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David Tennant - BBC Radio One Breakfast Show
Wednesday 21st March 2012

David Tennant on BBC Radio One Breakfast Show - March 2012

On Wednesday 21st March David Tennant was a guest on the BBC Radio One Breakfast Show hosted by Chris Moyles.

This appearance was to promote the movie The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists.

Below are the clips of all of David's segments of the show.

Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
9.01am 19 mins 45 secs Meeting Lord Sugar / David's outfit / "How is maried life?" / The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists / Documentary about Shakespeare / Going to film in Poland / "I can cook" / Lord Sugar / "I've got a BA" Click here
9.24am 12 mins 15 secs A question for David / his cast iron bath / Chamelon Circuit / "Do you know how gorgeous you are?" / Are you still associated with Doctor Who? / Leaving Doctor Who / John Barrowman / Talking about his private life / Glastonbury Click here
9.39am 2 mins 52 secs "Did I chase you out of your spot?" / Any questions for David Click here
9.49am 10 mins 42 secs The new Doctor Who companion / "They made me leave my phone outside" / David hears who the new Doctor Who companion is rumoured to be / Assistants to David's Doctor / The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who / "I'm not very good at tennis" / Which actor would David like to play him in a film / Does David have any theatre planned in the future / A BBC drama which will be filmed overseas (Poland) / Roles he would like to play / David's favourite flavour of crisp / Who Do You Think You Are? Click here
10.01am 3 mins 47 secs Handing over to Ferne Cotton / Lady Gaga / Dinner with Chris and David / "I've never made a cheesecake" Click here

The BBC announced today that David Tennant's appearance on The Chris Moyles Show on 21st March was the tenth most listen to radio show on BBC iPlayer in March with 87K listeners. Updated 29/5

A synopsis of David Tennant's appearances on both breakfast radio programmes today.

Getty Images have some paparazzi photos of David Tennant outside Radio One today.

NewsCom have added more paparazzi photos of David Tennant outside Radio One today. Updated 21/3

Radio One have posted a video of David Tennant talking to Chris Moyles earlier today about leaving Doctor Who. Updated 21/3

David Tennant on BBC Radio One Breakfast Show

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