainstream promotion for the series before David's episode is transmitted on Thursday. Updated 10/4

Cultbox have given three stars in their review of The Minor Character and uses the phrase "the affable actor handles it with his considerable skill." Updated 10/4

More press about The Minor Character today includes The Observer "A moving if bleak piece," The Sunday Times "Good to see drama led by the script and the idea," The Times "David Tennant is excellent," and The Guardian "The Minor Character is co-produced by the UK's coolest film production company Warp Films." Updated 8/4

There is a photo of David Tennant on the cover of the TV & Radio section of the Sunday Times today as The Minor Character is their Pick Of The Week. Updated 8/4

WalesOnLine has a review of David Tennant in The Minor Character which concludes with the phrase "Tennantís turn makes for compulsive viewing." Updated 7/4

Tonight at 7.15pm Saturday Review on BBC Radio Four will review The Minor Character. Updated 7/4

Saturday Review on BBC Radio Four will review The Minor Character at 7.15pm tomorrow evening. Updated 6/4

The Radio Times has posted a review of David Tenannt in The Minor Character. Updated 5/4

The Evening Standard in the London area today has an article about David Tennant and Will Self's first meeting. Although the pair have spoken a couple of times, the Evening Standard have posted an article / interview about arranging their first actual meeting. Updated 5/4

March 2012
Sky Arts have uploaded two videos from The Minor Character. The first video has the description "In this video, we get a first taste of the intricacies in the protagonist's circle of friends. Will (David Tennant) stands apart and reflects on the 'normalities' of the group through a dinner party, so intensely that they become absurditie.". The second video has the description "The problems within the group begin to spread, and Will, shocked at the corruptness he suddenly finds in his friends, also finds himself gradually more and more detached."

The first trailer for David Tennant in The Minor Character. Updated 27/3

Adverts for Playhouse Presents (with a clip of David Tennant from The Minor Character) have started being shown on Sky Television. Updated 24/3

The Sky Arts website has posted a new photo of David Tennant from The Minor Character. Updated 15/3

The Minor Character (starring David Tennant) will broadcast on 12th April at 9pm on Sky Arts 1 it was announced today. Updated 15/3

David Tennant will be doing some interviews for The Minor Character today according to a PR person. There was also a tweet that The Minor Character will be broadcast on Thursday 26th April but it was later explained that that is only a provisional date at the moment. Updated 13/3

Four publicity photos of David Tennant in The Minor Character have been posted online. The first one is on the front page of the website and the other three are in the publicity photos section. Updated 7/3

February 2012
More details have been posted about David Tennant's drama The Minor Character including the cast and crew. Updated 24/2

Sky Arts website says that the Playhouse Presents series will start in April although the exact date of The Minor Character is not listed. Updated 23/2

The Guardian reports that David Tennant will star in a one-off drama called The Minor Character for Sky Arts which has been written by Will Self. Updated 23/2

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