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David Tennant - Shrek: Once Upon A Time

David Tennant provided the voiceover for the programme Shrek: Once Upon A Time which looked at the Shrek movies.

The programme was first transmitted on Friday 23rd December 2011 on BBC Three.

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December 2011
The premiere transmission of the David Tennant narrated Shrek: Once Upon A Time is tonight at 9pm on BBC Three. (It is repeated a couple of times over Christmas.) Updated 23/12

STV has an article about David Tennant narrating Shrek: Once Upon A Time. Updated 14/12

David Tennant will narrate Shrek: Once Upon a Time which is a 60-minute documentary about the animated Shrek movies. It will be shown on BBC3 on 23rd December at 9pm. See here for more details. Updated 10/12

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