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David Tennant - Janice Forsyth Show
BBC Radio Scotland
Saturday 7th July 2012

David Tennant on BBC Radio Scotland

On Saturday 7th July a pre-recorded 15 minute interview with David Tennant by Janice Forsyth was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland.

David was a guest on Janice's programme back in 2005 before he was in Doctor Who so he returned to her show as it was Janice's penultimate show on BBC Scotland.

David discussed playing Doctor Who, Hamlet, playing live theatre, Twenty Twelve, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists and True Love.

Click here to listen to David Tennant's interview.

Scotsman.com has an article about David Tennant's pre-recorded interview on BBC Radio Scotland today. The article focuses on David's comments about playing Hamlet. Updated 7/7

An interview by Janice Forsyth with David Tennant will be broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland today. Janice's show is from 10am until noon and David's pre-recorded interview will on the air during the early part of her programme. This is the link to listen worldwide and, as usual, afterwards we will add a MP3 of David Tennant's interview. Updated 7/7

David Tennant will be a guest on the Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland this Saturday (7th) sometime between 10am and 12pm. This is because it is Janice's penultimate show on the station and David was a guest back in 2005 before he was on Doctor Who. Updated 2/7

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