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David Tennant - Planet Word

David Tennant was interviewed by Stephen Fry on the programme Planet Word mainly about Shakespeare.

The programme was first transmitted on Sunday 23rd October 2011 on BBC Two.

January 2012
Today the DVD of the programme Fry's Planet Word was released. It is from the 2011 television series and includes Stephen Fry's interview with David Tennant which was filmed at The Globe. Updated 6/2

October 2011
Click here for the video of David Tennant on Planet Word on TV tonight. Updated 23/10

David Tennant's interview about Hamlet by Stephen Fry is premiered on BBC Two tonight at 9pm on the programme Planet Word. Updated 23/10

Blogtorwho have posted some promotional photos of David Tennant and Stephen Fry from Planet Word. Updated 13/10

Blogtorwho has some photos from David Tennant's appearance in Stephen Fry's Planet Word which is broadcast on Sunday 23rd October at 9pm on BBC2. Updated 10/10

David Tennant's contribution to Stephen Fry's Planet Word programme is confirmed for 23rd October on BBC2 at 9pm. See here for the press release. David will be talking about Hamlet. Updated 6/10

September 2011
A VERY short clip of David Tennant from Hamlet was shown last night on Fry's Planet World (as he is interviewed later in the series). Click here to watch it. Updated 26/9

It's not 100% confirmed but it seems likely that Stephen Fry's interview with David Tennant will be shown on Fry's Planet Word on Sunday 23rd October. Updated 22/9

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